Size of pot for new Meyer Lemon?

amg_2007August 18, 2013

Hi everyone!

I purchased a meyer lemon tree on a whim at the nursery today. I probably really should have waited and ordered one from 4 winds, but it's already home with me!

I've spent some time this afternoon looking over these forums and doing interwebs research in general. My tree will be a patio tree that comes inside in the winter (I'm in an apartment in Kansas City, MO).

I know that I need to make / find some good soil and that I need fertilizer. Any suggestions on what size pot I should be looking at? For reference, the Record Buck pot it came in is 10" diameter and about 9" tall. I think that this tree is a 2-3 year old cutting based on the size and the fact that I can't find an obvious graft scar. Oddly, though, it did branch rather low compared to the other pics that I've seen here. It's about 36" on the tallest branch and a little more than two feet wide.

Any and all other suggestions are also appreciated!

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Here's a closer picture of the trunk.

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i'd suggest going a little bigger, not too much, since you're in a cooler climate and will be moving it indoors. probably around a 14" wide X 12" tall pot would work well. if your tree was rooted it may be a full sized variety, or if it was grafted most likely onto a dwarf rootstock and it would do well in a pot.

do you know if it's grafted? i dont see a graft line in the picture. and it seems to be planted a little deep. remove some of that debris away from the base of the trunk, and a little of the soil and take another pic.

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tcamp30144(7B N.ATLANTA)

Amber Eureka lemon does anyone know where I can get a tree or seeds.

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I brushed away the dirt better in this picture. We're at root, and I still don't see the bud onion.

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