Citrus mix question

shrimpernickelAugust 6, 2011

Hi citrus forum!

Let me first say that this forum is awesome. The information provided here, by kind and experienced gardeners, has created an indispensable resource for someone new to me. So Al, Mike, and everyone.......thank you so much for taking the time to help others and create this knowledge base.

OK.... my question refers to the size of the bark pieces that I can find. It is all too big. I've seen the optimal size of particles when compared to dimes, but all the bark I can find is about dime sized. Even the repti-bark I bought seems too big. Is there any tricks to breaking up the bigger pieces into something more ideal? Or should I just keep looking?

One more thing.... is summer no good for repotting? I purchased 4 citrus trees, which were on clearance at a garden center after weeks of considering where to buy one online, but they all need new homes.

Thanks again for ALL the information!


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First and last... never EVER plant a bad tree, cheap tree, clearance tree, etc... this does not only apply to citrus.

When you plant a tree, you invest your space, your energy, your water and care, your time... and you are going to have that tree for 50 years..or more. Doesn't it make sense to plant the best tree you can find?

Having said that, I think summer is as good as anytime... to transplant citrus; give it a shot of vitamin B; mix in some good citrus fertilizer in the planting hole/soil; and give a little help with foliar fertilizer every 15 days for the first cupla months. Keep it moist, but don't drown it and for new plants watch out for omnivorous leaf roller...Lannate is what I use for that; it kills eggs, larvae and adults.

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Thanks for the info!

These trees were inexpensive, but by no means were they trees I was trying to save! I know better than to trust my complete inexperience with failing trees. They are lovely! One, a calamondin, had several suckers, but they are healthy, green, growing trees. I am impressed with Fourwinds, and intend to buy from them sometime, but for now, I assure you, these are wonderful trees that are growing and healthy and I'm hoping not to kill.

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Hi, I just uploaded a video on how I mixed some citrus soil and potted a citrus tree. I'm no expert but this is what I did based on what I have read online. It's been about a month since this video and the trees are still alive and were full of blossoms and setting fruit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potting a citrus tree

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Hi Shrimpnickle.

Since you already bought it I can give you a couple of ideas.

I have seen many dump the bag out in small pile and roll the lawn mower over it as the blades will grind it up even smaller.
Then I myself which can be time consuming put a batch in a pillow case or some sort of cloth and pound it with a sledge hammer.

If this seems like too much work I would keep looking. I know you will eventually find something just right.

Summer time is a great time for repotting. It will also provide a much better opportunity for you to provide a much superior mix to get you through the winter and beyond.

Tmc: Nice to meet you, a fellow New Englander:-) In fact, I have been to Mahoney's in Tewksbury many times over. Nice citrus you bought. Hope they perform well for you. Pray for a short winter.

Good luck with your trees and thanks for your comments.



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