Bored of finding nothing new? Check out my journals

terrestrial_man(9)August 4, 2010

How often do you browse GW? I do it daily. But I sure wonder why I bother. Not all that much seems to be going on in the gardening world or at least in that part of it that I am interested in. Maybe I should take up growing roses???

But anyway I am posting a link to my journls on Mosses that you can explore.

One problem. You may get a CANNOT DISPLAY THE PAGE error on clicking the link. I have absolutely no idea on why this is occurring. But believe me the journals are there. If you get this kind of error message CLICK ON YOUR REFRESH BUTTON and my journals should appear.


Don't forget to check out the journals with links on the left side of the webpage under the section titled ALBUMS.

Hope you like.

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