An explosion of Meyer lemon flower buds!

andrew78(6)August 28, 2013

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my largest and oldest Meyer lemon tree was producing a ton of flower buds. Needless to say, I was very pleased to see that the tree was blooming again. The last time it bloomed, it was early summer and it produced maybe a dozen buds. The tree being over 2ft tall and wide, I was surprised it didn't produce more. The tree produced 4 more lemons out of that last bloom cycle but the tree also had 8 medium to large green lemons. Now those fruits are almost ripe.

I am wondering if the weather temps have anything to do with influencing the production of flower buds. In my observations, I have noticed that usually whenever the tree produces a lot of flowers it is spring and end of summer. Both times when the temp. ranges are more extreme.

Is this just a coincidence or do temps affect the bloom cycles? Regardless of what made the tree bloom so heavy now, I am really happy at the chance to get more fruits off of my tree! I really miss my potted 6ft Meyer. If only I knew back then what I know now, that tree would still be around!

Thanks for any input!


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The peak bloom times for Meyers are early Spring and early Fall; but a mature tree will tend to flower at other times as well. My garden trees seem to flower every time I feed them; but I treat them very well and they are all inground.

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Thanks for your reply John. My Meyer blooms like this every year. I forgot to mention that I do fertilize twice a week, at half the recommended dose. I also will get blooms sporadically they the rest of the year.


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Hey Andrew..Congrats buddy! Hopefully the fruit will stay on this time around...

I hear you on wishing you knew more back then! I lost so many trees in the past before I knew what I know now, I almost gave up...

Want to hear a story not citrus related but one you can appreciate?
I was able to get a Mango to grow to at least 3 inches big on my little one foot tall Mango tree, that is until teh DA.... squirrel whom I caught walking away with it in it's saw me and ran even faster..OOOOOOOH

Next year I'll be putting some kind of screen barrier between my fruit and them just like they walked off with many Lemons too! Thank goodness I have no use for

Have a great day


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