Cyathea largest tree fern sp. in San Francisco

stanofhAugust 11, 2007

A young one at the S.F. botanical garden.I have one and can tell you they are very fast growing awesome plants.The more heat-the more humidity they require. Dry air,dryish soil will do them in at the first heatwave.

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How has yours been doing this summer? Just rescued the one I'd gotten from Strybing...languishing for years in a shady uncared-for section of our community garden -- and put it into my own personal garden plot. Reading up on it, I'm somewhat concerned it may shade others' plots...can I tie up her fronds at least until she reaches larger heights? This one sounds so amazing, can't wait. (Also read that transplanting can be tricky; wish me luck!)

Here is a link that might be useful: the peace garden project

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Fantastic tree fern! Would one of these be able to cope with ful sun?

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They are great ferns and mine has made it through the summer after a couple of not too bad setbacks.One was when it went from the pot to the ground..that seemed to slow its racing growth as it adjusted.The other was a couple of months later when a raccoon(or my old dog) walked or rolled on it!.Yes,it does fine with fronds tied to a stake to keep them from drooping too low-ha.The voice of experience.
Boy,both of you couldn't have asked better questions or better timing..Now that the sun is lower and the weather still mild,my Mamaku is getting several hours of direct sun,and thriving on it.Another fern enthusiast in Vallejo says they grow faster in full sun.
In all my years of plant growing some have personality. Examples of plants people get attached too: like-Ponytail palms or old Jade plants..well, Cyathea medullaris is like that. Worth the effort to find or care for...
My transplanting advice is -NEVER let go dry..they will recover from severe root loss..just NEVER let go dry.Mulch heavily at first helps..just NEVER...

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