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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)August 8, 2014

And more orchids outdoors....

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

And more outdoor orchid places....

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Wow! Cory,how many orchids do you have? I have never seen so many. In my life.

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

I don't know how many I have now Maggy; probably 1000. I used to have many more. Here is another spot I hide them away in. I think this picture has one of my larger epiphyllum hanging above the orchids.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Here is one last orchid spot. I don't know if you can see them hanging in the trees and there are about maybe 100 seedlings near the ground in flats. I also have an area near the greenhouse for my mounted plants where I can easily mist them during the day. I wish I could post more at one time. I'll post 2 more of my citrus tree locations.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Baby citrus trees.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

More baby citrus.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Here are the citrus near the greenhouse. I have another area with more trees and many seedlings but I don't have a picture. You have turned me into a picture showing monster! I also collect camellias. Do any of you grow those too? Well, I am done for tonight. Thanks for looking.


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Wow Cory that is freaking amazing I cannot believe what I am seeing . Your orchids wow and your citrus all of them so beautiful . How do you take care of so many plants ? How long does it take to water all of them ? I have a hard enough time keeping track of about 20 trees I honestly don't know how you do it . I know for sure who to go to with my orchids questions . That just shows you do not have to live in the tropics to have a little tropical fun .Have a great night Cory .

Maggy I hope your ribs were good . What a beautiful evening. Looking forward to some gardening time tomorrow. Have a fantastic night Maggy .

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Thanks Brian. Like you I work in my garden any time I can get. Outside it its easy to water and care for them. Indoors it is a lot harder and takes a lot more time watering them all and keeping them bug free. I use several fans to keep the air circulating as the plant density is so high. I also humidify the air. I use Dr. Bonners Peppermint oil soap, fish emulsion, Rosemary essential oil and horticultural oil to ward off the bugs. I hope I can fit them all back inside again come fall. I still have to finish cleaning the greenhouse and have to assemble another two 3 tiered benches I recently bought. I will be changing the greenhouse setup to make more room for the citrus trees. Every year I think I have the perfect setup, but then I find I have to change it the next season as the plants change in size and quantity. The citrus were touching the sides and roof last winter so I have to move them towards the center a little more but that means a new greenhouse configuration. I need to hang some of the orchids a little lower too so they don't block the sunlight from the trees. I need a place to walk though too! I bet you are thinking about how you will fit yours back in too, especially with the new acquisitions. Have a good night and weekend.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Thanks Brian. Like you I work in my garden any time I can get. Outside it its easy to water and care for them. Indoors it is a lot harder and takes a lot more time watering them all and keeping them bug free. I use several fans to keep the air circulating as the plant density is so high. I also humidify the air. I use Dr. Bonners Peppermint oil soap, fish emulsion, Rosemary essential oil and horticultural oil to ward off the bugs. I hope I can fit them all back inside again come fall. I still have to finish cleaning the greenhouse and have to assemble another two 3 tiered benches I recently bought. I will be changing the greenhouse setup to make more room for the citrus trees. Every year I think I have the perfect setup, but then I find I have to change it the next season as the plants change in size and quantity. The citrus were touching the sides and roof last winter so I have to move them towards the center a little more but that means a new greenhouse configuration. I need to hang some of the orchids a little lower too so they don't block the sunlight from the trees. I need a place to walk though too! I bet you are thinking about how you will fit yours back in too, especially with the new acquisitions. Have a good night and weekend.


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Cory, thanks for posting your lovely pictures. I loved them. Imagine when they are blooming. Do you take cuttings from your existing plants? What medium are they in.? I saw some beautiful ones in Toronto . I didn't buy any as I was afraid I would kill them. Oh! That huge epi.The citrus are beautiful as well. Wait until Mike sees them. You have a large greenhouse .It looks very professional .What temperature do you keep your orchids in winter? How do you heat your greenhouse? All those plants must keep you busy but when you have a real passion for it then it is not a chore but a joyful experience. Good for you Cory.
Brian we had a lovely evening and it looks like today is going to be sunny .going to repot some of my citrus. The lime,lemon and orange are still in the nursery soil which seems to never dry out .They are growing like weeds. My dilemma is where to leave them where they are until spring or put them in 5-1-1 now. Which miracle grow soil are you using? You seem to have good luck with it. I will repot some of the new ones.Especially the tango from Home Depot as it is a 4 yr old tree in a little pot. My kaffir line from Dave is growing a lot but the Kishu seems slow. Bet you are playing with your plants this morning. Hope you have a great week- end.
Mike,bet you enjoyed your day off. Hope you are getting some sunshine in your part of the world. Warmest wishes to you all. Maggy

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Good morning Maggy .It is a beautiful morning here to. I was walking around the garden early this morning around 5.30 . I have another hobby I like to play around with my tv antenna , and the best time do this is very early in the morning or very late at night . This morning I was picking up Burlington Vermont , Syracuse NY, Rochester NY , Montreal . I quit often pick up Buffalo , Detroit , Erie Pennsylvania . All the stations come in beautiful high definition . Back to the other hobby , Maggy I only use MG fertilizer I don't use the soil . I have used MG soil in the past and wasn't fussy about it . Actually the trees I bought last year were in MG soil last year and I repotted them in new soil this spring . I do love the MG fertilizer . Maggy rib steaks tonight then the drive -in and during the day I am going to give my plants a good wash. Maggy my Kishu is in fafard potting soil . Have a great day in the garden Maggy.

Cory good morning you are so right I have absolutely no room to move in my GH . I leave 1 square ft of free space in there so I can water . So what do I do this year , buy another tree . It's always a pleasure to water in there , branches and thorns in the face not to mention spiders but they don't bother me that much. It must take some time to set up the GH in the fall . How large is your GH ? You are lucky you can hang your plants in there . Have a great day Cory .

Mike nice day to take the convertible out and cruise chicks . Try to get some fun in today we all need that once in a while . Have a nice day my friend .


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Hi Brian, Don't you just love Cory's plants. Amazing.What a beautiful collection of plants. Had to do laundry,clean our downstairs fridge etc. All I want to do is play in the sunshine but life keeps getting in the way. I went shopping this morning for a spray bottle for my hose so I can use the fish emulsion to keep critters away. Would you believe I couldn't find one. They only had one with fertilizer. Brian you are not going to believe this but Home Depot had the sweetest little improved Meyer lemon. Well it now has a new home. I put it with the other plants thinking my husband wouldn't notice. Well, "Columbo" spotted it right away. I have a lemon already but I couldn't resist. It looked like a lost puppy sitting there.
I take it you use miracle grow all purpose fertilizer. I got Foliage pro from Bustan hydroponics but it cost me $25 npostage. However I found some on Amazon.ca with free shipping. I have a nice supply now. I love it and it makes the plants thrive. Do you add any extra nutrients.? Which Farfard soil so you use. I can't find it here. I like the 5-1-1 . It does drain quickly. Most of my plants have not. Grow much in it but I think they are just filling in roots .they certainly seem happy .
Brian there is a heater online at Costco. I think it is $79 but seems to have a thermal control. If you have time would you look at it and give me your opinion. I would really appreciate that.there is only one small one there.
We are sitting in the sun. So nice. The puppies are enjoying it as well. Teddy has gotten over being a big baby.
Imagine all the tv stations you can get with your antenna. So neat.
Rib steaks ,yummy. I bought two yesterday. We are having BBQ chicken tonight with fresh farm vegs. Enjoy the drive in. Sounds like so much fun.
Mike,hope you are cruising in your convertible with the wind blowing in your face and sun shining.
Cory,hope you are experiencing sunshine as well. Have a great day my friends. Maggy

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Oh Maggy you bad girl . Sneaking plants in without telling your husband . That's something I would do . You see now how addictive this citrus thing is . Congratulations on your new baby of course you will have to post pictures . Maggy a question what if you called every HD in Ontario to see if they had a clemenules and if they said they did would they deliver it to the closest HD near you ? I know they do that with most of there stuff but I don't know if they would do it for plants . I have been watering for the last hour and half and it is not as sunny as they said it was going to be , it's kind of half and half . Your sunroom sounds very relaxing . We have a huge sunroom at the cottage and when all the windows are open I will fall a sleep in 10 minutes with all the fresh air . I would love to have one but not now 2 more years left to pay for our new SUV . Maggy I looked at the heater kind of confusing , does it have a built in thermostat so when the sun out it will totally shut off . If the heater does not shut off and with the sun on your GH you will end up cooking your plants . I learned that the first year I had the GH the heater stayed on and the March sun was on the GH temperature was like over 100 in there . Then my trees broke out in spider mites . If it has a thermostat and your able to set it for example 55 degrees and the heater shuts off 55 then it's OK . Kind of hard to explain you just don't want the heater on when the sun is on your GH . It's okay in January but not in March or April . I also don't know what they mean by spare fuze . I love the antenna hobby almost as much as the citrus thing . It would be cool to live where you live There is so many big cities near you I would never be able to sleep in . When there is Bermuda high pressure all kinds of funny things start happening with the tv signals . Sometimes you can pull in tv stations that are 500 miles away . When tv signals were analog I would sometimes pull in stations from Tampa Florida ok off topic again I have to focus . Have a great afternoon you two and shut your eyes and just drift away of course after you call HD to see if you can purchase plants from other HDs .


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Sorry Maggy the soil was fafard urban garden container mix . I am just sorry I didn't repot with this stuff when I repotted in the spring . It looks like a perfect mix stays moist for a couple of days but it is not heavy . It also has alot of coconut husk fibre in it . It is a mix of peat , black earth , biosol compost lime and I believe organic fertilizer.


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Maggy just about ready to sit down for supper . Packed up all the chips and popcorn for the drive - in , very excited . Here is a picture of my Kishu taken 10 minutes ago and Steve my fig is in the background lots of figs . To all my friends have a great night.


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My goodness Brian, it is beautiful. Are you sure you haven't got it on steroids? and look at the figs. Wow! I wish my little tree would start to grow like that.
You sound excited about the drive- in. How much fun is that?
It has been a beautiful day here. Spent lots of time outside. Even had a nap. Perfect day.
The temp in my greenhouse was 108 earlier. Poor tomato' s loved it but I was afraid they would fry. After opening the vents and door more ,it cooled down
Here is my new baby. It needs new soil and fertilizer but I think I can make it happy. In fact I am going to repot it tonight.
I think it is worth a try to call around for a Clemenules at the HD . I will do a bit of research on Monday. Probably get more results than on the week- end.
I will also ask Vermeers ,where I got my moro orange and key lime to see if they can order one for me. It might be spring before they can order again.
Can you tell me the name of the heater you got again. I will look online to see if I can find one. Want to be prepared when winter does arrive.
Have a great time at the drive in. I can tell how much you are looking forward to it.Take care .Maggy

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Maggy we are just about to leave . I am glad you had a very restful afternoon. When I am in the sun room at the cottage I either read or nap . Either or is just as good . The heater is a delonghi . I hope you guys have a nice night outside

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Hi Guys....First off I'd like to say...

Wowowowowwoa Cory! Over a 1000 orchids? What the hey? Ok, let me ask, what is it about orchids that you like so much? What drove you to collect so many?
Do you get them for fragrance or for the flower or for teh fun of watering them and being around them in a humid environment? For me, it's all of the above..Never a boring day around here in my plant collection with so many orchids..lol
I must say, you have a ton more than I..I thought I had a lot with over 35 of them...
Beautiful...Beautiful surroundings and beautiful work..
You plants are so great looking, the roots look well manicured and yes, you citrus are amazing and seem to be in the perfect spot..
God that greenhouse is massive ..Now I'm jealous, wgat about you Maggy?

Maggy, can you believe the size of Cory's greenhouse? My goodness....Now, I would probably die over the size of my electric bill during the winter with one that big..In fact, I have had thoughts of turing my whole yard into a greenhouse...
I hope you got to have a wonderful day today with all this warmth..I am beginning to think that we all sit under the same high pressure system and under the same rain...It seems that what you get is what I get..strange.
I thought I was going to be able to take pics today, but I OCD'd out again..I'll explain later.lol

Brian..What the heck????? How is your Kishu growing so much faster then mine???? Mine has never grown like that..It grows about an inch a year..I'm going to blame it on the root stock...It seems that anything grafted from Logee's for me grows very slow...
Drine-in theatre? I have not seen one of those for years around here..I wish we still had them..Man that would be so fun...What did you end up seeing?

Brian and Maggy...Convertable, yahoo...lol It does feel great to feel the cool air through the hair at night! I love this car..It stinks during the winter though...Driving the Honda is much preferred..

Ok, so I OCD"d today like I do every day..Since I am going to take care of my Mom today, I decided to paint, and paint, and paint..I did my cleaning job at 430 a.m and then came home..Had breakfast and said it was time for a new color in my kitchen..I just finished painting the three seasons room last weekend...
I just finished..I can't stop until it's done or I am done..I did get to the gym for about 2 hours showers, sit in the hot tube and swim..You see, I can't stand being in the hot sun until later in the day..And, I am not a sun worshiper, although I live so close to the beach..I use to be..I like the beach in the late day now.I have yet to go on a hot day...The last time I went, I was in the convertible and it was only 63 degrees, 3 weeks ago!

I did get a new plant today..A wonderful forum member happened to be at Logee's today and thought of me..Then stopped by to drop off a gallon jug of Foliage Pro and a Spanish Cheery tree..I was thrilled..so kind..
A gallon of foliage pro goes for 55 dollars here...
Here's the kicker, just this morning, I awoke to go outside just to see my last jug of foliage pro knocked over from some animal and completely empty..Good timing right?

Brian, the Fafard mix is wonderful..I hope you like it! I use the nursery mix myself...I love the stuff..If I am too lazy to make my own mix..It does hold water longer than the 5.1.1 though..

Maggy!!! How did it get that hot in your greenhouse?????
You are suppose to have a auto opener like I do and a fan constantly moving the air...Don't forget to leave the front door open no matter what until the nights get cool..
If I forget and it gets that hot, I just hose everything down and it cools pretty fast//
I would LOVE to see a pic of your new addition))
Great score...It sounds like a great looking little tree..

Cory, do you have a favorite Orchid and why?
H0w about a favorite citrus tree??
Just wanted to say they and your yard are so beautiful again!
Have you seem Brians? Yowser!

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Hi Brian, Thanks for the picture. I can't seem to find a delônghi heater . It seems they are sold even on their website. Perhaps I can find in Detroit. I forgot to include my new lemon picture. Hope you are enjoying your evening at the drive-in.
Mike hope your are having a nice week- end.
Cory are you having good weather. I see our forecast now is predicting rain for Mon . and Tue. Take care all.Maggy

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Hi Mike, I think we were posting at the same time. I knew you would be amazed when you saw Cory's orchid collection. I did see how big Cory's greenhouse is and thought how nice that would be. I am jealous too.
I can't wait to hear the answers to all your questions about the orchids. It does seem that our weather patterns are very similar. Windsor is supposed to be the most southern point in Canada but it is not seeming that way this year.
I don't know how my greenhouse got so hot. I don't have electricity in there yet as the electrician can't install my outdoor plug until end of Dept. I am still trying to locate a heater and a solar cover.
Mike,how nice that a forum member gifted you with a tree and foliage pro. So kind but then you are so kind and generous to everyone here . You deserve it. I can't believe you painted your kitchen all at once. It would take me days.I never finish anything right away. I wish I was more like you. I just get distracted and go on to something else. A little OCD is good. I don't like routine and doing the same thing over and over.
My Kishu is not growing either. I have it is 5-1-1. My kaffir lime us growing though and it is in the same soil. Next time I am in Toronto I must look for the fafard soil. Perhaps I should try it for some of my trees. So do you have some trees in 5-1-1 and some in fafard nursery soil.?
Mike my new lime tree needs some TLC . It is a two year old tree and likely has not been cared for well at Home Depot. It was just sitting there by itself and looked like a lost puppy. So I brought it home.
Take care and enjoy the rest of the week- end.Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Whew! This thread moves so fast it is hard to keep up with all the news and questions! Maggy, I Iove your new lemon tree and I too am always caught sneaking in new plants. Mike, yes I am crazy about orchids for all the same reasons as you are. I would love to have an additional area that I could keep my cool growers in. It was nice when I had the unheated very sunny sun porches to keep them in. Now I am having a hard time giving some of them the cool rest some of them need without them getting too cold. The greenhouse must be kept warmer for my warm growers. I keep it at 63°F and try to find micro climates for the warmest, and the coolest intermediate growers. The basement is about 60°F. Now my citrus trees are beginning to take over the greenhouse unless I can find a better place for them. I heat with two vented natural gas heaters, I think 23000 btu each. I dug a trench to run the gas pipe from the house to the greenhouse and also ran electric and water lines in the same trench. I am glad I made the initial investment for the convenience. The second gas heater kicks in mostly on the really cold days. The operating cost has gone up dramatically the past couple of years and the basement lighting bill for all the plants is getting high too. But, I am enjoying growing them and pay the bills for now. I grow the orchids mostly in a bark mix I buy from Waldor Orchids in southern NJ in large quantity in various sizes. The seedling mix is close to 5-1-1 but also contains charcoal. I use other media such as sphagnum moss, osmunda, coco fiber and nuggets etc. depending on each plants need. Some are mounted on cork, wood slabs, tree fern. It is hard to say which is my favorite as I like them for different reasons; some for plant vigor and multiple blooming times, some color, some fragrance, flower shape. The same reasons for different citrus trees too. Brian, my Kishu has never put out as much growth as yours is. You really have a knack for growing your trees. They all look so lush and large, especially considering your climate. Your yard is so beautiful and I am amazed at the size of your tropical plants and trees. You live in a paradise. I can't imagine how you fit them all back in the greenhouse each winter and how successful you are with keeping them so healthy during the cold dark days and nights. Maggy, you really have an interesting life having lived in a lighthouse and lived and worked in the Arctic for 8 years. I don't know many people that have had those experiences. The weather is beautiful this weekend. Just perfect for us and our plants. Steve must have gotten sidetracked by one of the infomercials on this channel as we haven't heard from him.

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Whew! This thread moves so fast it is hard to keep up with all the news and questions! Maggy, I Iove your new lemon tree and I too am always caught sneaking in new plants. Mike, yes I am crazy about orchids for all the same reasons as you are. I would love to have an additional area that I could keep my cool growers in. It was nice when I had the unheated very sunny sun porches to keep them in. Now I am having a hard time giving some of them the cool rest some of them need without them getting too cold. The greenhouse must be kept warmer for my warm growers. I keep it at 63°F and try to find micro climates for the warmest, and the coolest intermediate growers. The basement is about 60°F. Now my citrus trees are beginning to take over the greenhouse unless I can find a better place for them. I heat with two Southern Burner vented natural gas heaters, I think 23000 btu each. I dug a trench to run the gas pipe from the house to the greenhouse and also ran electric and water lines in the same trench. I am glad I made the initial investment for the convenience. The second gas heater kicks in mostly on the really cold days. The operating cost has gone up dramatically the past couple of years and the basement lighting bill for all the plants is getting high too. But, I am enjoying growing them and pay the bills for now. I grow the orchids mostly in a bark mix I buy from Waldor Orchids in southern NJ in large quantity in various sizes. The seedling mix is close to 5-1-1 but also contains charcoal. I use other media such as sphagnum moss, osmunda, coco fiber and nuggets etc. depending on each plants need. Some are mounted on cork, wood slabs, tree fern. It is hard to say which is my favorite as I like them for different reasons; some for plant vigor and multiple blooming times, some color, some fragrance, flower shape. The same reasons for different citrus trees too. Brian, my Kishu has never put out as much growth as yours is. You really have a knack for growing your trees. They all look so lush and large, especially considering your climate. Your yard is so beautiful and I am amazed at the size of your tropical plants and trees. You live in a paradise. I can't imagine how you fit them all back in the greenhouse each winter and how successful you are with keeping them so healthy during the cold dark days and nights. Maggy, you really have an interesting life having lived in a lighthouse and lived and worked in the Arctic for 8 years. I don't know many people that have had those experiences. The weather is beautiful this weekend. Just perfect for us and our plants. Steve must have gotten sidetracked by one of the infomercials on this channel as we haven't heard from him for a couple of days.


