Platycerium Fern Mounting Boards

RainforestGuyAugust 10, 2011

I have tried so many kinds of mounting boards. First off, its very difficult to find red wood and cedar lumber that are more than 6 inches wide that won't tear your wallet in half.

I have used red wood orchid boxes for some of the diminutive forms and species, but these only go so far.

I would like to hear, see what sort of base mounts people uses for their platyceriums.

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These are some examples of mounting boards I have used. This is just the basic format. Please share your top of the world designs and ideas.
This is a single redwood lumber cut and wired for ready to use as is.

I use LFS and plastic chicken wire for securing moss in place. A stapler gun makes my job easier to secure LFS to boards. LFS=Long Fiber Sphagnum

For double pieces this can be ideal for larger species such as elephantotis, stemmaria, grande, superbum, etc.
The back of the oard, I use just cost effective redwood garden stakes to nail boards together.

These can be made into any sizes desired.

and the back showing secured strap redwood stakes.

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I have mounted stags using chicken wire in the past and prefer fishing line. About 20#. When it comes time to remount or divide the clump fishin line is the easiest.
I mainly use cedar boards and vary the size to meet my objectives. If I want a single plant I try to cut the board the size of the mature shield fronds. If I want offsets I will make the board about 2 or 3 times that size. For an ideal specimen I would like to try growing on the sides of a barrel, as that would best aproximate the shape of a tree trunk. Moss wire baskets are good but can become hard to work with when they get large. I have grown veitchii in between 2 slabs of sandstone which simulates rock outcroppings where they occur in Oz. I recommend Roy Vails self published book "Platycerium Hobbiest's Handbook" which provides much information on growing stags. His work with P andinum is most extensive.

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I have the book when it was first published and signed by the author. I used to buy stags from Jerry Horne which started my passion with staghorn ferns.

I am trying to reestablish my collection again.

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