noid moss? fern? algae?

petrushkaAugust 9, 2014

smth is growing in my ficus. just noticed it - very tiny platelets, very dense.
any idea what could it be?
the only fern within a few yards is polypodium aureum. but it has not produced spores this year yet.
and these just showed up this week.
i also have 2 microsorums - both too young to spore.
i am thinking algae? but on soil surface? it does dry out periodically, it's not constantly damp.
no moss of any kind in proximity either.

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It is a liverwort.

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ah,... great!
do i leave it be,.. to spread? or do i need to do smth to take it out?
normally i had pebbles as mulch covering the soil, but i took them off to do some work, which i never got to...this just happened in the past month?
it's a big 12" POT with 20 yr old ficus benjamina in it - indoors.
what's the recommendation?
i kinda like it.

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