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Good morning,Cory ,we are a chatty bunch,aren't we? This thread does move quickly. I can understand why you are crazy about orchids. They are so beautiful. Your greenhouse is so big,but I se how you fill it quickly. Soon my little greenhouse will be full. I always have the unheated sunroom but it might get expensive heating two areas. I keep telling myself that I am not going to buy any more trees but you know how that goes.
My Kishu has not grown at all and look at Brian's . We got them from the same place.
We had a raccoon visit last night. It was on our roof and then I saw it in the back yard. I thought it might be after my limes but they were fine this morning.
I have had an interesting life. I have always had an inquisitive nature and have done some unusual things. Unlike my siblings who have never left Nova Scotia. I lived in Greece for two years and the most peculiar thing I did 4 years ago is get remarried after being single for more than 30 years. Lol! It was a good decision. One never knows what life might bring our way.
Cory, will you be able to rebuild your beach house? I can just imagine how much you enjoyed it. And it saddens me that you lost it. My, how you must miss it. There is nothing like being bear the ocean.
Mike ,are you relaxing and enjoying the good weather.? We are getting rain for the next two days.
Brian,How was the movie? Was the drive- in fun.? I bet you are spending time with your trees today. I just went to Lowe's and bought some new pots for my babies. Still haven't gotten around to repotting . I did find a spray bottle so I can try the fish emulsion to keep the bugs away.They sure like the sun ,
new growth on the lime,lemon,limequat ,but the Kishu is not doing anything.
Where do you buy your fafard soil.? I haven't seen it here.
I love these sunny days. We are supposed to get rain and thunder storms on Mon. And Tue. Mike had mentioned that there is more nitrogen in the air during thunder storms and that the trees like it.I found that interesting.
Where is Steve? Haven't seem him posting for awhile.
We are going to the Casino for dinner and to play a little with some friends.We rarely go so it should be a fun outing.
Have a great Sunday .enjoy. Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Sorry for the duplicate posts. I don't know what I do to cause that.


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Hi Maggy what another beautiful day . So a little ching ching tonight , that sounds like a lot of fun . I haven't been to the casino for a long time . I hope lady luck is on your side . You could always buy more citrus if you win big .the movie was great it was packed . Got home so late then got up early this morning to play with my antenna then went back to bed . I am outside now taking a break from washing my plants . It's so bright I can hardly see the key board , I don't want to waste a minute outside . Maggy I bought the fafard from a nursery in Gatineau . Have a real fun night tonight and wishing you Maga luck . Here is a picture of my tango that I took an hour ago . I bought this one last year 3 ft tall from HD now it is taller than my apple tree . It's going through a major flush right now as are all my trees .

Mike that's to bad you guys don't have a drive - in they are lots of fun . We saw guardian of the universe very fun movie . I bet your in your convertible right now checking out the scenery . Have fun it's a beautiful day . Mike I had know idea kishu grew slow I guess I am lucky then . Mike have a great afternoon .

Cory I would love to have a greenhouse like yours maybe I will go to the casino tonight and try to win some money like Maggy lol . You're heating bills must be crazy . Well worth it for something you love . I think the last time I've seen so many beautiful plants was in a botanical garden . Amazing buddy . You must get alot of neighbors come and visit and want some of your plants . Have a great day in the garden today Cory.


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Oops movie was guardians of the galaxy , sun stroke lol.


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Hi Brian, this is one of those times when I pressed the wrong key and lost everything I had written. So starting over. It has been a beautiful day again. But tomorrow does not look promising. What are you doing to your trees to make them grow so much? They look like they are very happy. Mine do you grow like yours. I still have not repotted my new ones yet. I am ambivalent about repotting the Persian lime,Meyer lemon and Washington navel orange that are in the nursery mix. It is Berger BM 6 ,which is 80% peat moss and 20% perlite. I am afraid the mix is staying too wet but they are all putting out new shoots and look green and healthy. I wonder if I added bark to the mix if it would be like 5-1-1-mix. I would hate for the roots to rot get hate to disturb them if they are happily growing.
Well Ching,Ching and the casino now has my money. Lady Luck did not co-operate. We had an early dinner and it was a nice outing.
It sounds like you had a nice evening at the drive- in. I can imagine you were tired today. But it is nice when you can be outside in the sunshine.
I would also love to have a greenhouse like Cory. Imagine how many trees we could get in there.it is so big.
I think Cory is a night owl. I used to love to stay up late but not anymore.
Hi to you Mike. Maybe we should send our kishu trees to Mike so they will grow faster. Have a good night .Maggy

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Hi Maggy glad you had a nice evening out . Me no ching ching that's why I stay away from casinos . I have absolutely no luck with any kind of gambling . Maggy if your trees are happy I wouldn't touch them . Remember you are only going to water once every two weeks so they have to be able to retain some water . Trust me you don't want to be going in there more than that . My trees I think grow so fast because of all the heat and sunlight .I definitely don't chalk it up to any kind of skill . You guys are just as good or better . It's all about the environment they are in . Washed and cut some of my trees by half , (ouch ) . I can honestly say it hurt me more than it hurt them but it has to be done , I don't want a situation like last winter . I am not going to cut my favorites . Well this dodo has to go to bed and I really don't want to it is so warm and beautiful outside , a real patio night . Maggy have a real nice day in th garden tomorrow . Here they are calling for about 90 and sunny :-( . Everybody have a nice night .


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100 orchids! Nice. Let's see some pics of some of your favorites.

New acquisitions? Um yeah, even saying to myself, now where will I put this one?

I'm in the market for a new greenhouse. Wow, so many it's overwhelming trying to find one that I like and is reasonably priced.

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Hi Brian, We did have a nice evening out. We took my friend ( and husband) .She is going through a rough time right now . I am not a gambler either as I too have no luck. I have been to the casino three times in the seven years I have been in Windsor but it was fun. The food was very good.
Well Brian the rains have arrived and it is, humid and hot Perfect conditions for thunderstorms . My dog is shaking .I guess he associates the rain with thunder. He is stuck to me like glue.
As for the watering every two weeks. That would work except I feed with dyna gro every Friday . Mike how does that work with yours . I know you have a schedule. Is spring a better time to repot?
Brian, how much do you water in the winter when they are in the greenhouse? I would think very little and do you use warm water?
So many questions I have .Why did you cut your tree in half. I don't know if I could do it. Is it so that it will fit in the greenhouse.? Your trees are so beautiful . I still have lots to learn and as you say each environment is different.
Since the weather is not suitable for going outside I think I will call around to try and find a clemenules. I have put in a request at a couple of nurseries already.
Mike, are you having rain today? Your weather is often like ours.
Veggie-girl,welcome . I think Cory has 1000 orchids. I was lucky I found a year old greenhouse already put together and it was delivered and set up for me.I love it. Are you growing citrus? What trees do you have.? Do you have a greenhouse already? I think no matter what you buy it is never big enough. LOL !
Cory. I received 5 epi cuttings this morning in the mail from California . I bought them from a place called Gotepi's .com.unfortunately they are sold out of most of the selections . But a start. I think customs doesn't mind because they are not rooted. A least they didn't confiscate them.
Well the rain is heavy now and the thunder has started. .the trees should be happy and maybe they will get a growth spirt. Take care all. Maggy

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Hi Maggy oh wow is it hot and humid . Today would have been a nice day to float in my pool . Maggy I used to love going to the casino just the sound of the slot machines and the restaurants . Casinos have great restaurants , it makes a very nice evening I just have to stay away from the slots lol . Maybe on our holidays . Maggy I only water once every 2 weeks . You will see that sometimes it will be difficult to get in . The doors freeze up quite often a real pain . I use mild water not cold . Maggy it's funny your pup and mine act the exact same way . My pup when he goes outside first looks at the sky and if there are lots of clouds he will want back in. If he feels one drop his tongue will start to hang out like he is really warm then he will start to shake a bit then he will try to hide in the weirdest places . Maggy the tree I cut was 9ft tall and about 3 and a half maybe 4 ft wide , I just don't have the room . I hate that especially because it was my lime tree , ii need this tree for my beverages . They are calling for rain here the rest of the week clearing Friday afternoon just in time for the weekend and holidays . I hope the storms weren't to severe it's our turn tomorrow . Maggy I have a shasta gold with alot of fruit not ready yet have you ever tasted one , it does not get a lot of talk I am beginning to wonder if it is any good . Have a nice night Maggy and stay dry


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Brian...WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU FEEDING YOUR TREES? STEROIDS? lolo.. Seriously, that tree is tall! I NOW MUST riase my greenhouse..I can't grow them that tall because they would never fit anywhere..I have to chop mine back every fall and it hurts, let me tell you..Great work pal..

Darnn it, I have to run, Ill be back Maggy and and Cory to check up on ya's..

Did I see a new face here? Welcome Veggi-girl..


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Mike thanks buddy . I don't think I am doing any thing different then what you guys are doing . I really chalk it up to my backyard even when it's cool my backyard is warm . There is no shade at all in the backyard full sun , that's why my pictures always look a bit blurry its so darn bright . Lots of shade this week rain until Saturday they just changed the forecast it was supposed to clear on Friday . Mike you would have laughed my Shasta is now growing so fast it snapped right off the identification tag right off the trunk of the tree . Yesterday when I was watering it I said to myself I have to remove that tag its way to tight well I didnt and when I checked the tree when I got home the tag was laying in the soil . I was to lazy so the tree removed it itself . Mike have you ever tasted a Shasta Gold mandarin ? How was your weekend buddy ? Tell me you took some time for yourself , all work no play is no good . Mike the movie was great . I don't understand why they don't bring back the Drive- in people were having a blast . People were actually taking pictures of the screen . I guess its like going down memory lane for most of us old folk . Hope your Mom is back on her feet again . Darn it's not fun getting old . Holidays next week going to Montreal and the cottage and lots of movies . 4 more days , 4 more days lol. Have a great night Mike .

Maggy I see that you guys are getting lots of rain . My mom used to tell me when I was little and terrified from thunder , rains a good thing it makes the flowers grow . Well the flowers sure are growing and I am still terrified of lightning and thunder .They are calling for 1 to 3 inches of rain here and cold temperatures this week , out come the sweaters again :-( . It's not patio weather now the backyard is just cooking hot right now , maybe a little sitting outside this evening . Have a great night Maggy .


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Hi Brian, it has not stopped raining all day. It is supposed to be like this tomorrow as well. I see they have flooding across the river in Detroit. Now it is also getting windy. Yes,Teddy starts to get anxious as soon as the first raindrop falls. He also hides in weird places. If my husband is home he will want to be with him.
I can understand staying away from the slots . I play a set amount and it is gone in a few minutes. Last time I went I put in $20 and won $290. Cashed in and quit. That was on my husband's birthday in April.
It must have hurt to cut a 9 foot tree.I suppose it will happen to me eventually. My lime tree is really putting out a lot of growth.It is getting really tall.It only has one lime but is setting buds again. So you water every two weeks in Winter?
So you will be on vacation again starting this week - end. I bet you can hardly wait. Do you have any plans? Maybe shop for new trees LOL! Speaking of trees,no luck finding a clemenules. I think I might have more luck in spring.
Have a good evening Brian. Hi to Cory,Mike and veggi-girl. Maggy

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Goodness, Maggy Brian and Cory..I am so afraid I am going to miss some of your points or not address questions you asked because I may have not seen them..Yikes..If I do, please feel free to ask again..)

Cory, whew, thank God you posted twice, I thought I had twice the amount to read..lol
Thanks for all the answers....If I was to tell you what I like most, I have to say fragrance! If I had to rid some to make room for something eles, the first to go would be the ones with no fragrance...
That will never happen though..Although I can't see myself buying any more..Now it's survival of the fittest..

Maggy...No rain or thunder here lately..Although I am going to get what you got on Wednesday..Let me tell you..I have been telling everyone, watch for fall like air soon, way to soon...I wish I was wrong, I hope I am wrong..I am not ready for cold nights a month early and neither are my plants..Sheesh..I almost threw the towel in at the start of spring because it didn't even get warm around here naough to put my trees out until about June..My heating and electric bill were through the roof..

Maggy, that tree is a beauty!!! It already looks so nice..I love it!
That has great potential..Wait until you see my cutting I took last year..It's a cutie...I think I will finally take pics on Thursday since I have those 4 days off coming..I need it..
Spent some time at the Hospital yesterday morning and needed an I.V..I think it's time to slow down for a bit)
You are right, I need to take care of myself first, then Mom and plants!
I actually saved thousands of dollars of plants today..
Let me tell you what I did.
I know this Asian lady who runs a garden center all by herself down the street from my work, and she has no help..Can't afford it except for her daughter..
Most of her tropical, citrus and other plants in containers are all in full hot sun all day..I stop by for lunch to visit her and she gives me a free fruit or vegi and even a citrus here and there..
Well,she was not there when I arrived at 2 p.m and she never opened..I think she had an emergency..I felt so bad looking at all her invested plants just to see them drying out and wilted, even brown..So I found the water hose behind her buisness and watered every one of her plants, at least 1000! It took me half of my lunch hour, but I saved them all and she does not even know..
I can only imagine the fear she had not being able to water them today..I would of..I think they will be ok now,,I hope she is ok..It's not like her to leave them like that and not open..I think she will be happy if she opens tomorrow to see that she didn't loose as many plants as she could of.

I don't understand how can be so humid..Now I question whether we do get the same weather..We have had hardly any humid days all summer, in fact, very cool here at night and dry..Very unusual here...I actually miss the humidity...
Maggy, please refersh my memory??? Water what every 2 weeks?
I think I was referring to treating my plants with F.E..I do that every two weeks...I also do for my greehouse plant all year long..That is easy..
Just find a Hose End sprayer..If it's filled with fertilizer, buy one, use it, then use it for the F.E and other fertilizer..
Mines I use is an old Miracle Grow one.

Spring to about Fathers is ulitmate to repot..But, for me, any time of the year is, although you have to watch for over heating if done in the middle of winter, and a slow response if done in the middle of winter..

Maggy, I hope this help..If I missed any other points, I am sorry....

Brian..I am not kidding..Then maybe you get a better sunshine ball of light than I do..Lol. Maybe yours sees more sun than mine? Maybe root stock? I have no idea..We do grow the same..

What's a Shast Gold? It sounds good? Is it sweet?
That is just too funny..Lol..I think you have the nurseries touch..lol
I wish I had all the sun you do..Maybe that's it..I only get no more than 5 hours of sunlight on any tree at once..It stinks!
The only place I would get ALL day sun would be on top of my flat roof, and then they burn..

Your figs???/I have a question? Do you ever get them to fruit and then they don't ripen before fall sets in? My trees are loaded and for 3 years in a row, they get about half size and the fall comes..I'm so tired of it..Most of them never make it to maturity to ripen..I am abot to throw them all out.

The wekened was ok...I ordered a swing set with a canapoy and can't wait for it..I have yet to sit out in my yard to enjoy the warm nights..The chairs out there now are not confortable....
The mosquitos? Forget them..I thought having dozens of frogs would solve that, not so..lol
I painted two rooms in the house,dug bushes up, made the yard look better, ran over a skunk, got sprayed by one, fell on my ass and spent time at the hospital..All that for guy my age and I am not even old yet...
I think I am loosing my balance, sense of awarness and sense of smell..lol

Maggy, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!! haha..I wish I could get rain like that..My poor trees are subjected to my darn tap water most often these days..I need rain for my orchids...Oh, by the time I get good rains, it will be too cold to use it..

Good evening to all of you..I have to get ready to leave work..Yup, this late at 8 and then work out for 2 hours tonight..Maybe watch Under the Dome...Stupid show but addicting.lol
You have to see..Game of Thrones...Talk about T.V..Nveer saw anything like that before on HBO...Yikes.

Good night my friends until tomorrow.

I need agood drink, a bowl of whipped cream with nuts all teh while I put my feet up and get a massage by anyone who wants 20 bucks to do it..It usually works..

My goodness, I didn't mean to write a book..lol


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Hi Maggy we are going to Montreal for a night sometime next week . I am sure there will be lots of HD in Montreal now if I I can only get the better half to stop at one of them . I always promise this is the last one and I always fail so it should be interesting . I will say which will be true I am looking for Maggy's clemenules , maybe that will work . I will keep a look out for it Maggy but I am sure they probably have sold most of there citrus but you never know . It did hurt me to chop my lime but it was starting to get a little leggy so this will probably invigorate it . It is fun to watch the Kishu because not only are the new branches growing which probably grew an inch today but the trunk also grows at the same time very cool . I can always tell just before a major flush on my citrus trees the trunk will grow like crazy just before . Have a fantastic night Maggy and I am sending everbody a Meyer lemon flower taken this afternoon .


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Mike, my goodness. I hope you are o.k. Did you get dehydrated ? I am glad you are going to take care of yourself. I hope I was not out of line by suggesting you do so . I see what a sensitive and caring person you are and you are always giving of yourself to others. Certainly here on this garden web. What a kind gesture to water the ladies plants. She will appreciate it ,I am sure. It probably saved them as you said.
I will clarify what I meant by every two weeks. I was discussing with Brian where or not I should put my lime ,lemon and orange in 5-1-1 ,as they are in the nursery mix of peat moss and perlite they came in. ( the nursery repotted them ) . They are staying wet but have lots of new growth ,are green and look o.k. But I am concerned about root rot. Brian told me he waters every two week,but I fertilize once weekly so water more often. They sure are wet now with all this rain. I take it they like rain water and storms. At least I am not bringing them in now when it rains like when I first got them. LOL!
Mike do I understand correctly ,you spray with FE even in the greenhouse as well as when they are outside every two weeks. ? I did find a hose end sprayer yesterday but haven't sprayed yet.
I know I will have a hard time cutting back my trees if they won't fit in the greenhouse. But I am sure it will happen .
Running over a skunk and getting sprayed by one would not be fun. Where do you get all your energy? It takes me at least an hour to get going in the morning and then I rest in the afternoon. You take care Mike and keep well.Maggy

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Hi Brian, lucky you going to Montreal. I have not been there for a long time. I studied nursing there and lived there for 11 years. I love Montreal , especially Old Montreal. So much charm and character .You will have so much fun. Funny I mentioned to my husband on Sat. that we should go to Montreal for a week- end sometime.
Oh! Brian, I was the same with visiting HD I would promise " this is the last one" but then just have to visit another. Our poor better halves put up with us.
Thank you for keeping an eye out for the Clemenules. That is very kind but you know I would do the same for you. You never know what you will find.
I found the tango at HD in Hamilton hiding behind the lemons.
The flower is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Have a great night Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Ctt. Mary Elizabeth Bohn 'Royal Flare'


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Bc. Memoria Vida Lee 'Limelight'


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Oncidium/Odontoglossum intergeneric no tag.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Another Oncidium/Odontoglossum no tag.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Ascocentrum ampullaceum. A tiny vanda-like orchid.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

I forgot to label which citrus this fruit belongs to. Maybe Meyer Lemon?

