Any advice on getting my patio lemon, lime, and orange to ripen?

allanreed2000(Central OK)August 19, 2013

I've got a patio lemon (Meyer I think), patio orange, and patio lime plant that I have nurtured for 7 years now. The first few years they never bloomed... then I finally started getting blooms... then finally small fruit. I bring them into my sunroom every winter and any small fruit never mature. I think I have my best shot this year. Lots of medium sized fruits (see pictures). I've only got about 6 weeks before I'll have to bring them all into the sunroom for the winter. Any advice how I can increase my chances of getting these fruit to grow to maturity? I've thinned them to about 10 fruit per plant. I was thinking about Miracle Grow every week?

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allanreed2000(Central OK)

Here's the patio orange...

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allanreed2000(Central OK)

And here's the Lemon. Sorry the dang pictures are rotated.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey allan

im in tulsa and have many citrus. I have no problems getting mine to mature and ripen. they just do it on their own schedule. In fact I have been enjoying key limes from this springs crop and should have some meyer lemons and mandarins next month.
You ask if you should fertilize once a week? Yes you should but maybe not now. Most of us container growers fertilize once a week starting in spring. I back off to once a month in august. Miracle grow is Ok if thats is all you have or can afford but there are better options. It wont have the micro's they want but that can be done other ways. What are the conditions in your sunroom during winter? If it is favorable for growing you could give them a good feeding now. overall they look pretty good.

Mine grow, fruit and bloom all winter long in the greenhouse but I keep it at the temps they love.


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allanreed2000(Central OK)

Thanks so much for responding Mike. My sunroom has south and west facing windows all the way around. I stick all of the plants near the windows. It does get down into as low as the 40s on really cold nights since I normally don't heat that zone as warm as the rest of the house. It just seems like as soon as I bring them in for the winter, the fruit stop maturing. Maybe the windows don't provide quite enough sun for them?

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