browning ostrich ferns

surf_grrl(coastal Van Isl)August 17, 2007

I planted ostrich ferns in my fern garden a couple of years ago... I think this is the third summer of growth, although I could be wrong, and it may just be the second. Anyhow, all the ferns are doing fine, except for the ostriches. The initial plant appears to have reproduced (I now have four or five plants, and I know I planted no more than one or two). However, each year, the ferns seem to develop fine, but then the leaves brown and die. Moisture is not a problem - it's been a very, very wet year here, and on other years I water well. Any ideas?

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They tend do that by August. Do they get much direct sun?

Maybe somebody has some advice on how to keep them fresh looking...

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surf_grrl(coastal Van Isl)

Thanks for the reply. They get a little sun, but not much (I haven't checked the number of hours recently, but perhaps I should... do they like total shade, or is a bit of sun OK?

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