Maggie, night owl = seasoned caregiver. There seems to be a lot of us here.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Another orphan...this one is a paphiopedilum.


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Hi Cory. Your orchids are beautiful. I can see why you love them so much. They are so gorgeous and what vivid colours. Your citrus tree looks healthy. Thank you for the pictures.
How are you? We haven't heard much from you lately.
We are having rain storms here for the past two days with lots of thunder and lightening. I thought my trees might drown but they seem to love this weather. The sun should return tomorrow . But honestly ,it has not been very summer like at all and soon it will be fall. I have to think about insulating my greenhouse and getting it ready for winter. I am going to take Mike's advise and go with the solar cover. You are so lucky to have your huge greenhouse.
Take care Cory. Maggy

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Maggy..I told you they would love it! Mine have never had a dislike for thunder and lightning! They love it!
I pray every day I would get storms..It looks like if I have a South East wind, they will die as the western parts of my state gets flooded..Oh well..It's always like that..If I have a south wind, then I'll will get those tropical downpours...
I can imagine what your little guy you saved feels like today..Probably very happy!
Yes, I use that stuff on every plant in my yard and greenhouse every couple of weeks..I don't have problem with pests like most people...I never had a pest rpoblem in my greehouse, as of yet than goodness...

You know, Trust me, the solar cover is the ONLY way to go..I have searched high and low for answers for years here at the forums and it was the best method...I would type solar covers in the search field and see what you come up with..You'd be amazed..
They work so good, that with the left over pieces, I even cover my ponds full of fish and frogs, that they never freeze to the bottom..No one can believe that mine didn't freeze in a most brutal winter becaus of the solar covers..
In fact, I had grass and plants that never dies back underneath it..
It kkeps heat in and the cold out..regulates temps more stable...

Cory..My GOD! What amazing flowers my friend! So beautiful..I can only imagine what ones smell so good...I wished I had as many as you...Believe it or not, I am starting to consider to thrwo away a few that are not fragrant..They were expensive when I bought them and are beautifull..I wish there was someone I could share them with..
You have a gifted hand with you plants.

Do you use rain water or fresh water to water yours?
I am, afraid of the salt deposits in my tap..It seems to mar the perfectly white areial roots...
Do you feed yours too? I use Foliage Pro but a weak solution...

Great job and thank you so so much for sharing these with us, along with your citrus of course..
I too have to find a way to keep some of my orchids cool or they won't flower..That's a pain..I left them on my porch sill last winter and froze three of them..Thank God they came back though!
I have yet to reflower a Cymbidium..

Maggy, by the way, thanks for your kind words..)))


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Maggy..Check this out..NOt sure if it will help because the pic is out of focus..But these people use bungie cords..Start from the bottom..YOu hook the bungee cord on the base of the greenhouse and then use two to three connection to another to be able to reach up and over to the other side to hook on the bottom of the other side..

You do this two to three times..It will keep the cover in tack..It won't blow off at all..Then to make it extra sturdy..Wrap bungee cord around horizontly around the greenhouse half way down and then connect in the front..Presto!

Tell me if you can make it out..It is very easy..
Plus your greenhouse and mine is not as tall as this one or as big..


Here is a link that might be useful: tying down cover

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Mike, thank you. Yes I can see how the bungee cords work. I am going to order a cover on line soon. I do agree it will be a good way to go. I think I asked this already but the bubbles go toward the inside. Right?
You are also right about the storms. You should see my trees after two days of rain. New growth and blooms coming on Washington Navel ,Persian lime and other trees are showing new growths as well. So neat.
Take care .thank you again for taking the time to explain and find pictures of solar cover installed. Much appreciated. Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello everyone. That picture of citrus fruits I posted last night is not Meyer Lemon; it is Vaniglia sanguigno. I went outside to check after thinking about it. My Meyer is near the greenhouse door and this one is near my house. Maggy and Mike, wouldn't you think some entrepreneur would make solar covers for hobby greenhouses as they are pretty much standard sizes. I know I would buy one. It would be nice if the pool covers came with grommets to attach bungee cords like the shadecloth comes. It seems like a fitted cover could easily be made for the smaller models which could just be slipped over the top and leave an opening for a door which could be tied shut with cords or velcro strapping or even a zipper. My sister put plastic deer fencing over her cover and tied that down. Her greenhouse is attached to her house and is a lot larger than mine. It has many angles to the roof so even putting shadecloth on is difficult, but the pool cover/ deer mesh is working for her. It never blows off and still lets lots of light through. Mike, sorry I didn't answer your question about water. So far I use tap water as I have too many plants to collect rain water easily. I have thought about investing in a RO system but haven't yet. They seem to leave you with a lot of waste water though. We used to have great water but now it is very high in dissolved salts, particularly sodium. The pH is also high at 8.3. It does give me problems in winter, that is why I am always so glad to be able to put them outdoors to get the rain water. I really cut back on fertilizing in the winter because of this. The plants do suffer from the poor water quality, especially the roots from the salt. Brian, do you use tap water? Your trees look so good. Before Sandy I kept a database of all my orchids. Fragrance was one of the items I kept track of. After losing so many plants I was discouraged and haven't kept up the database, although I probably will sometime when I have more time. I try to take a picture still when each plant blooms to have a record of sorts. I used to mark on the label if the plant was fragrant too and what they require regarding light, temperature, rest period and moisture. I clip colored paper clips on the pot so I can easily determine which need to come in earliest as they require higher temperatures, which need higher or lower light, and which need a cooler dryish winter rest. It works well for me as I could never remember all their requirements. They fall into groups do I can keep all the similar ones in groups for easier care. Mike, I will try to remember to post pictures for you of all the fragrant ones as they bloom. Do not throw your orchids away. There probably is a local orchid society that would love to have them as fund raiser material such as for their raffle table or maybe sales table at their meetings. My orchid society is always looking for donation plants. It livens up the meeting to have plants that members can try and learn from at little cost of a raffle ticket or members sales table. We use the proceeds to help pay speakers fees for our programs. I have been waiting all day for rain. It is raining all around us but we only got a few drops. I have many parched plants that really need water. I have watered a few with a watering can as it looks like it will rain any minute as soon as I drag the hoses out. I don't know if I should delay as this has happened a lot this summer and we get no rain at all. I think I will go out now anyway...let my neighbors think I am nuts. They probably do anyway because I have so many plants. Maggy, I would like to see your rugs or at least the one you are working on. Hello Veggie Girl. Please feel free to post here. We are a talkative bunch on this "bugs" post(s) and learn a lot from each other about our new citrus aquisitions and other things we seem to have a lot in common.


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Hi Cory, You sure know your orchids I can only imagine how much joy they bring you. They do require a lot of care but when you enjoy them so much it is not an effort. I had never heard of Vaniglia sanguigno. Citrus but I looked it up. It seems it is a blood orange . How interesting. It sounds like it would taste good . I think you are right,Mike could give his I wanted orchids to an Orchid society. Your orchids would gave loved it here the last two days lots of rain. You should see the new growth on my trees.
I am sure my neighbours think I am crazy too. I am always outside playing with my trees every chance I get. They must wonder what I am doing.
Cory ,this is the rug I am making right now for my friend. It will look a lot better when it us finished. I have to dye more wool for it.
Have a nice evening. Maggy

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Cory..Wow...Thanks for the input..You are right..You have to watch using tap water for sure..I hate it when I get new orchids with beautiful white areial roots just to see them get blemished with tap salt deposits....

So what I do is this...You might want to try it..I collect rain water in a bucket, several actually...I put the bucket at under my roof as it rains it fills it up..All summer I use the water in that bucket..I use a huge pump spray bottle, like the one they use for round up, and fill it and water with that...To hold me over in the winter?
I have 5 30 gallon buckets in the basement and sifon the water out of that bucket for weeks until they are full for winter..They last me the whole winter down there..
So I almost never have to use tap..
If I get lazy, I will use the hose and water, drench them..Then after I will come behind that tap water and rinse with the water sprayer with the rain water..Makes sense? It is easy.

Yes, taking names of the very fragrant ones would make my day..I have almost tried to record many of them but never did..I just stick them all together and treat them all the same..They seem to do ok..I use tree fern for most so I can water almost ever day even in winter without rot.
The tree fern dries out quickly.I have never had success with bark in mines...
Yes, the cooler loving ones to bloom, what a pain in the but! I have to find a nice cool place for them without freezing..

You gave me a wonderful idea...About using my unwanted orchids...I could also offer a few to a few forum friends...Humm..Thank you.

Maggy, my dear Maggy! No rain yet! I have the same thing happen as cory, and I too look like a fool running around my yard talking to my plants and frogs, and fish...
Oh well, I guess we are care takers by nature.lol
You should see me when I am desperate for sunshine in about September when the sun hides behind the trees..I am on my flat roof where everyone can see me sitting in the sun surrounded by my most important sunloving trees..
Maggy, that rug is beautiful..Good work..You must love doing that....I love painting..That is why my house gets new paint every month or so..I can't stand the same color more than a few months in any particular room..
Sheesh, it's a good thing I don't feel like that towards my trees...
Too funny, I too have a Vaniglia sanguigno tree and I love it..I never had the fruit though since I pluck all my fruit off on just about all my trees...I specifically like them just for fragrance....Yup, I know, hard to believe.That is why you will hardly ever see my tree laden with fruit.
But, my inground planted Lemon Meyer is for some reason...I like to squeeze the juices over fresh fish..Yum

Brian, where are ya? Hope you are having a wonderful day as well as all of you...It's dark here already and it's only 7:00...Sheesh..I don't get out of work for another hour then I am off to the gym to work out until 10 tonight...I hope I last that long.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Maggy, thanks for showing me a picture of your rug. It is very pretty. I was surprised to see a picture of a cat since we hear about your dog. Is that him at the top of your picture? I see a bit of fur I think. Is he trying to help you or hiding out from the thunderstorms? I am not surprised by the flowers! It was interesting to see the backing and how you do it. It looks similar to our rugs. It is always hard to hook in the last tight areas that are left when most of the area has been filled in. I think my mother gave a lot of rugs to my sisters, but I don't think they have had time to repair them either. It is nice to see that people are still hooking and creating beautiful things. When we were children we would all bring our rugs or knitting to the beach and spend the day hooking or knitting when we weren't in the water swimming. We also made a lot of things out of the shells, stones, sea glass, sea horses, starfish and driftwood that would wash in. Also flowers out of pine cones and arrangements and pictures out of dried wildflowers and weeds. I'm glad you were able to get some Epi cuttings. They will be blooming size in no time. They should do well in your new greenhouse. Their flowers are spectacular. One of the ones I got from Logees says it does not need the cool period to bloom like the others. Have you been able to track down a clemenules yet? I got mine from Harris Citrus nursery in Florida. I wonder if any of the Canadian nurseries buy plants from them and you could get one that way? They have so many varieties and they only cost $20-$30 plus $13 per plant shipping. Their trees are smaller but very healthy and grow fast. I was able to get a Sumo (Dekopan or Shiranui are other names for the same tree), Xie Shan, Ponkan, Tarrocco Blood Orange, Nules and something else that I can't seem to think of at the moment. They are growing well but are still pretty small, well skinny....they are pretty tall. I had hoped they would leaf out a little more this summer but it has been a cold spring and summer its either very hot or very cool. I would like to grow more types but i really have run out of room. I do have about 38 trees and lots of seed grown seedlings. I wanted a Moro Blood but they were out of them at the time I ordered. However, I planted a few from seeds so if they keep growing I may have a Moro. I like Blood Oranges and they are hard to find at most grocery stores so they are worth growing. I have several varieties of blood oranges. They are loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients too. It still hasn't rained here yet today. I am glad I went out to water briefly. I can always water tomorrow if we don't get any rain tonight.


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1000? Oh I totally misread that. Super impressive!

Very nice pics Cory! I can see you are good at what you do.

Yes, I have a cheap greenhouse now but it is falling apart and I need a new one, or two, or three...wonder how many my yard can hold?

Citrus and figs are among the many things I like to grow. I get crazy looks when I tell people I grow citrus here. Part of the fun, I guess.

Maggyby you dye your own wool? One of my neighbors does as well.

BTW, I love blood oranges!

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Yes Mlke, I have thought about getting water barrels and storing water but I would have trouble finding space to store it all winter. I used to store water on my unheated sun porch to also help moderate the temperature swings. I would like to do the same in my greenhouse but there just isn't enough space. I water with a pump sprayer too when I fertilize inside and sometimes outdoors too. I use your fish emulsion method too. I also use foliage pro and its Dyna Grow equivalent for orchids. Sometimes I use MSU tap water formula, sometimes Peters. It is hard to remember to answer all the question so if I forget ask again. Maggy, I do take divisions of my plants. I did not have much time to repot my plants this spring and summer and many are way overdue. That is when I usually divide them while I am at it. I grow a lot of plants for our orchid society's sales and raffles and gift plants, but I do give pieces to friends too. Unfortunately I doubt I could send plants to Canada because of ag rules, but I could send some to Mlke in Mass. I would think? I do have some nice fragrant ones. The cold rest period is hard to provide without my unheated sunporch. My house has a nice large enclosed porch but it is on the north side of the house and never gets enough sun to warm up during the day. I have frozen many plants countless times trying to grow plants out there even ones that I thought were quite hardy. I keep some plants there when I am bringing plants back inside for the winter for short periods, but it is so easy to be away when a surprise frost hits. If it were on the sunny side of the house it would be so perfect. My basement stays about 60°F, but that is really not cool enough for many and I have to provide bright light. That is expensive like the heat in the greenhouse. I generally rest my tropicals there. I would love to grow lettuce and greens in the winter but I never have enough space for them even with the big sunporches. My garage has a second floor. I have always been tempted to put on a glass roof like Brian in PA did last year. It seems to be working well for him. But I don't think that is in my future at the moment. Too bad we are not located close enough that we could babysit each others trees and plants when needed. A skunk is going through my yard at this moment. Pretty stinky! We also have a fox that visits in winter. Many bunnies and birds and racoons and squirrels. I don't see frogs or toads though. I have tried various lizards in the greenhouse but they usually find their way out through the vents I guess. Fortunately the insect population alone is not great enough to keep them adequately fed.


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Hi All, Well the storm has passed and the sun is shinning . Beautiful day but does feel like fall. That coolness in the air. We had so much rain it is hard to believe the trees didn't drown. I am repotting some of my trees today in 5-1-1 mix. I am too afraid they will not do well in the nursery mix of peat and perlite,although it is a light mix it stays too wet for my liking. I did take the Persian lime out and checked the roots. They seem o.k. But they are totally filling the pot. No rot that is noticeable but I am going to put it in 5-1-1 and a bigger pot where it can stay longer. I hope it will be happy.
Cory,your orchids sound wonderful. I am sure Mike would enjoy the fragrant ones. I haven't potted my epi cuttings yet. I have 5 . In retrospect I should have got two of each as I think they would grow faster. They are in good shape,considering they came from California. I will let them calus a bit and give them a better chance of rooting.
I use rug warp as a backing. Yes that is my dog Teddy helping me. I have another dog as well. The rug is a gift for a friend who has a black cat
Mike You make new laugh,sitting on your roof with your favourite trees. It sounds like something I would do. You seem to get colder weather than we do. I didn't realize that you do not let your trees fruit. The citrus certainly are beautiful trees and the fragrance is amazing. I can see where that is attractive to you.
Brian,Were you hiding out in your basement with your dog yesterday? I see you had a stormI. Is it finished now? I imagine you are excited about your vacation and your trip to Montreal. Lucky you. Think of all the trees you might see. I have my new myer lemon soaking now to get all the soil out of the roots and am going to repot shortly. I hope it will do better in the 5-1-1 . It does need some attention. after all the rain I see a lot of new growth on some of my plants. The Kishu isn't budging but I expect one of these days it will get a growth sprout. Are you going to try the solar cover this winter or stay with the bubble wrap? We have decided to try the solar cover. I will likely order it on line. Hope you are having a good day
Veggi-girl. Good to see you here. Yes,Cory's got a lot of orchids. They are amazing. I dye some wool,not everything although I have a rug that I want to dye all the wool for but it will be a big project .maybe in the winter. I love dyeing wool and it is easy. It felt a little intimidated at first but once you get the hang of it I find it fun.
Take care all,enjoy seeing you here and reading your comments. Maggy

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Newly repotted trees in 5-1-1- . I decided to repot the Persian lime. The roots were fine but lots of nursery mix caked in the roots. I can see they would eventually not breath well . I think it will be happy in its new environment .I am now covered in mud,wet from the water and had bugs in my hair but oh! I love my trees and pampering them . I am in heaven.

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The rescued tango from HD.

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The lonely improved Meyer Lemon from HD

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hmm....the tree pictures are not showing on my phone. Sometimes that happens. The rain finally came, and it came a lot! The sun is trying to come out now but I think there is more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. There still are dark clouds with a few blue patches peaking through. It must have been the same storm you Canadians had a few days ago. It got cooler also. My trees seemed to like it. It gave their soil a good flushing. My owari's leaves were a little dull and they look a lot shinier now. I just gave all my trees some of the minors. I thought maybe they need a boost after seeing Brian's trees. My yard is pretty shady by this time of the year again. They only get about a half day of full sun even though they are not under the tall trees. It its very bright light though.


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Hello everyone . Glad everbody made it through the monsoon unscathed . Wow that was a lot of rain . Yesterday was a bad arthritis day and worse it was self inflicted forgot to take my med's 2 nights in a row and when I remembered was to lazy to walk down the stairs to go get them. I went and laid down after supper and fell a sleep and didn't wake up to 4.30 this morning . Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday lots to read and the pictures wow . If I were you Mike I would take up Cory's generous offer his orchids are amazing , go for the scented ones . Darn why does there have to be a boarder separating us . Mike were do you find the energy to work out after work ? The only energy I have after walking the pup and watering the plants is lifting a fork to my mouth at the dinner table that's it lol . Well Mike we had 3 inches of rain yesterday and today with more on the way , wow the plants look clean . Tomorrow's temperature 55 and Friday 58 what's up with that . Please don't be mad at Canada if you guys get that , it's just mother nature . Maggy and Cory beautiful pictures I Love to see everbody's successes . Maggy your trees are beautiful and your repotting jobs are amazing so perfect . Your mix looks really good . You should sell that stuff as a side job , you could probably make good money doing that . I wish i could do the pool solar cover but I can't get behind the GH it's to close to the fence my body maybe the belly definitely not . Cory I water with city water and I have a rain barrel . How long does it take to water all your gems and how often in the winter. I just can't believe you have that many what an amazing job you're doing. Maggy my mother in law was also an RN most beautiful lady I have ever met . I think about her all the time she's always in my heart . She lived in Montreal and took her nursing school in Montreal then moved to Ottawa . It's a small world Maggy .

Everybody enjoy the night .

