help dividing an unknown fern

noelaninikoAugust 31, 2007

I know absolutely nothing about gardening. having said that, my mother in law knows even less, and I am attempting to solve her problem. She has a fern, potted indoors. It has grown too large for each pot she puts it in, and we have run out of space and need to make it smaller. It is crowded, growing yellowish on some leaves, and has runners *everywhere*. I would prefer to split it into separate pots than remove foliage altogether, but all of the information I can find on dividing ferns seems to be from pups, which would create more ferns without reducing the size of the existing one. If you can tell me how to divide the mass of the fern without harming the roots, then please help!

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Here's an article from the U. of GA about Growing Ferns. There is a section describing how to divide them.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Ferns (and Dividing)

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Awesome, thank you. That's what I thought I should do, but online somewhere it said that if I did then both halves would die.
Much more reputable source you gave though, so I'll try it soon.
Again, thanks.

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