Overwintering a Japanese Painted?

lilgreenfrogSeptember 27, 2007

Hello - I found the previous thread about these, and was encouraged to hear someone has kept them alive in a zone meaner than mine.

I had one of these ferns last year but lost it last winter, possibly because of 3 feet of snow sitting on it for 4 months, and then melting and drowning it in my clay. Anyway, I have another one this year, already 15 inches tall, and I want to keep it! What would it like this winter? They die back to the ground (I believe), so should I mulch the spot? Or keep the snow cleared off of it? Last year's snow was freakish, and this one's soil is better ammended, so hopefully it won't drown.

Thanks for any help!


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waplummer(Z5 NY)

I've never had any trouble with that or any of my other ferns that were hardy. I suspect it was something other than the heavy snow. Did water sit on it when the new fronds were emerging. If so site it where that won't happen.

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You know, I never saw any fronds come out of last year's plant. It never showed any signs of life - I scraped away the mulch once the snow melted. Maybe I waited too long? I thought it was a late waker, but it may have tried to come up early. Or, my late frost might have gotten it before I saw anything.
Thanks for the info - the new one is in a better location, I believe.


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I do nothing with mine and they come through winter just fine. I have good drainage, so maybe it was the sitting water? The freeze thaw cycle is usually the hardest thing on plants. Once frozen you want to keep them frozen until spring. The snow should have been helpful, for this. Good luck!

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