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Hi There, Cory, it seems you got the rain . It was very bad here. Lots of houses had flooding. I don't know if you saw the Detroit news but they had flooding on major highways and hundreds of cars were stranded. They had a "State of Emergency" .very scary. It happened so fast. Now it is all fall like and cool. When you say you gave your trees some of the minors ,not sure what you mean?
Brian, sorry to hear you were not feeling well. Arthritis can be so debilitating at times. My husband had two hip replacements in 2009 and 2010. It changed his life . He now has no pain or mobility issues. I was scheduled for a knee replacement July 3 rd. The short story is we went to Portugal in May,I got a virus and spent 8 days unable to eat or drink or go out. I lost 22 lbs in 8 days and the surgeon delayed my surgery until I had tests Well with the weight loss I no longer have knee pain and am not having the surgery now. Don't even take meds. I can play with my trees , move them around and I was having injections in my knee for over 3 years. It is amazing .I do hope you feel better..
Thank you for the kind comments about my trees and mix. It is easy to make and a bit pricey as I use repti Bark which is $25 a bag. .I was surprised to see how the nursery mix was caked into the roots. It took a lot of spraying and soaking to get them bare rooted. I likely will have all my trees in it before winter. The Satsuma however is in a huge pot with well draining mix so might leave it until spring.
Yes it would be nice if Mike got some of Cory's fragrant orchids. They sound wonderful.
I had never though of watering with rain water. Sure would have had a lot the past two days . I use city water as well.
Sounds like you were very fond of your mother- in law .Has she passed away? That is sad. But it is so nice you keep her in your heart. I just adored my father in law and we lost him in 2009 .I think of him so often and I always smile.
It is a shame you can't put on the solar cover. I have a lot to do to get ready for winter but once I get a heater, fan ,cover ,electrical outdoor cord, Water hose and electrical plug I will be all set.LOL! The second year should be easy.
Take care and hope you are well for your trip to Montreal. Have a great evening all. Maggy.

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Hi Maggy my mother in-law was a very special person I was very attached to her . She was the happiest go lucky person I have ever met . She passed away 10 years ago , I truly miss her but she is always in my heart . She used to always tell me don't worry Brian one day you will on a GH with lots of plants little did I know . I think that's why my plants look as good as they do I have a special lady helping me .Maggy I called the HD were I saw the clemenules this spring they still had some citrus and they had a couple with orange tage's I think the clemenules tag was red . The tag on my clemenules is red . I am on holidays next week I will go and check it out anyways . Maggy the temperature is dropping like crazy and it is very windy with fall like showers , lovely . Maggy I was joking about my belly but I could be more fit as they say I could be more toned lol . No six pack just a 12 pack . Your lemon looks great wait till you smell the flowers they seem to always flower . Have a great night.


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Hi Brian,
Just took the dogs for a little drive in the car. I had them out for a walk this morning and they were outside with me when I was repotting my trees. They are so spoiled.
I am sorry you lost your Mother-in- Law so long ago but there are special people that come into our lives and they will always stay in our heart. She sounded like a very extraordinary person.
Thank you for checking on the tree . That is so kind of you. I think I will be happy with my collection once I get a Clemenules . It is funny that once we decide we want a tree that is no stopping until we find it. I really will not gave much more room.
We could all be more fit Brian but as we get older it seems more difficult. I love food too much.
My larger Meyer lemon is blooming right now. It does smell wonderful.
It is cool out tonight. I think it may go to the 40's .have never seen that in this area at this time of year.
Have a great night .Maggy

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Hi Maggy what a Super gross day here . It's windy cold with off an on wetness. My poor kishu this morning the wind was so cold I hope it didn't wind burn the new growth . They are now saying September is going to be way above normal in the temperature department let's hope. My pup loves the car to , he always has his head out the window except when we are on the freeway . Going to look for that special tape that holds in freezing and moist conditions . The GH should not be that hard to get ready this year . I just have to tape some bubble wrap to the ceiling and install a new floor . The bubble wrap stayed put on the walls . Maggy I look outside now and it almost looks like it is going to snow it's to warm but the clouds look like snow clouds .h
Have you figured out what tree will go here and there yet in the GH , that's always fun . I day left to holidays ya Hooo . Costco should have their heaters out very soon I will keep looking . Have a great night Maggy and the guys to .

P's Maggy I never will become Super trim and fit I Love prime rib to much.

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Hi Brian, Sorry to hear that your weather is gross. It is cold here. Especially this morning. But the trees seem to like it. Lots of new growth. It would be wonderful if Sept is warmer than usual.
I just got home. Took my friend who might to see as specialist Dr. So that took hours.So now relaxing with a glass of Baco Noir. That we bought in St. Catharine's . The grapes are from my husband's son in law's vineyard. it is so delicious.
Had the pups for a long walk this morning. They do not like it when it is too hot but today was perfect. One of them loves to put his head out the window and let the wind blow in his face.
I will keep a look out at Costco also for a heater also. The thing with Costco is they sometimes have an item only once.
It's funny you should ask which tree I will put where in the greenhouse.. I was trying to figure that out this morning. Definitely my Persian lime,Meyer Lemon and Satsuma will go in the middle where the ceiling is highest as they are the tallest. I won't have to cut them this year .Do you run a fan all winter?
Brian, I will never be skinny again. I love cooking and eating too much.
We are having friends visit this week- end from Toronto so there will be lots of food . I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Only one sleep left. Thank you for all your help and for being such a good friend.
Have a great night and same to Cory,Mike,Maggy
Ps couldn't resist this picture

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Maggy awesome picture what a cute picture of you two . I wonder why dogs love hanging out the window . I wonder if it feels to them like their flying. Glad you had a relaxing evening with a nice bottle of wine . We did to we watched the movie the bird cage what a funny movie . We lost a great actor so sad . Maggy I could have used one of your rugs tonight for my Kishu , darn it is so cold . My in-laws are coming in from Montreal tomorrow to show their new car , oh no I wanted to go there , life can be funny sometimes . Your rug is beautiful . Have a nice day in the garden tomorrow Maggy .


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maggy..Don't you worry..Your face is much cuter than your pooches, although your pooch is cute too!
Looks like you were having a great time that day..lol
You need a convertible..Then your hair could evenly blow every where...ha

My goodness you guys have been busy here! I can't leave for one or two days without missing what you guys share..lol
I have some catching up to do..

Cory, don't get me started..lol I have always wanted to replace the flat roof of my porch with glass...Oh, that would be a dream!
I hear you about the water..I have 4 30 gallons buckets in my basement and just syphon the rain water out of teh barrel when it rains...It's a lot easier for me to water that way I tell ya!
I hope you are doing ok these days/

Brian, I hear you been partying these days..lol
I hope your getting your greenhouse ready early...The winter is coming and the days are shorter..Prepare yourself for some very unusual cold weather!
I just cleaned my greenhouse out and fixed everything up..I think i will head outside and grab some sun and then take some pics for everyone..

Cory, Brian, Maggy our dear friend and Veggie, have a superb day!!


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Hi There, can't believe where the morning went. Just got back from a long walk with the dogs and it is already lunch time. I laughed because the picture with the dogs is not me. I am not that cute.It is my dog sitter's husband. LOL!
Mike before I forget I have a couple of questions . How is your Mom doing? You haven't mentioned her lately and I hope she is feeling better. Also I can't seem to find the size solar cover I should order for the 6x8 greenhouse. Was it 12x 24. ? I know you told new once but I can't find it. I am going to order one soon. I will be glad when the electrician installs an outdoor plug .I want to be prepared for winter. Today is gorgeous .Is today your day off.? Enjoy.
Brian you will be on vacation in a few hrs. Bet you can hardly wait.
Yes the wine was so good. If you like red you should try Henry of Pelham Baco Noir. It is very nice and I think LCBO has it. We bought ours at the winery.
Too bad you are not going to Montreal I know you were looking forward to it.. Yes funny how life is sometimes. Not always as planned . I hope you have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it.
I am not in the garden today We recently had our house painted and the painter's are here repairing some of the areas that were not satisfactory. Maybe we should get Mike to paint it....I really need to feed my trees today but now it is to sunny. Have fun my friend.
Cory Hope all is well with you. I know you have lots to keep you busy .I bet you are enjoying those beautiful orchids. I can imagine wonderful they must look . Your pictures were so beautiful. Every time I look at them I think how much joy they must bring you.
Veggi-girl are you still around?
Have a wonderful week- end .Maggy

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Well my friends...I finally got to take a few pics for you..

I took some Orchids, Citrus tree, and some of the greenhouse..Everything I grow is grown in the most sun I can get and along side of the barn house and greenhouse...

Oh yes, and for Patty and Maggy if they see this...Blue, very blue Petunia's!

See in in-ground Lemon Meyer..?

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Oh my goodness Mike I cant believe what I am seeing that is incredibly beautiful . Your trees , flowers and the pond . So that's where you frogs do their thing . Do you blame them what a romantic setting you've given them. Mike I am not sure but I think I've had those petunias before , don't they smell wonderful. Petunias are my favorite flowers . We have lots around the yard . Your right Mike I am going to have to make a move on preparing the GH . First cleaning out all the tomatoes and green peppers then i am putting in a new floor and then bubble wrap the ceiling . I am kind of looking forward to having the trees back in there alot less watering giving me more time to relax and watch movies . I don't know how you and Cory take care of so many plants you guys are amazing and all your plants look fantastic . Your camera takes great pictures so clear. I am looking on my phone right now looking forward to seeing them on my I Pad . Guests coming in this afternoon from Montreal it will be a big rush when I get home to clean up a little bit . Mike my friend have a great weekend .

Maggy I am going to look for that wine on my holidays . Does it go good with prime rib ? Maggy I will find a way to go to Montreal , I need to get away for a day or two .My in-laws left at 2.15 from Montreal watch them be at my place before I get home . I love painting very relaxing . I'm just not fussy about all the small trimming . Maggy wishing you a great weekend . Does it ever feel good to be on holidays but I know it will go fast .

Cory veggi-girl have a fantastic weekend .


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Mike Amazing pictures. Wow! Those blue petunias are so vivid on my iPad
What an exciting glimpse inside and outside your greenhouse. Like taking a journey through the botanical gardens. Thank you for sharing. I am in awe. Both you and Cory have have such a large collection of plants and trees.. Love your pond. Hope you are enjoying your day and getting lots of sunshine.
I was reading your post about cuttings. Very interesting. Mine all died so will need to try again.
Brian, . Yippee ! You are on vacation. I hope you enjoy every minute. The wine goes very well with prime rib. Too bad our week- end company dose not eat beef. Not sure what I will cook.
Good news,the floor is being installed in our basement Monday morning. Maybe we will have our family room back soon.
Enjoy your in- laws and hope you get a chance to go to Montreal. Have a great ,great vacation and take good care of yourself.
Have a lovely week- end . Same to Mike,Cory,Veggie Girl Maggy

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Maggy..My goodness...How in the world did I miss your questions?
I must of been totally exhausted when I posted the pics above..That wasn't you? LOL Too funny..
Mom is doing ok and in fact still loosing weight..I guess dropping all the fat in a diet makes you loose fat.
She's been getting more energy too, thank goodness..
Let me see ..I think I linked you to a seller and the page you need to order that cover from...Let me go back and check for you)

Here you go...Click on the link below...They sell to Canada and I hooked you up with the right size..
Yes, the bubble go on the inside against the greenhouse..

Thanks for the comments...I was too tired to take more..I have bigger trees that are recovery with the long winter and lack of fertilizer while others still need to be repotted..
I like that side of the yard..It's a little spot I created for my Mom to escape to along the little barn while the rest of the yard is just grass and easy to keep up with..
I also built another small pond on the other side..lol
I hope you enjoy this day.
The weather man said if we are looking for heat and humidity for the next several days, go to Florida...Just wonderful!
I've been telling everyone that we are going to get a very very early fall and a cold one including cold summer at that..It never made it out of the 60's yesterday...In the 40's in surrounding communities around here where that is unheard of in August..I'd hate to think what next month brings..

Maggy my Mom sais this about that pic you posted with the pooch..
"what a good looking animal that is, and the dog is not bad either"

Brian, vacation again? Can I join you? I can only imagine what you do while on vacation..lol
Brian, not good on the Hoiliday's if you can't sleep all day...Ha...Wine? I just had one half of a cup last night and I was already tipsy..My friends were dying laughing seeing that it was all I could take..

Hi Cory...Hoping you are doing well these days)))

Cory..When do you bring your warm loving orchids in? At what point do you say it's too cold at night for them and start using the heater?
I'm hoping they will be ok while in the 50's at night..It;s WAY to early to put them back into the greenhouse or use the heater...This is horrible..It should be in the 60's at night, not low 50's..


Here is a link that might be useful: Solar pool cover on Canada 12x24

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Hi Mike,thank you for answering my questions. I am so happy to hear your Mom is doing so much better. That is good news. She has quite a sense of humour. I am still laughing about her " pooch " comment. Too funny .Haaaaaaaa. Mike my husband thinks a 12x 24 solar cover won't be big enough to cover an 6x8 greenhouse but I disagree .so I am double checking . Back on Dec 20 ,2011 you posted in the cacti and succulents form that you bought a 16x 36 cover. But I am assuming that was too big. In the thread you posted pictures of your wrapped greenhouse on photo bucket but unfortunately they have been removed. I can't open photo bucket pictures on my iPad anyway .I am going to order my solar cover as soon as I am sure of the size. I apologize for asking you again.
I loved you recent pictures . The frogs are hilarious. I have a small pond but had to put a wall around it as my puppy fell through the ice last winter and near drowned. I see an occasional little frog but yours are gigantic. They are indeed entertaining. .
I was just outside and it is humid . We are expecting more rain tonight. I just watered the trees and feed them today. These cooler temperatures are so weird for this time of year. None of my tomato's are ripening .just too cold.
Hope you are o.k. Cory. And Brian hope you are enjoying your vacation.
Have a great week- end Maggy

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

How are you Canadians and Maine-ians doing on warm weather to go. When I hiked the Appalachian trail I remember some real cold in August. In Cincinnati I can count on good weather up to mid September with acceptable weather to mid November. My fig trees have fully recouped from the freeze-to the-ground winter.

My citrus trees have done well despite a cold summer filled with record lows


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello everyone,
Mike, I enjoyed all the pictures of your plants, greenhouse, trees, pond, critters and orchids. Everything looks so beautiful! Your neofinetia is nice and full. My blue ones are usually blooming now, but not this year. The temperature drop should give them a nudge. At first I had a small pond with fish in my greenhouse, but after a few years I took it out as I needed space for my plants. I used to have a table and chair to sit at, but that had to go too. I need to get in there and finish cleaning the "glass". Can't seem to get back to it. I have all the hardest spots to do yet. I also have two new tiered wooden benches to put together. Before I know it the warm-growers will need to go back in so I better get busy finishing my cleaning job. I also keep thinking about where I am going to put each tree in there so they will have enough light and where I will fit all the orchids back in. Mike, how do you get all the water into the tanks in the basement? Do you run a hose from the water barrel collector through a basement window into the large tanks? Then, how do you get it out to all the plants...fill up the pump spray tank? That is a lot of work. Brian, watering all my plants does take hours and hours during the winter but I only have to do it every couple of weeks in the darkest, coldest month. Summer is easy....when it doesn't rain I just hose them all down. Sometimes I feed with a hose end bottle attachment and sometimes with a pump sprayer. I don't fertilize at all in winter and use the pump sprayer in autumn and spring. Maggy, when I said I put on minors, I meant micro nutrients. I ordered Osmocote Plus on-line in the spring and the company sent 25 lbs of plain Osmocote. I used it any way thinking I would be using Foliage Pro also so they would get the micro nutrients. However, I don't have time to always use the Foliage Pro and the trees were showing some deficiencies now so I added some Micros. Btw, your repotted trees look great. And, the pooch is so cute! Mike, I sent you an email to the email address next to your name but maybe that is not a true email address? I was wondering where I should mail some orchid divisions when I get time to divide or take pieces of parts hanging out of the pots. You ask when I bring my warm growers in. I find that my warm growing dendrobiums will drop their leaves when temperatures drop below 65°F. So far they look ok even though the night temperatures have gotten below that. So far the phals look ok. They should benefit from the temperature drop and set the budding mechanism. The angraecums also look fine. They are under an eave and are protected from the rain. However, I better get the greenhouse cleaning finished if your predictions for an early fall prove correct! I did get some black rot on some of the baby cattleyas unfortunately caused by the rain during cool nights. Also several of my warmer-growing vandas lower leaves yellowed and fell off. I hope their latent flower buds were not affected. It just seems too early to bring them inside already. I didn't get as much growth on my citrus trees this summer as last year. I think I may have shocked them trying to put them outside this spring and the temperatures kept dropping into the low 30s. I had to keep bringing them back inside several times and it was hard work with so many trees. I tried covering them with clear plastic, but it would not hold the heat and the trees suffered greatly and haven't recovered so well this summer, especially the variegated lemon. Also, they are in black pots and I noticed their soil was quite warm and steamy on those very hot days we had. On the other hand, the cool growers like masdavallias have survived the summer quite well this year and have even bloomed! Often they don't make it through the summer and I have almost given up growing them because I have a hard time keeping them happy during the summer. I even have an odontoglossum starting to bloom now! I'm falling asleep as I write. Goodnight. See you all tomorrow.


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Yes it is bigger!! I was reminded of that from my friend last night!! I am so sorry....Before I run off, I wanted to tell you that...No it wasn't too big..It's just right...
You need the extra length and width to fit all sides right to the ground...Your husband is very smart....I am shocked that you even found that thread..I've been looking for it since we started talking..
Yes, it will be perfect, you will see..

The only cut you will have to make is the vent hole once its on top, three slices and maybe the front door part depending on how you wrap the front up...

That company does sell the to Canada and they are not that bad in price..Look at it as an investment..

Ok, now I have to run..

Cory, I see you wrote back and Maggy, I will be back to read what else you said..

Have a great day

Maggy here is the receipt for my oder..This was the size..I finally found it...


Order Confirmation
michael rivera,
Thank you for ordering through www.SolarCovers.com. We appreciate your business. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department at 1.800.828.7838.
Your Order and Billing Information
If you used a credit card to make your purchase, the charge for your www.SolarCovers.com order will appear on your credit card statement as R & P Pools Inc.
Order Number: SC11333296
Order Date: Sat Nov 26 14:08:44 2011
Shipping Address
43 corbett street
lowell, MA 01852
Product # Product Name Quantity Price
469003 Crystal Clear Solar Cover 16 ft. x 24 ft. Rectangular 12 Mil 1 84.99
Sub Total: 84.99
Shipping: 0.00
Tax: 0.00
Grand Total: 84.99


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Good morning Maggy hope your weekend went well . Did you figure out what to cook for your weekenders ? I just hope they weren't fish eaters I am not fussy about fish . Where's the roast beef ? Maggy our weekendears just left . It was so hard not to say see you Wednesday evening , we want to surprise them . Very excited to go to Montreal I need a change . Maggy it is still cloudy and cool , I have never seen a week like this in August. We have not seen the sun for 6 days now not even a peek . I wonder how it will affect my trees . We are going to the drive-in tomorrow night another good movie playing there . So I am sure soon you will be preparing your GH to bring in all your tree's . It's funny one minute they are saying a beautiful warm September and the next minute they are saying very cool , they just can't make up their minds . I am going to say it's going to be cool this weather pattern is just not breaking . I am looking forward to see your GH with the pool cover over it , is it clear plastic ? Well it's Sunday and I don't know what to do with myself definitely not a gardening day , I guess the household chores Yuk . I hope we're you are it's a gardening day . Have a great afternoon Maggy .

Mike to funny that's what everyone said at work on Friday , your on holidays again . I heard that all day Friday . Personally I think the whole summer should be a holiday for us northerners we put up with a lot in the winter . Mike I would love to make a pond like yours , it's so beautiful . Did you make it and if so was it hard to make . If I did make a water pond here I don't think I would be able to have frogs , I can't count how many times I have encountered a grass snake in my backyard . I have had them even slither over my barefoot when watering the garden . I see your weather and Cory's is not doing much better than mine , ain't this lovely . Have a nice afternoon buddy .

