Please help, Meyer Lemon Tree Disease??

jgilman08(6)August 17, 2013

Hi Everyone,

To start, I am not an experienced gardner and lack having a green thumb as they say. so any advise is appreciated.

10 days ago I purchase a Meyer Lemon Tree. It is quite large, I was told that it is 52 years old. The last 5 days or so I've been concerned that it might have some type of disease.

I have noticed:

1.)The leaves have a chalky substance on them, similar to a residue after water drops dried.

2) On few of the lemons that are mostly green have spots of a cream color along with veins of dried out peel.

3) On the one lemon that has turned yellow, there are dark indented spots on it and 1 with a sap like substance coming out.

Did my garden center sell me a disease tree?? Or am I just paranoid from my fear of killing it from lack of experience. We paid 250.00 for it and I don't want it to die.
I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

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additional image

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The first one is not a problem, It was rubbing on a wall or something?
The second has holes from the thorns as apparent in the picture, or maybe a worm, but mostly the thorns.

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Both "problems" are mechanical or physical damage. I don't know what caused the punctures to the yellow fruit; but those punctures are the reason it has turned yellow. If you stab your fruit with a needle, it will turn yellow even before the fruit is fully mature; I have done that in experiments to try to encourage early coloring... it does promote coloring; but not ripening; and it does leave scars.

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