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mgecaAugust 11, 2007

Hi - I was in a wooded area with acres of ferns where I encountered a small ground plant I can't identify altho I think it occurs commonly. It looks like a fluffy evergreen wreath 2-4" in diameter. Soft to the touch.

I decided to take a few for re-planting at home and then discovered that they are connected underground by a runner, vine, root? I hestitated, worrying about something that might take over my yard.

I had gathered some ferns for my pond area, and when I sorted them out there were a few of these plants (pretty, my wife says) and so they are planted.

Can anyone tell me what I have and if they are a potential nuisance? I'd like more as they are a nice groundcover.

Thanks much - Mike

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It could be a type of lycopodium.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is one type

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I think you are right, even with my sketchy description. I have seen this over the years and "club moss" was on the tip of my tongue but that was it.

What we planted is thriving and growing quite a bit. How invasive is it? If I plant a few areas will I have a problem with it taking over?

Many thanks - Mike

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For me it is not invasive at all. Some people even have trouble transplanting it as they mistakenly dig up runners instead of rooted sections.

I think it will be easy to control if it starts to exceed the area you want to give it. Just snip it, I have not found it to be that tightly rooted where the runners are.

I think you'll like it. I enjoy the fact that it is evergreen around here and it makes a pleasant sight in the winter.

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Lycopodiums are protected native plants. Wild plants that usually die when dug up.

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