reliable tulips for home-garden cutting?

kristin_c(Pugest Sound 8)January 17, 2014

Hello! Could anyone give me general advice or specific suggestions on tulips that would be good for cutting? I tend to like white, yellow, orange, peach and pink colors, but not generally a lot of streaking or bicolors. Thank you :)

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Species tulips first of all are the most reliably perennial overall, I'd say followed by Darwin hybrids... and lastly Triumph type tulips - triumph however won't tolerate anything less than ideal conditions, but if met - will be as perennial.

Be sure when your cutting - you are only cutting the stems and not taking leaves with you to the vase. The bulb needs them to restore energy to the plant.

I've included a link to brent and becky's... They have a particularly large selection and wealth of information on the subject.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tulips

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I ordered from Colorblends last fall. Their Rainbow Mix was outstanding for cutting and lasted a long time. I like bright colors in the spring.

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