Cory that's how we water the plants inside the house , every Thursday . Cory we have an orchid that has not flowered for 4 years . It's in our very bright bathroom hold on a sec that's probably why lol. The plant looks healthy and it keeps growing these long green branches with nothing on them . Is this were the flowers come from . Do you need a special fertilizer for orchids ? It's a beautiful green plant but nothing more than that , nothing happens with it . Big job right Cory preparing the GH . We like you used to sit in the GH in the winter we used to love doing that , now I am lucky if I can get one leg in there lol. Let this be a warning for you Maggy if you want to be able to sit in there in the winter , you better stop buying trees or you will end up just like the rest of us , no room . Cory have a nice afternoon my friend cleaning your GH .


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Good morning , Mike. Thank you so very much for the information re the cover. I really appreciate that. The Canadian site does not have a 16x24 so I will get the 16x32 . I am going to order it this week. I think I found the thread by mistake when I was looking for some information.
Steve,we are freezing here in Canada. Not our usually summer.
Cory,good to see you here again.
Brian, I knew you would find a way to go to Montreal. Our company will be arriving in about two hrs. I am serving pesto chicken,pasta with fresh roasted cherry tomato sauce ,corn on the cob ,and salad . Oh! And homemade rhubarb pie . All fresh ingredients from my garden.
I will write more later. Have a great day everyone. Maggy

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Them frogs ARE huge and all they do is compete with song when they want and hug each other, at least that's what my mother calls it..lol
I think I am missing one though and not to happy about it..something came along my yard last night and dugs a few holes around the pond and I gots the feeling that what ever it is found on hiding under the rocks..I pray that it will be there before I go to bed at night...Dam nature..

By the way, I have one more spot for a Lily near my fern area...Lowes it is today.

How about this weather?? I like to think to myself that I am just happy to be alive today and will take anything that mother nature has to dish out, bt I am not too happy about it..I threw away all my tropical sun loving plants that require at least 10 days of the 90's..I am tired of waitng year after year...It seems as if our summers are slowly getting shorter and shorter...Last year I thought we were jipped, but this year is horrendous..
I have not been able to grow tomatoes for nthe past couple of years amd my figs, forget that..I have to give up all the fruit before they ripen because of frost earlier and earlier..
All that hard work for nothing...
Next, I will be tossing out the citrus, and then if I have to heat weeks earlier than usual, the I will give up my greenhouse..It's a joke..Really, a joke..lol

Yup, my Mom is sure funny..She always lightens up any waiting room, like lets' say for a Doctors office and has everyone laughing..
In fact, the Doctor of whom she never knew until the Emergency Room took her as a patient and did the surgery because he fell in love with her witts and character as soon as she opened her mouth..He said a human being like her makes his job worth doing more that usual..
Shhe even had a nurse in tears because my she saw the pain on that nurses face that no one else could get..Her husband cheated on her over a year agon with the neighbor and has been in pain since...Goodness..

I hope you get that pool cover..My goodness..Maybe you could cut the length and fit it just right? It wouldn't be that hard..If you have a yeard or drivewey to open it completely up, you could cut to the size needed..I'm telling you..
If you were go without a cover, if it was 32 outside, it would be about 42 with a small space heater, maybe 52 for me depending how fast it got cold.
But with the cover, same exact temps outside, it averages a good 10 to 20 degrees above what it would be without it on any given day.
My space heaters work less often and teh temps only drop very slowly as the night wears on, even in the dead of winter..
My electricity bill dropped by 50 % ...
I hope you like it...
Wait until the middle of winter when the warmest place on your property will be your greenhouse with humidity....
It feels so good...

Humidity you ask? Yes...If you have tons of plants in there, they create their own micro climate and it does get humid..
If you want a trick to produce even more humidity, let me know..I have a couple things that I do that keeps it very humid in there, even on the driest of days..

Mycitrus trees are growing preety good this summer, but are slwing down becaus eof these coold nights already..
I am getting huge flushes on a few, and gave some away..
My Kishu is still barely growing taller at all..I don't get this tree..

Hope you had a wonderful time with your company..Boy, does what you are making sound real good..Maggy, nothing like fresh picked!


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Welcome back ! Now, it's time for you to stick around for a couple of days..lol
Who in the world do you get to care for your trees while you are gone? Who do you trust?
That is the reason I hardly go away, if anything but over night...The one time I did that, I lost two little trees...
I need to do something..I heard sticking your plants in a kiddy pool fill with water works like a charm,..I never thought of that..I am going to give that a shot..

I think going on vacation during summer is so much easier for one to care for our plants..All they have to do is use the hose...They could water everyday if they are planted in porous mixes...Hummm.
Yes, I built that myself, and another one I have not shown you...It was fun..It took some digging, but once the hole is made, quite easy from there.
For that one I used a molded container and for the other I just used a plastic pond liner...
The rocks are easy to find if you live near the mountains or woods..
All you need is a pump and filter..No filter if all you are doing is making a water garden..
I keep mine from feezing which is a must if you want Koi..The pond can never freeze solid if you have them.
I love the sound of trickling water. The birds, frogs and alligators come for a visit..The frogs stay..lol They do their thing..

I suppose if I had grass snakes, then they would have to become Nija's to survive..

Welcome back and don't forget to clean your greenhouse out..Winter is coming and the night is well along..
i wouldn't be surprised to get a frost a month early this year and that's not good for any of us who like to weather our plants outside..we will be doing the bring your plants in and out dance very early this year.
I also will have to cover the porch windows with thick painters see through plastic so I can keep that heated too..
That is the first place everything will go into to if we drop too cold.It's much more convenient..


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That's some pretty sound advice with your orchids...It's amazing to see how much you know them and even the names...Most of mine have lost tags..I wouldn't know what the heck they are. It sounds like you know your species just by looking.

As for the cold verses warm orchids? I ahve a feeling which ones can handle the cold, but not sure..
I just treat them all the same and water all at once..Which ever ones don't fit in with my care, it's goodbye..I like to keep it easy...So far so good..They all seem to thrive in the same conditions..
I was wonder why one of my Vandas lost it's lower leaves, now I know...I did stick mine outside extra early this year..
Boy, don't they smell just awesome?
I do use a hose and syphon out like you would a fish tank...
I just fill up teh biger spray pumps and carry to the greenhouse..It's not bad at all..
I don't always do that because I do use the hose too...

I think alternating between tap and fresh water has made a difference..
Now I have three
odontoglossum and not a one has ever flowered for me...They did once when I bought them in flower, but not once for me..They did have them in a very cool greenhouse and that will be yet another challange for me..Sheesh..They probablly need a cool environment to flower. I do LOVE this species because of its fragrance.
I can't believe that yours are starting to flower..Lucky you.

I think just about all my orchids are back inside now, becaus eit gets a hell of a lot hotter in there when the suns out..I think all orchids like it warmer than it's been aroundb here and more humid..So back they went in..They seem to thrive in heat and humidity something lacking this month and probably until next year at this rate..
We don't get heatwaves in September and by the fall is here already..We lost out on summer this year..We only have two weeks for possible heat and they are both not going to happen..

So I am ahead of myself on bringing in my plants and cleaning the greenhouse..It takes making time and boy can that be impossible..Thank God I did it already.

Have a wondeful day and stay warm..

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Steve, I hear you on the weather...Mine are all slowing down already..

You know, I am glad I suppose I don't live where it's been above 100 for days on end..I guess it could be worst.
And as for figs, I am about to toss mine if I can't get any to ripen by fall.


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Hi Maggy update . There is this big yellow ball in the sky that makes everything bright could it do you think na can't be the sun could it be ? Finally after 6 days of doom and gloom it makes an appearance . WOW. Here is a picture of my rose of Sharon just starting to bloom , you might be able to see the bee totally covered in pollen . The flowers are blue but hard to tell because it is so bright outside . Maggy you gave me an idea . I have lots of rhubarb in the back homemade pie sounds so good I think I will just have to make one . Beef tonight , going to cook up some nice rib steaks with home made french fries , yum. Enjoy your supper sounds delicious .


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Do you know what kind of orchid it is? Post a picture and I probably can tell. Each species is different in their requirements of light and temperature and moisture. If it is growing well and getting enough light it may be that it is not getting a temperature drop of about 15-20°F between day and night temperatures. Most orchids need that to initiate buds. Some also need a certain amount of hours of light and darkness to initiate bloom. It sort of sounds like it may be a phalaenopsis. They generally like lower light, so it may be the difference in day and night temperature it needs to initiate the flower buds if your bathroom keeps a pretty constant temperature.


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Mikey what's up . Your backyard is beautiful very impressive . Your pond I really love . We are thinking of getting rid of the pool next year . Now a pond would look great there or a greenhouse . Watching the news tonight and they were showing a bio dome type of greenhouse very sharp looking , would look great where the pool is . Your Frogs would be toast here , lots of garden snakes . The frogs would need to take some kind of self defense course . Mike it is so hard to find someone to take care of the garden when we're gone on a trip that's why we only take 1 night away trips . Instead of watering the plants they end up in our hot tube and not watering the plants . So we have the exact same problem as you . Doesn't bother me there no place like my home and I have ever thing I Love right here . Your right Mike I think we are in for an early frost . We are going to work on a new floor for the GH this week . I want the trees in by mid September . Keeping fingers crossed that we don't get a frost before then . Mike it has been a weird summer but my trees have seemed to like it . The trees are on their second major flush . Mike do you have a blood orange ? I have two blood oranges one I bought last year tons of new growth but no flowers . The other is like 10 yrs old and has never flowered , I don't understand stand all my trees flowers except these two . Mike do you find it hard to get motivated to get the GH ready for winter , it's such a pain in the keister .This is the only part of my hobby I hate once it's done then it's not to bad . How I dread this . Mike it looks like you have as much room in the GH as I Do . I think it's time for us to upgrade to a larger one next year . Mike my friend have a terrific week .

Cory I am not sure about the name we bought it at Costco about 4 yrs ago . The flowers were a beautiful purple . It has never flowered since . It seems like it trying to do something but that's it nothing ever comes of it . I didn't know they needed that swing in temperature , darn I should have put it outside this spring . Thanks Cory I hope you can tell by the picture any help would be appreciated . So Cory are you like me and hate prepping the GH for the fall . Once the plants are in I feel better it's just the thought of bringing them in there that bothers me . Cory buddy have a great week.

Maggy have a nice night , I hope you enjoyed the time with your guests.


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Good morning all.
It is amazing the communication that goes on here in a day. Lots of good discussions.
Mike I am going to order the solar cover . First my husband is going to check with a client of his who has a pool company here in Windsor. I can see that getting the greenhouse ready will be a lot od work. Since this will be my first winter having the greenhouse it shouldn't be too bad .thank you so much for all the effort in finding the information for me. I am hoping this winter will be milder than last year. But if spring and summer are an indication of things to come I am not hopeful..I can understand your frustration with trying to grow your trees in Boston. I can hardly believe it is Aug ,it is so cold. So good to hear about your Mom's sense of humour..she sounds very intuitive as well. I can see that you possess some of her traits .
Cory. You sure know a lot about orchids.So interesting to read your discussion. They are certainly beautiful and one of my favourite plants .maybe some day I will try go grow some. But for now I have my citrus and spice trees to keep me busy.
Brian, how is the vacation going? . I am glad to hear you are still going to Montreal. I bet you are playing with your trees today.
We had a great visit with our guests from Toronto. Actually they are my husbands friends from his University days at Carleton University in Ottawa and they have kept their friendship all these years. Such a nice couple.
I am a bit sluggish today as we didn't go to bed until midnight. My poor husband had to work this morning. Our dinner turned out so good. The pesto chicken was delicious and the roasted cherry tomato sauce had a very rich
flavour. Of course tomato and basil complement each other well.
I am happy to hear you are still going to Montreal. It is nice to travel a little but I am like you,I have everything I love at home.
We are going to Portugal for three weeks in May . I don't know who will look after my trees and even if I find someone will they know how to care for them? At least they might be out of the greenhouse by then. I suppose if they get watered they will survive.
What a beautiful Rose of Sharon. I have two big trees in my front yard. Mine are pink. I see the humming birds visiting the flowers often. They are pretty when blooming.
We ( myself and pups) are sitting outside in the sun. It is a beautiful day but still below temperatures for this time of year. Our floor is being installed in the basement. Yeah! But it is going to take a few days apparently. At least there is progress.
So you are really going to take out your pool next year. A pond might be nice
Here is our little pond. You can't really see the water running in the picture . I love to sit outside and listen to it. The birds are often coming for a drink. We do not have big frogs but I do see the occasional small one. Sometimes hiding in my flower pot. ( Mike hope your missing frog turned up and didn't meet a bad fate) .
The trees I repotted seem to be doing well. No leaf drop. I really think bare rooting them and the mix prevent that.
Yes the solar cover will be clear. I will send pictures when I get it installed.
Have a fantastic day everyone. Brian enjoy your time off. Maggy

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Good morning Maggy . A nice day here to I think . Yesterday afternoon I thought was going to be nice to then all of a sudden out of nowhere big black clouds rolled in and it poured . Really glad you had great time with your friends . Don't you find Maggy it gets harder to party as we get older , it takes a full day to recuperate or more . You guessed right I was in the garden watering believe it or not . The canopy's on the trees are so large that rain doesn't reach the soil in the pot . I think that is were people make a big mistake they think because it's rained for a few days their trees are watered . Maggy we are tossing around the idea of taking the pool out next year . We don't use it like when we were younger and we have only been in it once this year , a lot of work and electricity and chemicals and time for nothing . Your pond looks fantastic maybe Mike can export some of his frogs to you . It is nice to here the water , do you have fish in there ? Going to the drive-in tonight maybe we will stay for both features , it's going to be a nice night for it . Your supper sounded delicious my mouth was watering , I am going to have to learn how to cook fancy . Maggy I am going to have to start ripping out the tomato plants and pepper plants out of the GH we have to install our new floor . You should see the tomatoes . We are going to freeze them then make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce in the fall . Here is a picture of my Kishu today I am amazed it grew at all with the weather we've been having . Talk to you soon . Try to have a relaxing day today .


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Brian, really????

What's up with all that growth on your tree? I'd live to know what root stock that is on or if it makes any difference at all?
I Can't understand how your weather can be on your side while mine works against me? I think we got almost the same temps..Very strange..lol
Brian, another movie at the Drive-in? Good food and fancy cooking..Man, can I hang with you?
You are right about the rain thing..Good point!
Thanks for that..
Thanks for the comments on the yard. It took some work and I every flowering plant in there but one or two serve a purpose...It called fragrance..I love them.
I hope you build that pond some day..The you will have a greenhouse and a pond!
I don't know, a Bio Dome still sounds nice..
In fact I have two blood oranges...Mines are always flowering and fruiting..That is strange
You Blood Oranges don't produce and my Kishu just sits there while yours grows like a weed.
I'll take a couple of pics for you when I can.

Look at that bee..lol I just noticed that...Looks like he rolled in some kind of sugar powder..lol
What a beautiful flower...


Maggy, you're next ..I gotta run for a bit..)

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Cory,,,I think you missed my post above sepcifically to you..Not sure if you saw it my friend..By the way, I sent you my address days ago..If you didn't get it please let me know and I will again)


What's up? sounds like you had a great time and even better for your guests with all that food!! Man, I would love to eat some of your fine cooking..Man, what do I have to do?
It's good to see you get time to lay in the sun but be careful...I use to when I was in my teens and mid twenties but stopped that..I didn't want to look sixsty by the time I hit 40....I use moisturizer and sunblock everyday now...My sisters and brothers all look older than me, like they are in their fifties and I am the oldest..
They never protect their faces and LOVE the beach and lying in the sun)
Well, you are a nurse, you know..Just thinking of you..I know being 30 you want to stay looking that way)

I LOVE your pond! Amazing..Yes, do you have fish in there? That is a very nice looking one..Did you build it yourself? It's so natural looking with all that moss and leafy plants..Graet work.I see the water falling..I like it. I am surprised you don't have bigger frogs..Maybe something gets them before they could ever grow. I did loose on to a hawk a few weeks back..Tore the biggest frog I had open to the bone..I was upset..Trust me..That one was a singer..I miss it..
I did find the other, thank God..They are all safe, for now..One I have had for over three years..

It sure does'nt feel like August..It feels like the middle of September..It's nice, but pay back will be a .....by the time September gets here, I can feel it...Way too cool too early for me...Comfortable though..Now that the angle of the sun is shifting, it's taking longer for the mornings to warm up((((..Then if there is wind, forget it.

Finally your floor is getting done..That wil be nice..Portugal? Wow, you are so lucky..I wouldn't worry about my plants, well, I still would...Yes, maybe by then the rains will take care of them..You could leave them all in shade too until you get back..Or auto sprinklers?

So this morning, I forgot to open the doors to my greenhouse and it can get to 110 degrees in there by noon..Good thing I am caring for my mom..She was there to open the doors and water, which I forgot too..I have no idea what I was thinking this morning..Good thing I remebered how to get to work...
Ok, gotta run but we shall chat soon..My Mom says thank you for thinking of her and that you and Brian and Cory and others are just wonderful people.


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Hi Mikey . Sure come on over I am just firing up some hamburgers on the barbecue , you can never eat to much beef don't you know now . Do you think you can make it over for the burgs ? Lol. It's funny my Kishu is growing faster then a weed and so is the blood but never any flowers and yours flowers and fruits all the time , what gives . It's also been a lot cooler here . It's going to be a good movie tonight really looking forward to it . The expendables three is playing to bad you weren't here it would be lots of fun


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Hi Brian, I just deleted my post by mistake. Well I will try again. You are right about the partying at our age. It is brutal. Thank goodness I have the sense not to do it often. It is always fun at the time but not the next day. I am doing nothing today except lying down with my puppies. They are quite happy to keep me company. The fumes from the floor installation are quite strong so we are upstairs with the windows open. I have asthma so trying to avoid toxic chemicals.
This morning was sunny. Now I hear thunder. Your right ,the weather changes so quickly. What is up with your Kishu? Wow! It is growing so much. Mine has not grown at all . Are you feeding it miracle grow with each watering? Maybe I should try that? I repotted my variegated lemon weeks ago and that has not shown any growth at all either. They are both in 5-1-1-. They look healthy . Maybe one of these days they will have a growth sprout.
So nice to see yours looking so happy.
Having left overs tonight. Brian you sound like you are a fantastic cook. Before I moved here from Nova Scotia I had over 250 cookbooks. I read them like novels. It was hard to part with most of them. But sometimes I make up my recipes.
So your going to the drive in again. That sounds like a nice evening out.You can sleep in tomorrow.
My husband doesn't want a pool for the same reasons. He said it is too much work. He had one for many years .
Building a floor for the greenhouse sounds like it would be a big job. Will you do it by yourself. The insulated floor came with out greenhouse. I am sure my husband could not build one but don't tell him I said that. He is very smart, just not mechanically inclined. Lol!
I have lots of tomato's in the greenhouse but with this weather they are not ripening. I usually can chopped tomato's, several different tomato sauces and salsa. I am going to make some this week- end my favourite sauce is roasted tomato sauce. It is smokey and rich in flavour.
I was reading on another post about starting from cutting. I tried but mine all died. I think I will try again soon.
My pond does not have fish presently. We had it cleaned last year and didn't replace the fish. We had a lot at at time( they multiply a lot) . We had to build a barrier around the front as my puppy fell in. He is always getting into trouble but he is so cute and cuddly that I always forgive him.
Have a great day and evening. Maggy

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Maggy what a beautiful day here. . I know what you mean by partying I still feel the pain from Friday and Saturday night . I am still trying to shake it off . I am so glad for you that there is progress being made on your basement . We really don't know how important things are to we lose them . I couldn't live without mine , I feel like its my safe haven . No one can see in , it's total privacy , you just don't get that anywhere else in the house . That's funny about your pup diving into your pond , they sure manage to get into trouble don't they . I am worried that my pup is going to get sprayed by a skunk . There has been a skunk hanging around here after dark and I am not talking about myself , I am just so afraid he is going to get sprayed because he doesn't listen when I ask him to come in . Yes Maggy I do have to become more creative when I am cooking but I find after work I am just so tired . I know I can do it but I don't have the energy . Maggy I don't know what's up with my plants they are growing like mad . My Kishu , tango , blood orange , Shasta gold , minneola tangelo are all growing like nuts right now . I have started slowing down on the MG , I give them a little shot once a week but I think I am going to totally stop because if they continue to grow at this rate I won't be able to fit them all into the GH . Maggy that sounds like a good idea I think I am going to lay down and have a small nap . You have yourself a wonderful afternoon .


