liverwort or Marchantia polymorpha

waretrop(6)July 31, 2005

I am looking for some Marchantia polymorpha. I would like to add it to my terrarium.

I know there are many, moss smart, people here. Does anyone know where I can get it? Thanks, Barb or Yahoo IM waretrop

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I would advise you to think three times before putting marchantia in your terrarium.If it is not happy, it turns brown and dies. If it's happy, it doubles the surface it covers (and it covers literally every plant material -dead or alive- and soil))every 3 months.
Meaning: Your terrarium will be overgrown by the stuff in a short period of time.
I'm in the process of getting rid of it from my moss garden. First year: small spot, 1 square foot. "Oh, that's nice, liverwort..."
Next year: "Hey, that stuff grows fast... must contain it somehow."
This year, about 30% of my garden is covered. I almost feel that I must keep walking when in the garden, or I'll be overgrown too... Already discovered a small spot behind my left ear... :)
Good luck, and have fun with the terrarium
Kind regards,

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Thanks Leonardus, I am reconcidering it at the moment. I will start it in a small contained terrarium at first if I do it at all, just to see how it does. Besides, I have enough plants growing on me already.If the Marchantia covered over them it would be a shame. ;~) Barb

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Well, that's an impressive one. Washing with Sunlight soap, I think...? :)
Looks great!
Kind rgards,

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