Staghorn Fern

clauditaAugust 1, 2014

Hello there!
Does anybody could tell me what is wrong with my stag. Leaves are getting curl and brown... I tried to water it twice a week and looks wilted to me. Does it need more water?
Thank you all!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

My guess would be way too much water lol Where are you located and how much rain are you getting?? I would remove the sphag and grow directly on the board . About the only way I've found to kill a Stag is drowning
They need good drainage for sure gary

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Thank you Gary,
I live in San Diego, no rain, dry. So I'm the guilty one. I'll stop watering for a while and see what happens.

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San Diego has many micro climates; from MIra Mesa to Windansea. San Diego Fern Society are the experts. You could also talk to the folks at Walter Anderson's Nursery. A good watering method that works not only in Houston but in my hometown of San Diego: just depress the surface of the moss with your finger tips near the bottom of the board. If it feels dry, take it off the hook and plunge it into a large bucket of water until it stops bubbling, then hang it back up. You can use that method year round, even during Santa Anas. I use one of those 20 gallon size you can find at Walmart or such. In San Diego you are going to want moss behind the plant against the board.

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I live near Miramesa... I found out that I was touching the moss in the upper part of the wood and It was wet but the lower part was dry... so maybe that was the problem...I'll use the bucket method!!. what kind of fertilize do you use in your stag... It is gorgeous!!!!
Thank you very much.

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I use Fish emulsion fertilizer. Any brand.
Nice place Mira Mesa.
Like I said, if you get the chance to visit Walter Anderson's Nursery It's great.
It's right near the Marine Recruit Training Center on Pacific Highway.


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