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello Brian,
Yes, your orchid is a phalaenopsis and it is growing keikis (baby orchids) from the nodes of its older flowering spike. Some species of orchids are genetically prone to do this and hybrids will also make keikis especially if they have Phalaenopsis equestris in their background. Each node on the flower stem can form either a flower bud or a growth bud. To initiate a flower bud your Phal needs short days and/or a lower temperature at at night of about 13-15°F from its day temperature. You don't want the night temperature to go much below 65°F at night though. I forget how many days they need of the temperature fluctuation but I think it is about 2 to 3 weeks. I could look it up for you. I would think the reason that maybe yours is growing keikis instead of flower buds could be that the light could need to be slightly brighter in the bathroom, the temperature between night and day is too constant, or maybe because the bathroom light is on during the night, the plant is not seeing short day. Even a short blink of the light on causes the plant to think it is experiencing a long day. Treat the plant more like you would a christmas cactus you are trying to get to bloom, but do not subject it to as low a night time temperature as you would with a christmas cactus. Phals that do not get the cold differential will eventually bloom but later in the year. Commercial nurseries extend the daylight hours and keep the temperatures warmer to delay blooms and do the opposite to speed up the flowers to get blooms when they want them. Your plant might not be receiving enough light to bloom though even though it is bright in the bathroom. In the picture its leaves look dark green which indicates the light level is too low. The leaves should be a more yellowish-green like new leaves on a citrus tree. Put it temporarily in slightly brighter light and give it the temperature differential. You should see a flower spike start to form. Let the stem grow, and don't move the plant around so you keep the flower buds all in a straight line. If you turn it around while the buds are forming the buds will keep twisting to adjust to the light changes and you will not get the perfect flower spacing you see on prize winning phals. Once the plant is flowering you can put it back in the bathroom to display it. It will not hurt it much to have the lower light for a while. About the babies: you can leave them on the mother plant, and they also will flower, or cut them off when they have 2 or 3 leaves and roots about 1-3 inches and repot them. You can also keep them attached to the mother plant and also try to root them in her pot or another pot so they get some support from the mother until they are large enough to be on their own. It looks like you have several keikis. Good luck with them. This is just the right time to let your plant naturally get the cold differential and the shorter day it needs to initiate the budding mechanism. Most phals start to spike in late fall or early winter. Just put it in a room that gets cooler at night and will not have lights on at night. If you don't have a cooler room, just keep out closer to the window glass. You can show us the picture of the spike starting in October. Btw, you are fertilizing it, aren't you. I assume you are as your citrus trees are so beautiful.


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It looks like neither Cory or Maggy are seeing my posts above that I spent a good time writing for each...Must be this stupid computer or not interested in responding...?

Guess I'll bow out now but it was great chatting with everyone)


This post was edited by meyermike_1micha on Mon, Aug 18, 14 at 18:32

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello Mike,

No, I don't see your posts and I didn't receive your email with your address. I think maybe something has been wrong with this site as I too am posting double posts and sometimes nothing is showing even though I posted. I am getting error messages when I post and sometimes there are long delays getting on to this site and also new types of advertisements keep popping up and block the posts so I can't read them. I thought the problem was my phone. I will look for for your posts again to see if I can find them. Maybe when you sent me an email you put Os instead of zeros in my email address? I will also look in my junk mail folder in case your email went there. I am not ignoring you.


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Hi Mike, I did see your post . I am sorry, I am a little slow today. Too old to party any more. I agree with you about the sun. I have never been a sun worshiper . I too have seen the results of those who sun bathe often. All wrinkled. I use sun screen and I have always taken care of my skin. I never use soap on my face. but a good cleanser toner and moisturizer. I have a very clear and wrinkle free complexion and often get remarks to that effect. People think I am younger than (39) LOL!
I love having the pond. It was here when we bought the house but we had someone come in an clean it last year. I don't have fish anymore. It is nice to hear the running water when outside. Brian says I need to import some of your frogs. I see the occasional frog and have seen a few baby ones. The bigger one seems to be here all the time. My dogs are fascinated by him but they don't hurt him. They just like to watch him hopping around the yard.
I am glad you found the one that was missing. Don't you just love nature.
I did have a skunk in my back yard in the winter but it was sick and I had to call animal control to remove it. It was mangy and kept falling down. We often have raccoons.and tons of squirrels . We also have a resident pair of red cardinals .oh yes and two woodpeckers. The hummingbirds come every year.
Yes the tile is half installed ,maybe in a few days we will have our family room back. We miss it. Soon we will need the fireplace if this weather keeps up. It is a gas one and toasty warm. We had it installed when we bought the house.
Speaking of weather it is like fall here. My outdoor plug is not being installed until the end of Sept. If it gets too cold before then I may need to bring my trees into the sunroom temporarily .
How nice that your Mom was able to take care of the greenhouse today. Tell her thank you for the nice compliment. She sounds like a very special lady.
Well Mike,have a nice evening. I am going to close my greenhouse door and window now. Bye for now.Maggy

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Hi Brian, Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I know what you mean about partying. I can barely function today and recovery is slow. Self inflicted and I am wishing I hadn't had so much fun.
We miss the family room . I love being down there as it is cosy and comfortable. I have all my books and it is a nice place to retreat to and relax.
My puppy fell through the ice. I happened to look out the kitchen window and I saw my other dog looking in the pond. He was just hanging on by his little paws and freezing cold.
I get raccoons at night and there are skunks around. I worry about my dogs at night as sometimes they go in the woods where I can't see them. There are also Coyotes around. With the construction on the highway to the new bridge( to no where) the animals are being displaced and moving into the city.
Brian I know how hard it is after working all day to come home and cook. It has always been a passion of mine and retirement allows me the time and energy to do more of the things I love.
Your trees amaze me. I can't get mine to grow like that. I did notice the stem or trunk is getting fatter on my Kishu and Kaffir lime. Maybe that means they are going to grow.
How long have you been growing orchids? Are they difficult to grow?
Have a great night at the movies? Maggy

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Hi Cory, how are you? I think I might be having some problems with the site as well. I have been losing my postings sometimes and I thought it was me.
How are your beautiful orchids doing? Is it getting cold early there as well.
I think we all need to move to a warmer country.
I can't believe that is feels so much like fall. I dread the winter. Our forecast is calling for rain for the next 5 days. How sad it that?
I have been reading your posts with Mike about your orchids. It is interesting. I want to plant my orchid cacti tomorrow. They seem ready to plant. I have always had success in rooting cuttings in the past. Not much luck with rooting my citrus though. I was looking at some of Mike's cuttings. They are beautiful. Perhaps I will try rooting them inside.
Hope all is well with you. Have a great evening. Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)


I wish I was a good cook like you. I just can't get the hang of what seasonings go with what. Right now i am trying to be on a vegetarian diet. I do ok with the salads but the cooked greens always look the same even though I can usually make them taste different. I just wish I were better at it. I have lots of cookbooks too, but they don't seem to help me much. Many have ingredients that one of us can't eat which makes it hard to find something. I am a much better baker and really enjoy doing that. Btw everyone, I am not a guy. Sorry for the confusion, I thought it was obvious by my writings. I re-read all the posts, but Mike, I don't see anything i didn't respond to from you, please ask again. Your pictures of your garden, greenhouse, pond, trees, plants and orchids are truly beautiful. How do you keep it all looking so good when you are such a busy man! I haven't received your email, so please resend. Maggy, you will be so happy when your family room is finished. What an inconvenience. I hope all the bad and new smells will clear out when they are done. I have asthma too so I know how bad that can affect you. Well, I better start cooking. I have to see if I can make the collards, chard or kale look more appetizing tonight.


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on Sun, Aug 17, 14 at 12:50 about 13 posts up....I had a feeling you didn't see it..

You know what stinks, when you spend countless of time to write to others especially when tired and busy, and then either you loose a post here or someone seems to overlook it..What a pain..It takes all the fun out of it..

I thimk it is because we all talk so much and post so fast, that we can easily skip over something important said, asked or written...It happens..No biggy)
I do it too....I feel really bad when I do.
That's why I keep coming back to reread in case I missed something important.

I'm so tired but I didn't want you to think I took you the wrong way or took it personal..I just find no fun in posting here if the ones I specifically talk to don't even see it..lol

Have a wonderful night...

Maggy and Brian..I'm so tired I could just fall asleep..Lots of stress today..

I'll bb back to catch up..Hoping you all have a wonderful night and it's nice to back even though)

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Mike I did see the separate post you sent me but I didn't realize what l could be answering. Is it which orchids need a colder environment? Yes, true odontoglossums like cool environments but they are crossing them with warmer growing species so many of the hybrids are more tolerant of warmer temperatures. True species odonts live high up in the mountains and are thus in bright light but are protected from the suns rays by the clouds and mists. They are hard to grow especially in the summer by us as the heat is hard on them. Most all of the orchid alliances have both warm and cold growing species. There are warm growing and cold growing masdavalias, warm and cold growing cattleyas, vandas, and even cold growing phals. for example. I have one species phal that needs almost freezing temperatures to initiate its buds to set. There are so many different environmental requirements for plants that can look so similar that I use a color scheme to mark them using colored paper clips i hang the tags on so I can spot the ones needing special treatment more easily and I do write it on the tag too. My memory is not that good to know all their needs as I have so many plants. So you would have to tell me which name in particular what temperatures or rest period may be required and how much light, etc. If you have something in particular i can always look it up for you if I don't know. If you want generalization vandas, angaecums, phalaenopsis, and some cattleyas, paphiopedilums, and dendrodrobiums like to be warmer than 65°F. I think of intermediate temperatures of maybe 55°F-64°F for many cattleyas and their hybrids, hybrid oncidium/odontoglossum intergenerics, many paphiopedilums, neofinetia, some masdavalias, etc. I think of cool growers as 50°F-54°F such a some cattleya species that grow in the mountains, some cooler growing dendrobiums species, some paphs. and cymbidiums Than I have a cold category from about 45°F-49°F; again some cattleyas, paphs, coelogynes, cymbidiums. And then I have a Freezing category that includes some of the terrestrial orchids that grow in cooler temperatures. Even a few cattleya need these very low temperatures for very short periods to set buds and stay healthy. I am missing lots of species and hybrids in this discussion so just ask me if you want to know and i can always look it up if I don't know. I am just an amateur grower but read a lot and have been growing orchids for a long time. My growing space is very limited though so i try to make do with the micro environments I can find in my grow areas. I by no means am expert grower but enjoy my plants so i try my best to figure out what they like and provide the conditions if i can. Some i just don't try to grow any more as i know i would kill them. Although I try to group my orchids by their similar needs, there is just so much i can do. I put the ones that need a cooler, dry rest together in a spot where they are not as likely to be watered by mistake, the cooler growers near the glass and vents, the warmer ones nearer the furnaces and higher up in warm spots, the ones that need more moisture and humidity closer to the humidifier or the floor, especially if they like cooler temperatures and lower light. I guess I could go on and on, but you get the gist of it. I am a little hesitant to talk too much about orchids in the citrus forum, but I am always happy to answer questions and talk about them. I still have not found the email you sent me. Get a good rest and let me know when you have time if i have answered what you may have been looking for from me.


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Good morning Mike,
Hope you had a good rest. Sorry you had a stressful day yesterday. Yes, this post moves fast and sometimes it is hard to keep up.We are a chatty bunch for sure. You have been so helpful and I find whatever you have to say interesting and I try to respond in a timely manner Sometimes life gets in the way .
We are still having the floor installed so it will be nice to get our house back in order. It has been way too long to be without the family room. It is the most comfortable room in the house.
Starting today we are going to have almost a week of rain. The poor trees at least won't be thirsty. But they could use more sunshine. I have a question Mike. Some of them have just started to form fruit which obviously won't be ripe before winter. Will the fruit continue to ripen in the greenhouse in the winter? The Moro has seven good size oranges ,lots of key lines, a few small Meyer lemons and one Washington orange but lots of new blossoms. I know they will be kept at a low temperature in the greenhouse and just about dormant. So I have been wondering about that.
I understand how it will be hard to go away for any length of time and have someone else care for the trees. In May we will be going to Portugal for the 4 th time. This time for three weeks. Mike you should see the oranges. They are huge and so sweet. We buy a 25 lb. bag for about $5 Canadian from the farmer. Oh! So good to have fresh orange juice in the morning on our balcony overlooking the ocean. We rent a condo from the same people every year. And the fresh lemons are amazing. I am like you I love lemon on my fish. So we eat seafood every day. Awesome.Do you travel Mike? I thought I read in an older post that you go to the Caribbean. We were going to Jamaica every Oct. but we decided to take one longer trip instead of two short ones.
Well my friend I am going to wash my trees and play with them a bit.
Take care. Maggy

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Hi Cory, You sure are knowledgable about orchids, all the different kinds ,the conditions in which they grow. I would say you are an expert. I know whom to ask if I decide to grow any.
At first I wasn't sure if you were a girl but figured out from your writing that you indeed were. Cory can sometimes be a male name so understand why people got confused.
Cory I have always loved cooking . When I was working I used to find cooking a good stress reliever therapeutic so to speak. I think it appears to all the senses and one can express their creativity through their culinary skills. I too love baking. I love making bread, One of my favourite things to do. But I refrain from baking too much because we also love to eat it.
How is the vegetarian diet going ?. My daughter in law and my three grandchildren are vegetarians. They seem to find lots of interesting food to eat and cook. I am making a big pot so veg soup today. It is comforting when it starts to rain. It seems like the family room will not be finished for awhile. The floor will be done today but now we have to wait for a carpenter to do the woodworking. The fumes are bad in here now
I have to be careful with my asthma. I have only been hospitalized once . Two years ago at Christmas we were in Jamaica and I got really sick,couldn't fly home for a week . Luckily I had a Dr. there who treated me and got me to the stage where I could get back to Canada where I was immediately
hospitalized . It took over two months to recover. I have medications always on hand and know when I need them. I hate when I have to take steroids though as the side effects can be brutal.
Take care Cory. Have a great day. My trees are waiting. Maggy

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Hi Brian, how are you enjoying your vacation? I bet the movie at the drive-in last night was fun. I wish my Kishu would grow like yours .I water it,give it sunshine,fertilize with foilage pro and still nothing. Maybe I need to give some steroids . I even talk to it.
When do you start putting your trees in the greenhouse? I am thinking sometime in Oct. but then I suppose it depends on the first frost.
I haven't found a delônghi heater but I did see one like yours on eBay and it is new. About $70 and $25 shipping and $14 duties. I may buy it . Does that sound a reasonable price ? My husband 's friend who has a pool company is checking on the pool cover for me. It seems like this first year with the greenhouse is expensive but I figure if I do it right it will be a good investment. Next year will just be more money for trees . haaaaaaa
It is nice to feel human again Brian. I am sure never going to party like that again. It was fun at the time but not the next day.
Finally there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for our basement.
The tile will be done today.and they found a carpenter for tomorrow. Friday they will move everything back . Then all that will be left is cleaning the stairs and family room carpet. It looks like we may have the family room back his week- end.
You have a great day. I believe you are going to Montreal tomorrow.
Take care my friend. Maggy

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Maggy darling hope your weather is as nice as what is going on here and you to Mikey and Cory it's a 10 out of 10 day. You are so right Maggy Mike and Cory sure have a wealth of knowledge . These are your go to guys and Thankyou so much . For a beginner Maggy you probably know more than I , that says something . Cory thanks for all the info I didn't know there was baby orchids now that you told me I see them now . I guess to much focus on the citrus . I moved it to the back patio window , extremely bright there and the temperature always go up and down there . I will take another picture in October Thankyou so much buddy . Mike chin up or should I say multiple chins up which is a lot more difficult , it sounds like you are working way to hard and no fun for time . You have to do it buddy find some time for yourself and let loose . All work and no play makes for a very grey day .Your a great guy. Maggy I loved the movie last night and there was no mosquitos WOW . We were out most of the day pup went to the spa for hair and nails . He looks half of his size but he is so cute . Went to costco still no heaters but they have Christmas out , some . We came home and have been baking in the backyard love it . Have to look good for our trip to Montreal tomorrow , very excited about seeing my citrus oops I meant my sister in law lol. Maggy the price of the heater sounds kind of steep and I will warn you about the one I have if there is any kind of power surge or black out you will have to reset it or it will not come back on . All digital heaters with thermostats are probably like that but not sure . Back to the backyard going to cook up a huge batch of chickens and of course beverages . Have a nice evening everybody I will get back to you


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Hi Brian, I am glad you have nice weather. We are not that lucky. Just had a major storm,thunder,lightening and huge wind. My husband was upset because I went outside to move a couple of trees in a more protected area. I got soaked. The wind was so strong.
Yes Cory and Mike are very knowledgable . I don't know that much Brian but what I know I learned here and from you ,Mike and others.
Isn't it exciting to discover you have baby orchids. That is neat. I will be looking forward to seeing pictures in Oct.
What movie was playing at the drive-in last night.? We were in bed by 9pm. We play for one day and need three to recover .
I have been looking at Costco for a heater but haven't seen anything yet. Thanks for looking there. Your very kind. And thanks for the info.re the heater needing to be reset after outage etc.
Isn't it amazing that the dog looks so small after grooming. Buddy is so heavy I can barely lift him but after his hair cut he looks tiny. Teddy was terrified tonight with the thunder. He stayed close to my husband .
Maybe this storm will cause my trees to have a growth sprout . I was sure they would be damaged from the wind but they seem o.k.
Brian have a wonderful trip to Montreal. Have fun. I know you are looking forward to it. I am so glad you are enjoying your time off.
Take care Maggy

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Hi Maggy glad you guys are OK . On the evening news we saw that you guys were under a severe weather warning . Maggy didnt you're mom ever teach you not to go and play outside when there is a lot of lightning lol . Maggy please tie up those trees to something tomorrow I don't want you to get hit by lighting . I am afraid this is our fate tomorrow night and we will be in Montreal . My smaller trees like my Kishu I place under my larger trees when I know there is going to be a big storm so I don't have to worry about hail. The larger trees can take a lot of abuse . Maggy I look at it this way there will always be more trees if something bad happened to them . . Glad to here your basement is almost finished good news . I bet your fed up with that . I was trying to make a video of my garden tonight , my voice bites and so does my narrating it's not easy to do. Last night we went to see expendable's three loved it , I Love all the older actors . We bought the new spider man movie in 3d going to the basement to watch it on our projector , should be good . Tomorrow morning I am going to have to map out where all the HD are in Montreal , actually LaSalle which is about 5 minutes from downtown . Should be lots of fun . Thanks for warning me about ponds . I guess dogs and ponds don't mix to well . You must have almost had a stroke when you saw that your pup had fallen through the ice and into into the pond in the winter . Definitely now no pond here . The forecasters still think that September and October will be much above normal in the temperature department but they also said that there might be one early frost before the warm up . Good news bad news. Maggy I hope you and your husband and your pup have a nice relaxing night and please no more playing in the lightning .


