Mid August wedding questions

AngevineJanuary 27, 2014

I've noticed several other wedding flower related pleas for help in this thread, but at risk of being repetitive, I'll add mine.
I'm getting married next summer, August 16th. I've always wanted to grow at least some of the flowers for my wedding myself, both for sentimental and financial reasons. However, I'm currently working in France and won't be back in the U.S. until mid to late May.
I'm interested in easy to grow plants that can be direct sown or sown outdoors in pots in late May for an August bloom, as well as dahlias.
Some I'm considering are zinnias, orlaya grandiflora, cornflowers, snapdragons, love lies bleeding amaranth, dill, nigella and feverfew or chamomile (is chamomile easy to germinate?).
Any advice or suggestions? Of the plants I listed, any that wouldn't perform well under the circumstances I described? I'm planning to buy some dahlia tubers, too, but I don't know if the end of May is too late to plant them to have flowers by mid August.
I'd love to hear any other plant suggestions, and anything you can tell me about the needs of the ones I listed and their potential as cut flowers in mid August.
I've already posted on another forum, where it was suggested that 8-12 weeks simply wasn't enough time to get many blooms from most of the plants I listed. I might be able to bribe my younger siblings to start some things indoors for me in April, but it would have to be easy to germinate and fairly tough, as well as a good candidate for transplanting. Would all of the plants I mentioned be able to perform well in a large pot instead of in a garden bed?
Any advice about staggering the plantings/quantity to plant?

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