Root pruning a Dicksonia?

dirtslinger2(6)September 23, 2010

Today I brought home an aprox 5 gallon sized Dicksonia. The ugly plastic pot is nearly 2' tall and maybe 14" wide. So, this beast will not fit into any but a massive oversized pot which I doubt it would appreciate. .

How do they generally do with root pruning? And I'm afraid fairly significant?

Thanks for any tips.

This will be an "indoor" fern, already a big risk. I don't want to kill it.

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Root pruning will likely speed its demise.

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Could I get you to elaborate a bit?
Are you saying that ferns are more sensitive than other trees/shrubs/perennials?
Or that a laymon should not prune roots?
Root pruning other plants has never been a problem to me but honestly I'm not sure (aside from tips) where not to cut here with such a fibrous mess...

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Regarding common ferns: Ferns generally don't do well indoors without very special care, or if you live in a tropical invironment and have open windows. Dicksonias tend to do best in cool, moist places such as coastal northern CA. They can do fairly well in drier environments, again if kept cool and well watered. They can survive in warmer environments so long as the the conditions are very humid and they are well watered. By removing any roots you reduce the fern's ability to absorb water. If I were to try growing a D.a. indoors, the first thing I would do is put it in a larger pot. - hey, I'm just the messenger. I would think Saepheropteris(sp) cooperi is likely your best chance at indoor tree ferns. Asplenium nidus for a fern overall.

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Great, thanks. I ended up with a bigger pot. Planning to mulch it as well. Thanks again!

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i saw a post where someone was offering to post some dicksonia seedlings but i cant find the post now, i would be very interested?

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On the original query (even though old), it's interesting that here they sell Dicksomia plants as sawn off trunks. They're a "by-product" of timber felling. They gather up the fallen tree ferns, cut off the root base and fronds, and send them to the nurseries. They're piled like logs and kept watered until sold. It's hard to imagine root pruning would bring about their demise, unless you left all the fronds and didn't water. Can't be done with Cyathea species though.

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