seperating freebees

zzepherdogg(7)July 15, 2006

Ive been building a little fern collection. The last two times I found ferns in tiny pots at quality nurseries in my area, I was thrilled to see that some also had second little ferns of another variety growing in the same pot. Now I am not sure about devinding them. I have devided and transplanted big ferns, like sword ferns and Felix varieties, many times, but these look so tiny,. Does any one have any sure fire tips for getting them appart? perhaps I should just leave them intwined. I have a feeling that would bug the daylights out of me. Still, its much better than killing them. Any advice greatfully appreciated :)

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I separate small plants using bamboo skewers to tease the roots apart without damaging them. I don't handle them, but pick them up with a fork and very gently place them in separate pots on a little mound of damp potting mix. Then cover the roots and tamp very lightly. WIth very small seedlings, instead of watering tender roots, I use a mist to keep them moist, and sometimes I'll place the whole pot in a ziplock bag until I see new growth emerging. Cheryl

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Thank you so very much Cheryl, I will sure try that.

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