Repotting Rabbit's Foot Fern

flopp2(7b)August 16, 2005

I inherited my mother's rabbit's foot fern. She has it in an open wire basket where it's frods have grown and intertwined to make the outside of the basket. She had a sun room where she could keep it in the winter, and I do not have such an area. The problem is with watering, the water runs through quickly and I don't have a place where that is acceptable. If anyone can help me in how to repot this, what type of pot, and what do I do about all of the frods? Do I cut them off--I hate to do that, they are so beautiful. Is there a root ball somewhere in that basket? When is a good time to repot and what type soil? Any help appreciated.

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You do not need to repot the fern. Rather, with a serrated knife, cut out a circular hole in the middle of the plant removing a good chunk of the fern and soil. Now, fill the hole with good potting soil. This is the standard method for repotting Rabbit's foot and Boston ferns. You will probably have to do this twice a year, spring and fall but it can be done on an as needed basis. Is there any inside place that you could hang the fern and place another potted plant underneath it to catch the drips?

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