Killing weeds in my Scotch/Irish moss

qwiksilvertrav(4)July 24, 2014

Ok so I've searched the forums and it's said the Round up will work great to kill the weeds in my Scotch and Irish Moss and the Moss will survive just fine? Is this true?

I'm really frustrated right now with the weeds. I've been picking weeds and crabgrass ALL summer from my developing moss bed. In the process of ripping them out I rip up bits and pieces of the moss and it's roots. Now once perfectly healthy moss beds are turning brown. I was out of town for about 5 days and came back to a massive overtaking of weeds!!! And the MOST frustrating part is they weeds are only really growing through the moss beds! The bar soil is still bare!

So obviously I'm done with the manual's not working. Please tell me Round Up will work me wonders?? If not are there ANY other options other than hand picking?

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I have Preene right now but I read that will the Moss...although my wife uses it on our garden beds and the other plants were all just fine.

In anycase is there a specific type of roundup that I want to be using?

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