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)


There are plenty of mosquitos in my backyard if you need some. I was just outside spraying my citrus trees and bushes with Fish emulsion and Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Oil Soap and was eaten alive in the process. Your phalaenopsis needs slightly brighter light, never direct sun or it will burn. It is a relatively low light plant. I hope you get some flower spikes this fall. Happy citrus hunting....oh, I mean have a nice time visiting the relatives. ;>)

Maggy, your asthma story is scary, and you were out of the country no less. Fortunately i have never had to go to the hospital. I have chronic bronchial asthma so I cough all the time. Lots of different smells, molds, smoke and aerosols set it off. I gave up on the medications though as everything I took didn't agree with me and the cough seems better to me than all the the bad reactions. I try to relax to try to get through the really bad episodes and so far it works for me. I also try not to get worn down healthwise as I am more susceptible then. You really get a lot of storms where you live! You have had several bad storms even since your family room got flooded. I am like you, running around rescuing my trees and plants during bad storms and getting soaking wet. They do blow over easily. I don't want to use heavier pots though as they are too hard for me to lift. That is one of the reasons I like the 5-1-1 mix.. It is relatively light weight.

Have a nice evening everyone.


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Good morning Maggy just preparing for our little trip leaving soon . It's a beautiful morning here . I was sitting outside in the backyard taking everything in , everything is so beautiful at this time of year . We might stay for 2 nights they are calling for rain tonight and tomorrow , I guess I don't have to worry whether my trees will be receiving water . I guess kind of a good thing. Very excited Montreal has to be one of the most beautiful cities . Always lots to do there . I can't believe holiday is half way through , I could really get into this retirement thing . Hoping the day will be nice in Windsor so you can get out and play in the garden . Cory thanks for all the info. I will definitely keep an eye on the orchid so it doesn't get burnt from the sun. That must be frustrating you wait all winter to get into the garden then your eaten alive by mosquitos . Life sure isn't fair sometimes . Looking forward to see if there is still some citrus hanging around at the garden centers buy I am not holding my breath on that it is getting late in the season now . I see you spray your trees I have never tried that maybe I should it seems every winter I am battling with scale maybe next spring . You and Maggy are going to have to stop running outside in these bad storms you just have to tie your trees to something then they will not go anywhere . Who will I talk to if you guys get hit by lightning that's no fun . Here is a picture of a few of my plums which I am going to pick this morning for our trip .

You guys have a fantastic day


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Good morning. Brian, you are right,I should not go outside when there is lighting. It was a fierce storm and my husband was reading that the wind was 100 kilometres an hour. A branch came crashing down on our back patio on top of the chairs. Good thing we were not there. Most of my trees are tied to the raining on our front steps. It was the new ones that I repotted that I wanted to move. I won't do that again. . It was not smart.and my husband was upset.
So you are off to Montreal lucky you. I know Lasalle well,in fact at one point lived there, it's been a long time since I have been in Montreal. I laughed when you said you have mapped out all the Home Depots . I did the same thing when we went to Toronto. I just love looking for trees. Brian, you don't have room for any more citrus. The way I figure it is I always have the sunroom if I run out of room in the greenhouse
Oh! Yes the basement. Can you believe they ran out of tile.because they didn't order enough. I called the restoration company and I lost it. I told them I wanat the family room back by the week- end. Enough is enough. They delivered the wood this morning for the carpenter to do the baseboard. So we will see.
Did you finish your video.? Are you going to post it or us it private? Love to see all your trees .
Brian you should be o.k. With a pond . I didn't mean to discourage you from the idea.My other dog doesn't go near it but Buddy is a really mischievous little guy who is always getting in trouble. He was on the ice and it broke. I was terrified. Poor little pup was so wet and cold.
You are going to have so much fun today. I love looking for trees and it is such a surprise when you find something .
Take care my friend and enjoy every minute. Maggy

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Brian ' I think we were writing at the same time. Beautiful plum trees You sure have a green thumb. Wow! Look at all that fruit.
Have a wonderful trip I love Montreal. Drive safely and have fun

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Hi Cory, You are right we get some bad weather here. Lots of thunder storms. When I first moved here I couldn't believe how stormy it could be in the summer. Normally the winter's are mild so that kind of makes up for it. The forecast is rain and storms every day this week. Could use some sunshine.
Lucky Brian ,he is off to Montreal today. Hope he has good weather there.
Mike always says the trees grow when there is a storm and he is right.They seem to love it.
Having a medical problem in another country was a so frightening. I was so fortunate as the resort in Jamaica had two fantastic nurses and the Dr. Who treated me was exceptional. He even stayed with me all night one night because he was so worried about me.He treated me for 5 days before I could fly home. I really thought I was going to die.. It was the only time I was ever hospitalized for asthma. So last year we went back to the same resort. I knew if I didn't go back I would be too afraid to travel again so it helped me confront my fear and overcome it..I was fine and I am glad I went back.
Cory , as I am writing there is a sweet little humming bird on my Rose of Sharon tree. I find then fascinating. We have had an owl in our back yard for the past few nights. Such an errie sound.
It is hard to believe that summer is almost over. It seems like it went way too fast.
We are in for more rain today so it is dark and dreary. A good day to rug hook perhaps.
Take care and hope all is well with you.Maggy

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Hi Maggy I guess great minds think a like . Just about to head out the door , I think the pup is more excited then we are . Maggy you give it to them , it's so hard to find service and good workmanship these days , unbelievable . My pup is just as mischievous as yours , so definitely no pond . Picking plums is like picking strawberries , one for me one for the trip one for me one for the trip . I have already eaten about 8 this morning , I guess I will be hitting every restroom between here and Montreal , oh no . You see Maggy that big branch could have come crashing down on you when you were out there . Promise me you will never do that again . I used to be like you when the storms came then I said hey wait a minute my life is just a little more important then my trees . Take care my friend and have a nice day.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Brian, I didn't get any bugs in my greenhouse last winter when I used Mike's fish emulsion solution a few times just before I brought my plants back inside. I always had problems other years even if I used other insecticides. Now I give all my plants a spray every couple of weeks throughout the summer. I was having trouble with something causing my privet hedge to die back thus summer. I have sprayed it a few times and now the hedge is almost back to normal. The bugs come flying out when I spray the bushes. You can get Alaska brand in HD. it smells a little for a few hours but I don't mind it. I mix in the peppermint oil or rosemary oil soap or essential oil to try to disguise the smell a little. The soap and oil also discourages the bugs. You still have time to do your trees this year. It works wonderfully on my orchids also. No more uncontrollable scale and mealybug outbreaks in the middle of the winter last year or aphids in the spring. I was amazed. Your tree is so full of fruit and looks so healthy. I would also like to see your video of your trees. Good luck at the home centers. None carry citrus trees by me which seems strange but I am always on the lookout. Geesh Maggy, after all this time they realize they didn't order enough tile! I hope they can get it now. Do your dogs swim? My sister's dog lives to swim. Every time she is at the beach she begs to go for her morning swim. She has had two hip replacements and is having chemotherapy treatments and some days can hardly walk from arthritis but she just loves to swim anyway. Recently we have to take her to the bay in her dog carriage but she just was so happy swimming we just couldn't deny her the pleasure. She did not start swimming until she was older. She is like one of my sister's children and follows her everywhere all day long. Have a good day everyone.


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Hi Cory, isn't Brian's plum tree amazing with all that fruit. I can understand why he likes being home with such beautiful surroundings.
I am going to spray with fish emulsion as well. I have plain Bonner's natural soap and essential peppermint oil. Do you use an attachment for the water hose like Mike does? I have Neptune's fish emulsion so it should be o.k.
I keep saying I am going to spray but with the renovation going on here it is difficult. If I can avoid bugs in the greenhouse that will be good. Do you ever spray them when they are in the greenhouse?
I hope my trees survive the winter since this will be my first year overwintering them. I still need to get a solar cover for the greenhouse, an outdoor plug installed ,a heater and a fan. Hopefully we won't have frost before everything is ready. Oh! Yes and clean the greenhouse. It is full of peppers and tomato's which are not ripening.
My dog does not like to swim. The older one has been in our daughter's pool but didn't like it. He is beside me right now snoring. Too funny. They do love their bath though. You sister's dog sounds adorable. He sounds like he is so brave.They do like to follow us around. So cute. They are like children and bring so much joy.
Now the sun is shining. Earlier it was raining.
Cory I don't think our basement will ever be finished. I am starting to get cranky and tired of strangers coming and going in my house not to mention not being able to go out. We have tried to be patient but that is getting thin.
Hope you gave a great day.
Mike,we haven't seen you for awhile. Maggy

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Maggy, I was wondering where Mike is too. I hope he did not end up in the hospital again. He seems to be doing too much. I use the fish emulsion in a Miracle Grow sprayer just as Mike does; I got the idea from him. I add a small amount of Dr. Bonners peppermint oil soap though as a wetter/sticker/spreader. Sometimes I just use the soap by itself or with some alcohol. It is effective as bug killer by itself. When I need to, I spray with a pump sprayer in the greenhouse. The hose is just too strong in there. I didn't need to spray for bugs at all last winter as the FE seemed to take care of all the bugs before everything came back in. I still didn't get to finish cleaning the greenhouse "glass" yet. There always seems to be grass to mow, hedges to trim, bushes to prune, weeds to pull, laundry to do, grocery shopping, etc. and of course house cleaning, that takes priority. I'm taking a lunch break while I wait for my batteries to recharge, and I will still have to go to the grocery store or we will have nothing to eat tonight. One year I got halfway through the cleaning and the weather got bad and I had to bring everything in and once they are in it is impossible to clean in there. So I started earlier, but I still have a way to go yet. I literally mean batteries. I have all electric tools now. The 40 volt tools are very powerful and last much longer times than previous batteries and the tools are light weight if you get the right ones. I love my lawn mower that I bought last spring. I would recommend it. I have a fairly large yard and in the front there is a small hill dropping to the street. It was getting to be to much for me with the heavy gas mower. When the gas mower died I took my chance on this mower after reading many reviews and trying to find one that was light weight and still powerful. I have several batteries that I rotate. I mulched all my leaves last autumn and I have lots of leaves and get the whole neighborhoods since my location collects all the leaves that blow in the wind. This little mower handled it all and it is still going strong this year. Our magnolia tree has already started to drop leaves! It is way too early. This is a very strange summer. Well, lunch is over, i better get to the grocery store. It is almost time to start dinner. I guess I will be finishing the lawn and hedge instead of cleaning the greenhouse tomorrow.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Btw, here is a picture of my tiny Kishu mandarin. I have had it 2-1/2 years and it just stays little. It is healthy and makes leaves and flowers but it doesn't hold any of its fruit yet. It is just over a foot tall. It is cute. I guess it would make a good bonsai candidate.


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Good morning Cory,
That is a cute Kishu . Mine is remaining small as well and it seems healthy looking in the 5-1-1 but not showing any signs of growing. Brian's is getting lots of new growth. I have the same issue with the variegated lemon. No growth at all. I water,feed full dose of Dyna Gro every week but nothing happening. My other trees however are growing a lot.
Thanks for the info on spraying with fish emulsion. Mike had told me about it and he has also had great success using it. I need to start doing that soon. With the workmen here early every morning this week it has been impossible to get much done.
You sound so busy Cory.. Life can get that way sometimes.Having the plants and trees is a way to find some relaxing time,at least it is therapeutic for me.
Lucky Brian is in Montreal . Bet he is having a great time.
Always nice to hear from you Cory.
I am taking my friend for a biopsy today and for lunch.
Have a great day. Maggy

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Hello my friends...Just a quick pit stop to let you all know that I have been to sick to even read let alone write..

Just thinking of you all and good night...Sorry(

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Wow lots of posts, just took a skim, will have to go back thru. Lots of beautiful plant pics, and a cute doggie as well :)

Steve, did you thru hike?

Cory, I see some swiss chard, the bugs ate all of mine this year. Just moved down here and the growing conditions are so different, still trying to sort it out.

Mike, hope you are not seriously ill. Well wishes.

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Hi gang . Just got back from Montreal . It was a very busy trip visiting the in-laws ( exhausted) . Maggy I checked 2 HD and a large nursery all I could find was lemons , limes , red navel , pumelo's and believe it or not mango trees 3 different varieties . I would have loved a mango but no room . I really went to find a nules for you Maggy and no luck , I am kind of disappointed but I guess that's what makes this hobby fun , it's really the hunt that's fun . I will check a couple of HD in Ottawa this weekend , going to visit my parents and there is a couple of HD's near them . Maybe I will find the nules there Maggy . Cory I saw lots of beautiful orchids in Montreal you would have loved it . Cory your Kishu is beautiful , I don't understand why it doesn't grow . How much sun does it receive ? Mine has now doubled in size but I think it's all the sun it gets here. Mike I hope you feel better buddy . It's not fun being sick . I've had two major colds this summer . Maggy I am keeping my fingers crossed for you . Everybody have a good night and here is a picture of the citrus I saw today .


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Good morning Brian, Welcome home. Visiting relatives is always nice but I too am exhaunted afterwards. Sounds like you had a good time. Brian thank you for looking for the nules for me. That is so kind of you. I really appreciate it. I know that " the hunt" really is the fun part. I find it challenging and so excited . My husband not so much. Nice looking citrus in your picture. I guess those who do not have the citrus "bug" find it difficult to understand our fascination and the extremes we will go to find a specific tree. We have been having rain and high humidity. I have a little asthma the past few days and try to avoid outside . Today is the day I feed the trees so will be out for a bit. I think I asked this question but happens to the fruit on the trees when you put them in the greenhouse for the winter? Do they drop the fruit or does it stay on the trees.
Yes,Cory's Kishu is beautiful but like mine it is not growing much. All the other's are growing ,Even noticed this morning some growth on the variegated lemon. That does have nice foilage but is finicky as other's have found.
The electrician cannot install the outdoor plug until the end of Sept. I am a little worried it might get cold before then. Do you keep a fan going all winter?
Thank you once again for your efforts Brian. You are a gem. I also put the word out to a couple of nurseries in Toronto and Verneers in Welland to keep a look out for me.
Mike ,I am sorry to hear you are ill. You must take care care of yourself my friend. Your health is the most important thing .
Have a great day all. Maggy

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Good morning Maggy . The weather here has been not to bad . We left here on Wednesday in the sun and the only rain we've encountered was between here and Montreal last night and it was only a sprinkle . Apparently Ottawa yesterday afternoon had a very heavy thunderstorm but it couldn't have hit here everything is so dry . That is to bad about your asthma that must be a real challenge . I am a smoker and I am going to try to give up the habit this fall , it's not very fun smoking outside in the winter and I can't even go smoke in the GH because the plants don't even want me smoking in there . I know I have to give it up I find it is hard to breath sometimes . My better half gave it up in Febuary so I am getting the pressure . Maggy the citrus in the picture were Meyer lemons with a couple of nice lemons on it , there was lots of limequats , lisbon lemons and a dead Washington navel . The trees had been well picked over . At another nursery they had a beautiful pummelo tree and some mango's . I have tried mango's in the past with no luck and at another nursery they had beautiful red navels with lots of fruit on them , they wanted $18.00 dollars for them but I have no room . I just love visiting the garden centers but I really can't buy anymore right now for myself . You are so lucky you have the sunroom . Maggy I was up at 8.00 am , starting to clean out the GH what a major mess . Tomatoes growing wild everywhere , I had to take them out . Spiders spiders everywhere . The floor is totally rotted out it comes today . Not looking forward to what I will find under there , maybe I should have a drink before I try to tackle that . Maggy I do keep a fan going all winter , it's very good for the plants . I wouldn't panic about not being hooked up to electricity yet , they are calling for a very warn September and October , let's keep our fingers crossed on that . Honestly Maggy my Kishu has doubled in size , and your right Maggy if the trunk on your Kishu is getting larger then you to will probably see lots of new growth on it soon . That is usually the first sign . Well back to prepping the GH . I hope you will be fine feeding your beautiful trees . Have a beautiful morning . Ps probably going back to Montreal in a few weeks we really love it there , it's takes us just as much time to go there as going to the cottage .


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Oh Maggy forgot to mention when cleaning the GH this morning noticed one of my cuttings took . Here is a picture . The cutting is a page . Ya Hoo.


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Brian, that is so nice.Did it root in the greenhouse.? I tried to root lime tree cuttings but they died. Maggy

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Maggy they rotted in the GH . I've discovered I have a few more that rooted . Just repotted them all but the rots on the other ones aren't as large I don't know if those ones will make it. The one in the picture definitely . Maggy my clemenules needs a trim maybe I should try to make a few cuttings .


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Brian, what a nice cutting. I started writing this several hrs ago and then the workmen came to put back the appliances and everything into the laundry room. They sent back one of the men we said we did not want in our house. This is the second time they have sent him and I lost it. Needless to say all Hell let loose. They are supposed to finish the floor today but I don't believe a word they say. What a sad excuse for a restoration company.The good news is that we have our family room tonight. They are supposed to clean the carpet next week because the workmen got it dirty. I have to tell you that the dogs are happy to have the family room back. They are wrestling and playing. So cute.
Brian if you could make a cutting of the Nules that would be so awesome. I haven't had any luck with my cuttings .I will try again
Right now it so so humid outside . I did get the trees fed and looked after this morning .i am laughing because Buddy is running around and around the coffee table so fast he is like a blurr. So funny.
Have a great day Brian. Thank you for everything. Maggy

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Maggy going to HD down the street to look for the tape Cory mentioned I think it'd made by frost king . I have to start taping the bubble wrap . So glad to hear your family room is finished Ya Hooo . I guess I know where you will be tonight . Busy time of year for us gardeners , I will be glad when it's all over. I will trim the clemenules this afternoon . Here is the Kishu . Talk to you later Maggy.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to finish cleaning my greenhouse too and it is a good time as it is cloudy and rainy the past few days so not as hot in there. What a messy job. My "glass" is corregated acrylic which has 3 sides to clean for every inch and 2 cracks to clean between. It is so built up with algae this year that it takes about 10 times of scrubbing with a sponge and rinsing to get it just fairly clean. It is a horrible job with the dirty water running down my arm and the rinse water dripping on my head. I get soaking wet after a few minutes work. When I get it done I am planning to spray it with vinegar to see if that will leave a film to keep the algae at bay. I've got a lot of useless junk that seems to accumulate in there to remove too and two new tierred 3-step benches to assemble. I am working on the hardest places today which is over and behind the gas furnaces at each end of the greenhouse and hard to reach even with various size ladders. So I understand what you are going through Brian. I've been working on it for at least a total of a week during the summer and am making progress slowly. Maggy, when the electrician runs a line to your greenhouse make sure you have a couple sockets to plug things into. I ended up adding another socket in the greenhouse at the opposite ends of the greenhouse as I run a couple of fans and a humidifier and you might want to have a light in there so you can see in there at night to fix something that goes wrong. If I had done the additional socket when the electric was originally installed it would have cost very little, but to add it later I had to pay for the additional visit and hookup. Even so, I could use more plugs out there and it is better not to have long extension cords in a wet greenhouse. You can purchase plastic gaskets that fit around the wire plug and extension cord to keep the water out where they connect. Also he should install a plastic box that covers the socket. It has a door and has holes to fit the wire through that keeps the water out of the electric socket When the appliances are plugged in. The socket should also have a GFI switch on it that will trip if water gets in or on your fan, heater or light. It is very easy to get water where you don't want it to get even when you are trying to be extra cautious. Also you should place the electric wires with a dip below where they enter the appliances so that water and condensation don't drip down the wire and into the appliance. I do all these protective things, and sometimes I still get shortages from the high humidity and have to wait for things to dry out a bit before resetting the gfi breaker and using the appliances in there. You can not be too careful. When things are close it is really easy to look around to find where the hose is kinked and spray water where it shouldn't go by mistake. Do you have to have a higher duty line run in to carry an electric heater? Again, I had that installed in case I need to use an electric heater for backup in case my gas furnaces failed (which has happened). Some electric heaters can draw a lot of electricity and need the heavier line. Did you mention to the electrician that you had tropical plants that would probably need heat before the end of September? When I built my greenhouse I started to run up against time in the autumn even though I started construction in the spring. Getting the heat, electricity and water installed got delayed by the permitting process. I was on pins and needles as it was late October and I had no heat yet and couldn't bring the plants in. I finally mentioned the plants would freeze and that got action. They weren't even thinking about the plants needing the heat! Well back to the cleaning. I hope I can get the ceiling finished today.


