Weeding Moss

flowerbrackob(z4 WI)July 16, 2005

I've read other particular folk's weeding their Green Acres; but I want to know how to Gently Remove the unwanted buggers growing in the moss. Many of the weeds have pretty strong roots and pull away a lot of my velvet. I do weed when it's moist of course and even use a fine paring knife to slip under the weed to try to remove it without tugging and destroying my treasured moss. What to do?????????? Please help me out kids...........Jaemy

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judithjane(z7, NC)

Weeding the Moss Garden:

The two hand method works well for most weeds that can be pulled out. Place one hand flat on the ground with the weed between 2 fingers and pull with the other hand.

For grass, briars and weeds with strong roots, I cut them off at ground level with scissors. With no leaves to make food for the plant, the roots eventually die. You may have to cut back the same plant 2 or 3 times, but it doesn't tear up the moss and actually goes much faster than weeding and repairing.

Happy weeding......jjane

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Hi, Im looking to get rid of moss on my back lawn, any suggestions.

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

I beleive this form is more like wanting to keep the moss ;-) but try drying out the area, or some kind of weed killer? i dont know i think moss is very cool dont know why you would want to kill such a precious thing!
(though i dont have any but i want some)


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you can use a flat hean shuvle and make squar peaces from it and send it to me.............can you

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buffburd(z5 NY)

Another forum said that moss doesn't like to grow on fertile soil, maybe add some compost or fertilizer to your soil and reseed with grass or perennials.

I don't know about weeding moss, seems like a lot of work for a green carpet to me. Although I have nothing against moss, I prefer vegetables so far.

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