asparagus fern tangled up in iron fencing...

woollady(z8 CA)August 5, 2012

hello,this is my first time here.i have an asparagus fern that is growing on the edge of a flower started growing there with no help from it is tangled up in the cast iron fencing border and i can't remove the fencing to dig up the plant.i would like to keep it tho.any ideas on how to dig it up and save it without ruining it or the fencing?thank you in advance for your help/

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"Asparagus Fern" isn't a fern. It's a flowering plant that has small tubers underground. It's spread by seed, or by tubers from plants thrown away by people. In many places it's a declared weed.

So, you can cut off the top of the plant, dig out the tubers and plant them in a pot. Any bits of tuber broken off and remaining in the ground will produce another plant. They can be very hard to get rid of.

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