How to grow moss in Florida

rqu1ntanaJuly 29, 2013

Hello everyone, I bought a small patch of moss from amazon 2 months ago and i was very satisfied when it arrived. I tried to look for the name but it only says living moss, sorry i cant be more specific. The problem is that i want it to expand but have not been so successful. It has stayed the same size ever since it arrived. I placed it on my north wall, under a shady place. I just want it to propagate so i can start moving chunks to some bonsai pots. I have thought about wrapping the tray in shrinkwrap to maintain the humidity high. I have also thought to move it inside the house because its too hot outside but i dont live alone so the only place i can leave it would be in the laundry room. But there are no windows in there, its always dark....if i buy a small portable greenhouse with its lights will it be able to grow its spores and propagate?? even tho there is no natural light coming into the room?? hopefully someone can help because i really like it, its really soft and green lol. Also any tips on how to grow "Kyoto Moss"....

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Hope you get some good answers !!lol i also live in florida
and have had similar results with moss.. I mostly get them to either die or not grow lol Mostly what I use for underplanting is various types of selaginellas . S. martinsii
and S. uncinta almost become weedy These are tropical types but can handle a bit of cold .
You REALLY need an I D on what you have . There are a gazillion types!!! gary

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;D Hi there. Also in Florida. Luckily, I'm blessed to live by a river with lots and lots ... And lots of moss. When I need a fresh supply I can go pick some.
However, I do have my prized moss on display. I think most moss is slow growing. I found an old aquarium and turned it into a terrarium. It sits in a SE window and has been living and growing fine for almost a year. The resurrection ferns in there have never dried up. If you can't keep your moss in natural conditions (FL is the shizzle for growing moss naturally) you should consider simulating ideal conditions ... Like a terrarium. It's a inexpensive and fun project for moss enthusiast. Good luck with your moss.
... I used to know the name of all my mosses. Then one day decided it didn't matter, they all take the same care. Cleared up some space in my brain. Lol. (;

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have moss growing on almost everythinglol Roof ,rain gutters trees ,palms pots , outdoor carpeting ,expanding foam driftwood . Now getting it to grow on purpose another Love the type that is deep green and velvet textured but as soon as i admire it croaks lol. Have never had any luck with terrariums except for shagnum and tropical dicranum . Wild types tend to decline. or get over run. I'm carefully nursing a patch of Lichen on an old palm
and it's beginningto standup !!
still aiming for that Kyoto gardens look!!! gary

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