Houston Fern meeting

houstonpat(9a)July 11, 2012

The Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society is having it's monthly meeting Sunday the 15. Guest lecturer is Roy Vail, author of the Platycerium Hobbyist's Handbook. See link and go to Newsletters for further information.


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Pat, how was the meeting? I was going to come, but that storm kept me homebound. My street floods horribly and I couldn't get out of my drive way!

I just got a staghorn and repotted it in what is probably the wrong thing and am going to redo it in sphagnum. I put it in a vanda box.

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The meeting was great. Excellent slides. About 20 examples of cultivars on display. I brought a few for the raffle. Vanda box is Okay, though kinda hard to divide when they get larger.

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