Agastache and Aconitum and Verbascum

beverlywv(6AWV)January 10, 2005

I have been researching and the books tell me these three are very good cuts. Agastache I know as I grew the cana and rupentis type last yr. and , Wow, what good cuts. I haven't seen any remarks on the Aconitum and Verbascum . Does that mean they are not good as cuts? Let me know.Bev.

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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Bev - I grow Verbascum - Copper Rose and Southern Charm (I think) - and I love them! This past year was their 2nd year and they did great-multiple cuts per plant, the first cut being the tallest. I did have a grower start them for me, since I didn't know how hard they were to germinate and grow. They're more a late sprint/early fall flower. The leaves are fabulous as covers in flat type arrangements too! I just saw a bright rose variety in I think Thompson/Morgan...will need to check it out!

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

I grow Aconitum napellus, just the plain old dark blue. It grows like nuts here, but I think it likes cold climates. Not only do we have cold winters, we have cold summer nights, so plants that like cold get deliriously here. Cut, it lasts about as long as Delphinium, which are a close relative. Neither ever 'melts out' in the heat here (what heat??).


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Noni Morrison

I grow a tall white one. THey tend to loose a lot of flowers when handled but have so many buds waiting to open that by the next morning they are flower covered again. I always start them from seed and that works well. I have grown the SOuthern Charms and am going to grow it again as that was at my last house. Some verbascums are only annuals. I would go for the perennial type. My white ones grow and bloom all summer long and are in their 5th year now.

Agastache seems to do well in our climate. I keep adding new ones.

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I have read the aconitums do resent the heat. We tend to get the heat fairly early on in the growing season. I think I will drop them from my list but keep agastache and verbascum. I appreciate all your input. Bev.

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sharonsgarden(zone 7)

When do you cut the verbascum? When a few florets are open? 1/4th, 1/3rd?

Mine are just starting to bloom in a lovely magenta color.


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flowers4u(z6 OR)

I cut verbascum when they're about 1/3 to 1/2 open. They're like snaps and bend towards the light! So, if you store them at all, keep them in the dark, in the back of the cooler or they'll bend! They do straighten up-most of the time-but it makes arranging a bit more difficult!
Let us know how they work out!
I just transplanted 94 of them to a different spot, so they'll be blooming later this year than normal!

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I started Southern Charm (verbascum) last year from seed and got a few plants but no flowers. This year the plants are still growing and with all this rain (!) the stems are getting bigger and bigger. When o when will I actually get flowers? It's only early June, but I really need somene to give me some hope. Should I have forked out the ca$h to buy an already blooming plant. They are sooo expensive around here. Any comments appreciated.

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

I planted verbascum last fall from seed and started them quite late.

They are very puny but they have started to flower over the past few weeks. Some of them I am still waiting on.

I think Boston is at a similar latitude as where I am. Be patient.

I expect mine will be A LOT better next year though.

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