Shiitake Mushroom Growing

ethnobotanyJuly 24, 2011

Hello all! Lately I have been wanting to expand my horizons a bit from the old vegetable and herb growing. Despite having became a hydroponic gardener for fun, I am starting to get a little bored and would like to start mushroom culture. I have seen kits online for different types of mushrooms and they run about $25 to purchase before shipping. Being a college student I really would like to make my own "kit" if it would save me money and so that I can learn more about the actual growing process rather than just add water if you know what I mean....

So I have a few questions.

1. Can it truly be cheaper to grow my own mushrooms rather than purchase a kit?

2. What materials will I need to grow shiitake mushrooms for my first run?

3. How do I start these mushrooms (can I use shiitake bought at the store as "mycelium" or is that just absurd?)

4. Any good websites I can check out for help?

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I am getting ready to give it a go, it takes 9 months before they will produce so I am thinking of getting a ready to fruit kit of 2 just to maybe get familiar with the mushroom. I would like to start them as soon as possible but they say on their site to only use trees with no leaves so I assume that means wait until the late fall

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