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Brian, I am sorry but I missed your earlier post. I am so glad you had a good trip to Montreal and that you are going back. I love Montreal and am trying to get my husband to go for a week- end. I loved living there, Are you bilingual Brian? I am afraid my French is so limited.
I was a smoker when I was young but only smoked socially when out partying. I quite years ago . Speaking of smoking. I came home a few weeks ago and there was my husband smoking in the back yard. I was pretty upset. I am severely allergic to cigarette smoke . I think he sneaks them and doesn't tell me. He will have a Cuban cigar when we are away which I didn't mind so much. I have only had asthma since moving to Windsor 7 years ago. I think it is partly due to the humidity and pollution. I am very good about keeping it controlled and I have a protocol to follow if I start to get symptoms or if I am getting worse. I only go to the asthma clinic once a year now. Being educated about triggers and treatments really makes a difference.
I absolutely love garden centres . I could spend hours and hours looking at everything. We have a beautiful garden centre about 1/2 hr from here . They brought in only a few citrus this year. Lemon limes and oranges. They were unable to get any other varieties.but their trees are beautiful. At least two years old . I got my first three trees threre.
I do have the sunroom ,which is unheated . It likely would be expensive to heat that and the greenhouse. I will only buy more if I find something I really want like a Nules.
I spent as much time outside as I could this morning. I just love looking at ,touching ,playing with my trees. They are pretty amazing. Everyone thinks I am crazy I am sure. The neighbours must wonder what I am doing. .
Cleaning the greenhouse and putting in a new floor is a huge job. Have a drink . You are on vacation. I said after last week end I would never drink again. Going to have some wine tonight.We have to celebrate having the family room back.
Take care my friend. Enjoy every moment. Maggy

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Cory. I don't know what is wrong with me today. I obviously missed your post as well. I think I am a little stressed with the work going on here all week. Finally the floor installer arrived with the rest of the tiles and can you believe he is drunk. Unbelievable. I don't want to go on a rant so I will stop now.
Sounds like cleaning your greenhouse is a huge and messy job. Luckily mine is pretty clean. But I will clean it again just to be safe.
Thank you for all the info about the electricity. Unfortunately the electrician is not putting the plug in the greenhouse but on the outside of our house. So I will have to run a heavy duty outdoor extension cord . I think that is what Brian and Mike do as well. Cory, I am concerned about watering in there with electricity .I had mentioned it before but is makes me very nervous. I don't want to electrocute myself .
He cannot come before the end of Sept due to other jobs he is doing. I am sure we will sort it out .
Hope you get a chance to relax a bit after the cleaning. Have a great day and evening. Thanks for taking the time to explain about the electrical. Maggy

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Good day everyone . Cory no work in the GH today way to hot . It really is brutal work in there when the sun is out . Your doing it the right way Cory a little bit at a time . Not much progress on the GH yesterday , went out to look for the tape you mentioned and ended up at my parents place . Cory I didn't find the tape you mentioned. Cory I ended up buying sheathing tape do you think that will work? The gentleman at the store said once you tape the bubble wrap to the GH you will never be able to remove it . I just hope it works . Maggy checked 2 HD near my parents house yesterday where I did see the clemenules in the spring and trees they no longer had them. All they had were lemons and 1 Satuma tree and 2 parent navel trees . They also had a whole bunch of olive trees , very cool almost bought one . Speaking of the clemenules I repotted it about a hour and a half ago . The new growth seemed to me like it was not growing properly . The new leaves were very small and pale looking and they have been that way for 3 weeks now . Something was really wrong . Just in this little bit of time the leaves have started to green up and they are not curled any longer , very happy about this . Going back outside its a beautiful day . Everybody have a great day .


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Hi Brian, Hope you are enjoying a nice day in the sun. It is actually sunny here . We have bad a lot of cloud and rain lately.
Thank you for looking for the nules . That is so nice of you. I didn't think there is much left in the citrus dept. This time of year.
What did you repot yours in? I am happy to hear that it has responded well. I repotted my Meyer lemon last week. In 5-1-1 . Unfortunately is not doing well. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I posted a picture here on the forum to see if anyone knows what is wrong. It could be shock from transplanting it. I hate to lose it . It's a cute little tree.
Brian do you think my Kishu will ever grow. Just sitting there looking pretty.
We thought the basement was finished but last night discovered the toilet is loose and rocks back and forth. That is after the floor installer showed up yesterday drunk. So discouraging. My husband is calling the insurance company on Monday.
Well enjoy the rest of your week- end. Maggy

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Maggy Maggy what's going on drunk WOW. Maybe if you had offered him a drink the job might have been done properly . How did he get there by bus???. Oh Maggy you and your husband certainly are having no luck with this !!. Maggy I made a mix of fafard and the pro mix that was already in the pot . I am very confident with this mix , it feels fantastic . Maggy how much sun does your does your lemon and kishu receive ? My phone is dying , going to cook some steak on the barbecue then down to the basement to watch a coupLe of movies . Breath deep you guys and try to have a nice weekend .


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Hello all,

Well, I never made it back to the greenhouse cleaning. Too many other things had to get done first. Maggy, you are really having a time with your basement repair. What a story you have with it and now a rocking toilet! I just realized you didn't have a washer and dryer during that time too. That is hard in itself! Welcome back from your vacation Brian. That was a whirlwind trip to Montreal. I love going to all the nurseries too. I could spend hours in them. I wish they got more citrus in the ones near me. None this year at all. Wow! You got a Page to root. That is a nice tree. I had fruit on mine last year but none this year. That would be great if you could root a Clemenules for Maggy. I don't know anything about the sheathing tape. I got the tape I told you about in Lowes, but I haven't seen it there this year so far. I didn't need to get it last year. I don't have any leftover to be able to look at the brand and name unfortunately. Maggy, I notice you asked a while back whether your fruit will continue to ripen in you're greenhouse. Yes, it will. You are lucky to have so many fruit on your trees. It will be so much fun watching them ripen and then picking and eating them. If your sunroom is on the sunny side of your house you may not need to heat it much. Most citrus can tolerate pretty low temperatures. If they are below about 55°F they go dormant and will not grow but they will be alright in the 40°Fs. Maybe you will need to provide a little heat on cold nights, but probably none during the days, especially if it is sunny weather. My sun porches didn't have any heat but they were very sunny. I also had a few water bottles in them to collect some of the heat during the day to try and moderate the night temperature differential. If it was cloudy for several days in a row I would cover them with newspaper or bubblewrap if it got too cold to tide them over until the sun came out again. I very rarely lost a plant to cold or freezing. Not so with my porch on the north side of my house. It never gets sun or warms up. I have lost quite a few plants to a surprise freeze there. Brian, my Kishu is in full sun and I fertilize it but it is a very slow grower. I don't know what I could do to speed it up. I love to get hummingbirds in my yard. They are so cute. Veggie girl, yes that is chard behind my kishu. I ate some of it today. The bugs have eaten a lot of my broccoli leaves but have left the chard alone. Mike, I will post a few pictures of some fragrant orchids that just care into bloom for you. I still never received an email from you with your address. Can I send to the address on the solar cover posting? I hope you still are not sick.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)


This is one of my favorite, Rlc. Pennsylvania Spring 'Orchidglade'. It is fragrant, blooms several times a year, grows rapidly, and changes color from light green to yellow. It has large flowers and has multiple blooms all at once. It can't be beat. I'll see I can find you a piece.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

This is another fragrant cattleya, C. Floralia's Azule x C. intermedia. It is a very nice blue. The picture color is true.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

I can't remember the name of this one and it is missing a label. If you need to know I will look it up. Again the color is true. It often is hard to get the red and blue colors to come out true in pictures. The light must have been good today. There are a lot of buds above this flower that will come out soon. It should be quite spectacular.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Another red flower, Pot. Love Tapestry. This one is not fragrant but its color makes up for it. This is a mini cattleya and only grows to about 4 inches. It has a relatively large flower though.

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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Lastly, this is another tiny plant with a large flower, Leptotes bicolor 4N. The plant is less than 2 inches tall but the flower is at least 1 inch. That is a large paperclip so you can judge the flower and plant size by it. It likes cooler temperatures. It is hanging with my cymbidium plants which are in almost full sun.

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Hello guys and gals! My friends...how are you all doing?

My headache is finally clearing up although I feel a bit oozy, but I wanted to say a quick hello..Looks like I have some catching up to do..

I did happen to see the pics first and I must say Cory, BRAVO! Cory, that one at the top, MY goodness! I love it. That's the very kind of orchid I have been looking for forever..One that blooms a lot, grows fast, and smells good...I would love a piece of that one..You are too kind.
I am drooling over your plants..How in the world do any of them bloom now when mine don't do so until winter?
I don't get it...None of mine are in bloom just yet although I am getting tons of buds on my Shary Baby..
Amazing work..Do you feed them? I think you said that you do...

Maggy, your Kishu is still bigger than mine and seems to be growing faster! I love it..It's a beauty..
I did see your question on your Meyer one, and I gave you some suggestions..)

Brian, I can't believe how many citrus they sell there..It's weird...None of the stores around here sell them like that. What gives? I can't believe you can buy those..You are so lucky...

Ok, now that looking at pics required no brain work, it's time to do some reading and prey my headache doesn't come back..My eyes hurt too..

Hi Veggi girl..I noticed you are still around too..That's great.

Have a wonderful day everyone...I am going to the gym and I am going to finally get some warm sun rays while they last. I'll be back..Enjoy)


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Hi All, first I wanted you to see the 3 yr. old Meyer lemon I got today for $4. The nursery in the county where I got my lemon,orange lime trees had a 40% off sale and I had a $20 gift certificate. Wow! How could I resist for that price..
Is it too late in the season to repot in 5-1-1 or should I leave it up disturbed until spring. It has lots of fruit and blossoms. As my little Meyer lemon is struggling after repotting .as Mike has suggested on my other post that it might partly be the changing temperatures.
Mike so good to see you back and feeling better.
Cort,Cory,Cory. I am in love with your orchids. Soooooo beautiful. My favourite is the no name red with a little yellow in the centre. Stunning. I just love the mini ones. Now I want to grow some . I think I saw some at Lowe's May be asking you for advise. I was looking on eBay at plumeria. Are they hard to grow and would growing them from seed work, or better to buy cuttings or plants? The flowers are so beautiful. Do you put your orchids in the greenhouse.? I gave to plant my orchid cacti cuttings.
Cory we had a washer and dryer off and on through out this renovation. My husband is going to deal with the company tomorrow. I just can't deal with them anymore. Once the toilet is fixed( properly by a Plummer) and the carpet is cleaned we are done. Great to have the family room back. The dogs were very happy last night,playing with their toys, hanging out with us. I guess they have missed it too Unfortunately my sun room faces west so not much sun. Do you think grow lights and a heater would work? If they didn't all fit in the greenhouse.or just a heater and let gone go dormant.
Brian, How are you?. Did you get your greenhouse cleaned? ' I am going to pull out the tomato's soon and get mine cleaned. Everything in there is dying.
What do you think of my new Meyer Lemon ? Quite a bargain for a three years old tree. I couldn't resist it. I know I was only going to buy a Nules when I find one !
We just got back from the county. Got a bushel of Roma's I am going to make salsa and some tomato sauce. I will get another basket next week and do chopped tomato's . They are so fresh in the middle of winter. Also got a big box of fresh blueberries which will be frozen . Nothing like blueberry pie. Yummy. Did you see Cory's orchids ?. Stunning! I think I need to grow something with beautiful flowers.
Brian you run a power cord to your greenhouse right? I remember discussing the electricity and water issue with you. I hope I don't electrocute myself.
I have to seriously look for a heater and a fan soon. Probably will order a solar cover this week.
Veggie girl. Glad you are still here.
Have a great afternoon everyone. Maggy

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Cory your orchids are absolutely stunning . Your home should be designated a tourist attraction . Have you ever contacted any of these gardening shows that are on tv. I am sure they would love to do a segment on your garden . That's unbelievable . I have been to different botanical garden greenhouse with lots of orchids from around the world well let me tell you my friend yours are just as stunning . Cory I think next weekend will be good for working on the GH , they are calling for rain all weekend . Mike even I cannot believe we can find citrus like those here. It has been like this for the last couple of years now . Years ago there was nothing , I guess everybody has caught the citrus craze here . I see you have placed some of your plants on your roof very cool or should I say very hot . I noticed a lot of your trees have new growth starting , that will surely move them along . I see you also have your fig up there , maybe this year you might actually be able to eat them they sure are delicious. Nice to see you back buddy . Maggy I am glad you had a very relaxing drive after all the stuff you've been going through . Your Meyer is gorgeous lots of new growth and flowers . Did you just buy it or did you buy it when you went on your trip? Maggy what a beautiful day here . Back to the grind tomorrow oh how I hate Monday's , but a long weekend coming something to look forward to . Maggy I made all kinds of cuttings of the clemenules . Hopefully one of the will root before winter sets in so I can mail it to you . My success rate with cuttings is not that great , I made at least 15 , I will baby them . Maggy I seldom think of the water electricity thing , I am just very careful not to water the plug . I always place the plug on top of the first pot inside the GH so it's off the floor . When I water I just lift the plug and wait for the water to go down in the soil then place the plug back . 10 years I have been doing it this way and nothing has happened so far. Everybody have a great evening


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Maggy I am sorry I didn't notice that you bought your Meyer today , what a steal 4 dollars . It's beautiful !!!! . It's always nice when these things come unexpectedly . Have a great night Maggy .


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Hi Brian, I am in awe of Cory's orchids.They are the most beautiful I have every seen. I just noticed the Orchid society here is having a sale in Oct. I think I will go and check them out.
We have had a very relaxing day. The pups enjoyed the ride to the country and a little ice cream taste. I think I will make fresh blueberries pies tomorrow.
Thank you for offering a Clemenules cutting if they grow. I would love that. I tried to root the lime but they all died. I will try again. Maybe put them in the greenhouse. Yes it was such a bargain for the Meyer tree and you are right about finding the unexpected. So exciting. Even my husband was pleased I found it.
Have a great night. I know it must be difficult to go back to work tomorrow.
I am relieved to see Mike is o.k. Maggy

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Maggy your very welcome I would love to be able to give you a nules cutting if any take . I tried so hard to find you one on my holidays and I know you would have done the same for me. I guess that's the way it goes , you'll find it when you least expect it just like today for you and a Kishu from Winnipeg. That is one beautiful Meyer . There is going to be lots of lemons for your corona's this winter . Glad you had a very relaxing day , so did we . We didn't do to much with the GH it was just way to hot . We will start the floor next weekend , it's supposed to be cooler. I hope your evening is just as relaxing.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

Maggy, what a beautiful Meyer Lemon and such a bargain! I couldn't have gone home without it either. The citrus bug has seriously bitten you. I would think a western sun room would have plenty of sun for your trees especially in winter. Mike, be careful on the roof, but I would do it too if I had a flat roof which got lots of sun. My yard is sun challenged too. The citrus trees get the prime real estate but as the summer goes on, there is less sun and more shade. My roof is very steep so no plants can be placed anywhere on it. Even the roofers don't want to go up there. Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my orchids. Mike, your orchids probably just bloom in late winter and spring when many do. I have some summer bloomers, but many orchids concentrate on growing roots and leaves during the summer. I also have some hybrids that can bloom several times a year if they are getting all the conditions they need like light, fertilizer and temperature and a chance get a quick rest between bloomings. Many orchids will be starting to set flower buds now as the temperature difference between day and night increases and day length decreases So it is good to keep them in a place that they will get the temperature differential without getting too cold at night. A few hours below 65°F, even to the lower 50°Fs is probably ok even for those that like very warm temperatures. They need the temperature drop to set the bud, and it is easier to do it naturally now as it is harder once they are in the house and the windows are closed and the heat is on. Yes, I fertilize them and attempt to give them a low dosage weekly. They really like to be outside in the summer. As the nights get cooler though I have to watch that their leaves are dry by the evening as the cooler temperatures make them more susceptible to rot, especially my baby cattleyas. Vanda types will rot at the leaf axles along the stem if water collects in those places so make sure these dry. So will all the other orchids at the leaf nodes. We are getting night time lows in the 50°Fs already so I better finish cleaning the greenhouse and start bringing in those that are intolerant of temperatures much below 65°F. I have separated my plants into groups in different sections of my yard and marked them with a colored tag by temperature tolerance so I can find them fast if I need to bring them in in a hurry. It was too hot in the greenhouse this afternoon to work in there. I will have to wait for a cloudy day. I separated and potted up some Moro Blood Orange and Fukushu Kumquat seedlings I planted as a group in a pot last spring this morning. I have been meaning to do it for a while. I hope they survive. I still have a lot of plants that need repotting but it is getting late to be repotting orchids without forfeiting next seasons blooms. Maybe I can get away with just up-potting some of them. Most of the media is ok, they are just bursting out of their pots. Brian, good luck rooting those Clemenules. I don't have a good record on getting citrus to root so far, but it may be the only way Maggy will get a clemenules. I run my electric wires up high where the roof meets the sides to keep them off the wet ground and also use the water proof boxes that fit over the connections to keep the water from getting in there. The greenhouse lines run through conduit to keep them dry. Even though I am extra careful I still trip things sometimes. It is good to have a GFI breaker on the socket just in case. Oh Maggy, plumerias like it hot and very sunny to bloom. Mine did really well last year, but not too much bloom this year, I think because of the cooler weather at night and the cloudy days this summer. I have never tried growing them from seed, just cuttings. They can rot easily during the winter so you have to keep an eye on them. If you have an orchid society near you I would highly recommend you join or go to a few meetings. You will get a lot of hands on help from the members and learn so much. Also you can buy orchids there for low prices during their fund raising sales, raffles and auctions. Also members often give away divisions. It is much cheaper to learn on these low or no cost plants until you learn the plants needs. Most people water orchids too much and kill them as their roots rot easily. The members will show you which potting medias to use and help you with potting and repotting. Warning: orchid growing can be very addicting maybe even more than citrus growing.


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cory (Zone 7a, NJ)

A picture if the recent citrus seedling tranaplants.


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