Help with fern selection for bathroom with lots of sunshine

katiezubSeptember 12, 2007

Hello - I have a lovely pot on my windowsill in my bathroom that used to house a palm of some sort but that has turned brown and died.

I've also tried a maiden hair fern, but that also died (too hot i guess?).

The window is large with frosted glass and faces north so gets sunlight pretty much all day long. The bathroom is quite large and airy.

I'm looking for any suggestions for a nice hardy fern for this location - i do love the look of maidenhairs ... on the other hand if this spot is not suited to a fern at all I will try something else!

many thanks!!

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You might try the "Birds nest fern" Asplenium nidus. I've had good luck with them indoors. BTW Maidenhair can be tricky to grow. With birds nest provide excellent drainage and don't plant in too large a pot. I use orchid pots.

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