Moss Lawn

Loretta NJ Z6August 26, 2007

It is pretty quiet here but I will try...

We have a few shady areas where we were considering a moss lawn. Some of these areas will be walked on by playing children though no football or similar. Should we even bother? How durable is established moss? It seems to me that it would lift up very easily? I am guessing that it isn't going to be durable but would love to hear from anyone who has one.

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A moss lawn would be best in a very low traffic area.
But for more information check this site.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Thanks. I was pretty sure that was the answer but I couldn't find a direct reference to it. I will read through the website.
I didn't know I got a response. Once again, replies weren't emailed to me, even though I checked the box.

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