delivery charge to florists?

jodi5aJanuary 18, 2010

Hi--I've lurked on this site for a couple years and have learned so much. Thanks to everyone for taking your time to share.

I've got a question that I couldn't find in old posts. Last year I sold quite a few flowers to the local florist and since it was just a few miles to town and I would have been going anyway, mileage wasn't a concern. This year, however, I'd like to expand and try to sell to more florists. Because this is a very rural area, most towns have only one florist and it would be a 50-80 mile round trip. My question is, does anyone who sells to florists charge a delivery fee or have a minimum order requirement? Do you think this would be out of line? Should I just figure mileage into the cost per stem? (Guess that's several questions) Thanks for any advice!


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Yes, charge a delivery fee. I have a florist that instists on it. They charge their customers a delivery fee. Make sure you tell your customers up front. If you have two deliveries in the same town and you can deliver the same day then maybe you can give them a break on the fee. I would tell them that if they wait until a certain day and time it would save them $5 on delivery I'm sure that they would be happy.

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I have a regular delivery day and do not charge a separate
delivery fee. However, for special orders on other days, I
do charge a nominal fee.

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Thanks for the replies! A delivery charge makes it pencil a lot better and now I feel better about including one.

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