Pinus contorta var. latiflolia 'Chief Joseph'.

davesconifersMarch 17, 2014

One last look at this bad boy before it begins its slow transition to green for the summer.

Pinus contorta var. latifolia 'Chief Joseph' a Lodgepole Pine.

Hardy to USDA Zone 5 The tree was found, and later introduced, by Doug Willis of Sandy, Oregon while hunting in the Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon.
The Wallowa Valley was the summer home of the Nes Perce. Chief Joseph (1840-1904) was a political leader, not a war chief, of a band of Nes Perce that lived in the Valley. In 1877 he became famous as a leader of the Nez Perce in fighting a defensive war against U.S. Army forces over more than three and a half months and some 1400 miles, from Idaho to northern Montana. The band of some 1000 consisted of men, women and children, of which less than a quarter were fighting men, was forced to surrender just 40 miles from safe haven in Canada. He had hoped to join the Sioux chief Sitting Bull in Canada. Chief Joseph's father, who had been converted to Christianity 1839, was also known as Chief Joseph, now commonly referred to a Old Chief Joseph. Chief Joseph (sometimes known as Young Joseph) succeeded his father as leader of the Wallowa band.(Wallowa County Chieftain.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

How is its glow this year as compared to other years?

The one I tried died its first winter. It's as if it told me, "I will grow no more forever".


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Mine is still bright yellow wheras non of my yellow mugos got more than their tips going. So whatever the mechanism or conditions there is a difference there. We had virtually no sub zero temps and maybe two frosts, so cold isn't needed by Joe to change.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

one of the few up close observations i made.. while collecting scion a month or so ago ...

was that many of my winter yellows... are rather drab ... they did not yellow up ...

i seem to think i recall pix of your plant.. much more winter yellow the last few winters???

do you think it possible.. that it got too cold .. to fast ... for full color change???

do you .. or anyone.. have other reasons for such???

will they turn yellow here this spring.. before they come out of dormancy ... and start the slide to green???

i appreciate your pix efforts... you are making me want to go out and look at my stuff ... i am at about 40% snow melt ... so i am hopeful that i will soon get out there ...


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Nice looking Chief Dave, Turning green is a sign of spring! Lets get this party started. Enough of winter already!

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I am not sure about the drab color this year. With the sun on them it's much more striking but it is anyone's guess.

The weather for the last 3 years has been so unstable you just can't prepare for what's headed your way. I am rethinking by buying habits and going for those which will survive our drastic climate changes. No border line zone cultivars anymore unless the potential to survive are high.

Cedrus deodara ''Eisregen'. came through with no damage at all.

Last years photo.

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Here's my little guy purchased last spring.

The color on mine is extremely bright - no idea why the difference from others.

Mine spend very little time above the snow this year, probably the reason it wintered so well.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Mine was beautiful all winter; looks tacky now. Mine's in full sun and some winters it's good, occasionally great, and 1/2 or 1/3 the time after it yellow's beautifully it has burnt needles a few months after making it an eyesore all thru winter. Regardless, every spring I have burnt needle tips. And mine stays a yellow color all year. Less intense than winter but not nearly as lime green as it should change to. Heavy compacted clay from construction is where it's planted. At least it's grafted on a seedling of Chief Joseph, purchased from Coenosium Gardens. Makes a big difference with this cultivar.


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