Japanese Painted Fern Rescue!

indylars(Indianapolis 5)July 20, 2005

A couple of weeks ago I noticed here at my condo complex two JPF's struggling in full sun and dry clay. There where just a couple fronds left and they where frilly and looking burned. Well it just made me mad to see these being neglected like this. So off I went for my shovel! Upon digging em up they each broke into several pieces they were so dry!About this time the property manager came out and said "Yeah I was getting reaady to yank those out and toss em". Well I got them back to my shade garden and planted them in really good soil and gave em a good dose of MG. Well it must have been just what they needed. The are sending up lush new growth. The new growth coming up is very lite colored.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Nice work - these do recover well. I've had to rescue one from my own mistreatment!

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Bobnj6(z6 NW NJ)

Great, I'm a plant rescuer too!

They are a beautiful fern, have a few in my garden.

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