Ferns in Southern California

dimitrig(SoCal z10a/21)August 17, 2007

I have a large sycamore tree which drops a lot of leaves and creates a lot of shade. Underneath it I have sweet woodruff (survives, but not not thrive), cyclamen (does well), camellias and azaleas (do well), and a gardenia (surprisingly well). I would like to grow some ferns. Does anyone have any recommendations for ferns that don't grow too large (say 2 feet high)? Is there a local source where I can find a large selection? Most of the nurseries I go to have a rather limited selection of (to me) boring ferns. I would love to go somewhere where ferns are a specialty. Any recommendations?

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dimitrig(SoCal z10a/21)

Sorry to follow up my own post, but I remember another requirement. The ferns have to be green year-round. I do not wish to grow varieties that die back in the winter.

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Where are you located in So. Cal.?

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dimitrig(SoCal z10a/21)

I am in the foothills of Pasadena/Altadena.

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Without listing the bijillion ferns you can grow..just to what i think is the best of what your looking for (non drought tolerant fern).' Mouri Princess'..It's just the best looking fern in the category.

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dimitrig(SoCal z10a/21)

Where would I obtain 'Mouri Princess' or even a photo of it?
I searched on Google to no avail. Thanks!

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Perhaps it is Asplenium bulbiferum x oblongifolium 'Maori Princess'. That's the only I can find that is sort of like that name.

Many things will be green year round for you in Southern California. I have always liked East Indian Holly fern, Arachniodes aristata var 'Variegata' (also called Arachniodes simplicior variegata ). Pictures don't seem to do it justice.

Here is a link that might be useful: East Indian Holly Fern

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I could have sworn i posted this yesterday-so again,Here are some not so great photos of the fern.Even in mid winter it has that tropical look-fresh glossy growth.I bought mine at Home Depot-but havent seen them since. They should be easy to find online though.
Much hardier and more pest resistant than the Mother fern. Other than plenty of water, it's not fussy.

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I just want to add that they are a also a darker green than the camera picks up.You won't find a more attractive(and easy-don't overlook that!) two foot(maybe going over 3 eventually?) fern for your yard-and i have kept dozens and dozens of fern species,including some very rare tropicals.

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