staghorn fern leaves sticky

jessakaAugust 15, 2011

i see no disease, but the leaves are all sticky, so i took it outside so it won't infect other plants. if this is scale i see nothing on the other side of the leaves. can i just cut off the leaves and treat it somehow? thanks.

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Speaking of photos, I haven't been able to figure out how to post photos on this forum...

And is your fern under a tree? Sometimes the tree mine is hanging in drops sap and makes whatever it lands on sticky... Just a thought.


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It is an indoor fern, and the table under it is sticky, and the plant doesn't seem happy, but I don't see anything outside of when i touch it i have to wash my hands due to the stickiness

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okay, i checked it in the light, and it has scale. i took all the leaves off. do i need to cut back the legs (horns?). what should i now do to save the plant? it is my favorite, and it is hard to come by them. thanks.

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you took off all the leaves?!??? I hope you're not the type that pulls out all your white hairs. why would you do that? It's not the plant's fault for having scale so you punish it by removing all its leaves.
you see commercial of dog/pet owners being cruel to their pets on tv, someone should show mistreatment of plants too!

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I read to do it online because I had not heard back from anyone here. I also read to mix soap with water and pour it on and then rinse it out, so I did that too. I am trying to save the plant, not kill it.

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There are systemic insecticides on most garden store shelves. Ak a plant specialty (NOT Home Depot, NOT Lowes, NOT big box store) go to a small garden center who specializes in ornamentals and ask them you want a systemic insecticide. If they have a granular systemic this is the best, as you don't have to mix it and don't need to spray it. I would recommend my old nylon stocking method and add the granules and you can also add osmocote to this as well and place it wired to the top of your plant on a wire, wood board, or however you are supporting this plat. Every time you water this plat wet the nylon bag and small amounts of the fertilizer/systemic insecticide will fall onto your plant, eventually you will notice a spurt of growth on your plant like it was Blessed by the plant fairy. I imagine you may also be harboring an ant nest inside as well.

See my other thread for info on the nylon stocking bag.

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I live in a small town without a garden center other than lowe's. can i get it online?

This plant is an indoor plant and so there are no ants. I would know this by now.

I will check out your other thread.

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now i am not sure what i have. just found a photo of a staghorn. not it. mine had fine leaves with fuzzy legs.

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it is a rabbit's paw fern, if that matters.

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