Severed cacti didn't root

klyde(8)October 27, 2013

Hey ho,

Wrote in the summer about some grafted cacti I purchased (on hylocereus). I severed them from the hylo, and tried to root them, but alas did all this too late in the season and they didn't root. I thought perhaps they were rebutias, but I believe they are notocactus/parodia's. Nice little balls of spines anyway.

My question is, will they toodle along alright for the winter and then root in the spring? Is there something I need to know about unrooted cacti? Their colors are good, and they aren't mushy at all. Like they are perfectly happy without the roots.

Thoughts, advice?

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Keep them warm, in sun most of the time and mist once a week or so. If they're going to root, they should be rooted by spring.

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Okey dokey artichokey.


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