advice on rabbit's foot fern

debstuart1(z4NH)August 5, 2005

hi all fern experts

A friend brought me a large rabbit's foot fern which is in tough shape to see if I could help it. It had few fronds and although it is sprouting a few new ones, they turn brown at the tips and then gradually die.

It looked as if it had a lot of salts from years of watering around the edge of the pot and on the surface so I flushed it gently, cleaned the pot and gave it a very weak solution of "Roots for Houseplants" (Garden's Alive stuff) and sent it home. It had a LOT of dead furry roots which I gently picked off. I don't think it is pot-bound; I think he repotted it during the last year. Since it belonged to his grandmother he really wants to keep it alive.

Any other ideas? How much water should it get? Light?

I also took a couple of piece of the root which had small fronds starting and which fell off as I was cleaning it up and I have them in a glass of water and so far they are green and OK. When can I plant them?

I did read the posting from a while back about other ways to root a rabbit's foot and I will pass those along for him to try.

Thanks for all advice!


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sandykk(z6 MD)

I have mine out on our deck in a shady spot and it is growing like crazy. She hasn't been replanted in a few years at least and gets very tired looking through the winter. I don't have a good bright light spot to put her. But putting her outside in good shade and water every other day seems to always bring her back and growing like she should.

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the_musicman(z9 FL)

I have a smallish rabbit's foot that is still in the hanging pot that I bought it in. It's doing well with only a bit of morning sunlight, and then the rest of the day in the shade, with waterings perhaps every 2 days. I also try to keep the dead leaves and other debris cleared out.

Sorry I can't help with the planting question,

although I too have a question for anyone who knows...
When is it a good time to repot rabbit's foot?
Mine has roots dangling down towards the bottom of the pot, with a lot of secondary frond growth. Somehow I get the feeling that it is a bit cramped in there. Any tips on repotting? thanks ~

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Our rabbits foot fern is doing poorly with dry, brittle fronds and brownish coloration when viewed from above despite watering twice a week. Is in a relatively shady area in the house. Do I need to feed it, put it in a sunnier area or outside, repot it, water it less often? My wife loves the plant and I don't want it to die.

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I recently bought a small rabbit's foot fern that was growing on a lava rock! It was a perfect size for a shelf I had in mind and saves the trouble of planting a dish garden (which I had in mind for that spot). I have it in a saucer surrounded by medium size round river rock and moss (which i soaked first in water). I spray it with a mister every other day or so and make sure there is always water in the saucer. The wet moss and pebbles seems to give it the humidity it needs and so far it doesn't have any brown leaves.

But I have a question: Is Rabbit's Foot Fern an epiphyte? Does it feed from the roots, or it's foliage like bromeliads do? Right now it is very unique and cute- just hope I can keep it alive.

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I have two rabbit foot ferns,they hang about four feet apaart. One is doing very nice the other seems to be dying, the little feet have turned orangie brown and the fronds are dry and brittle. I dont' know what to do to save it. Any advice is welcome

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