Plant pics from Bethlehem Nursery

kmanzfive(z5NH)March 25, 2014

Sorry about the quality. I took them with my cell phone.
Well here we go:
Abies alba 'Special...?

Abies alba 'Special ...? another look

Abies alba seedling ..looks very slow

Abies concolor 'King's Gap'

Abies concolor 'Lower Shadow'

Abies concolor 'Pigglemee'

Abies koreana 'Blaue Hex'

Abies koreana 'Blue Parabol'

Abies koreana 'Houtmeyer'

Abies koreana 'Silver Mavers'

Fagus salvatica 'Anny's Green Dwarf'

Gingko biloba 'Grind Stone Lake'

Picea abies 'Typner'

Picea engelmannii 'Talbot Lake'

Picea glauca 'Bethany Broom'

Picea glauca 'Spring Surprise'

Picea pungens 'Pin Cushion'

Picea sitchensis 'Peve Wiesje'

Pinus cembra 'Bergkonig'

Pinus cembra 'Falzereyo'

Tsuga Canadensis 'Vekades Yellow Seedling # 1'

Tsuga canadensis 'Hebefolia'

Tsuga canadensis 'Ed's Special'

Mystery Sciadopitys ????

Mystery Sciadopitys ???? another look

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

All very nice. Thanks for taking the time. As you can imagine, I'm drawn to that Tsuga can 'Hebefolia', but again, they are all nice. Good job.


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Hebefolia can't be a legit cultivar name can it? Sounds like a Latinized version of "hebe like foliage"

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It is the correct name.... extremely slow growing.

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Please, correctly is Pinus cembra Falzarego

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Abies alba "Special" look more Picea than Abies.
Abies koreana "Blau Hex" probably Abies procera "Blaue Hexe"

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