Help with mushroom IDs please

rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)July 12, 2007

I have four pics that my kids took when I sent them on a "mission" while I was sick. I told them to take pictures of all the different mushrooms they found on our small property and this is what we have. Any ID's would be great (oddly enough they didn't take a pic of the big stinkhorn I have growing under the lilacs LOL).

#1 about two inches tall...(sorry for quality)

#2 about 2" tall...

#3 is about 3" across...

#4 about 3" tall...

Thanks for any input!

Kristy :)

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#1 & #4 almost look like they could be a strain of cubensis although I have serious doubts about that considering the area they were found in. The color of the caps and the slightly bluish tinge where the wind stressed the stalk (#4) kind of hint towards it.

#3 definitely looks like some kind of bolete and I'm pretty sure #2 is as well...

I'm quite the neophyte when it comes to field identification of mushrooms, especially when I can't touch them... ;-/

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rubybaby43(z4 MN/n. metro)

I realize IDing something like this is quite difficult from just a photo (poor quality at that). But I really do appreciate your input and at least giving me some names to work with!

For the record, I would never eat mushrooms I find in my own yard. I'll stick to the ones I can find in the produce department. I thought the kids and I could learn a few things about various items we find in our own yard and they had fun going on a mushroom hunt with the camera. Next time I'll have to think of something a little bigger that they'll be able to focus on.

Thanks again!!
Kristy :)

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