Rope Fern?

cajunchic3(NOLA 9)July 25, 2005

Can anyone identify this fern for me. My aunt and I know it as a "Rope Fern" but I can not find anything on the Internet with this name that looks like this. This plant actually flowered for me this year and has 2 new (pink) growths. I'd like to know what I am doing right to keep this up. Thanks!

Isn't my resident Orkin man cute?

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Unless I'm mistaken, you've got yourself a hoya there. I used to call these "bacon plants" when I was a kid. Definitely no fern. PF

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I forgot to mention there is a whole forum devoted to hoyas on GW...also, here's a picture of a hoya that looks a lot like yours! PF

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya

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cajunchic3(NOLA 9)

Most definitly the same plant. Thanks for the great info!

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