Red Mushroom with blue spore ID please

alexcortez(10b)September 13, 2013

I am obsessing about ID ing this mushroom. I live in the subtropics (South Florida) but use leaves for mulching and horse manure mixed with mulch and often get mushrooms in the year. This one had a red cap with the edges of the cap being lighter. The color fading after a few days and looking more like cream/speckled at the end. The stem was cream.light brown color straight. The spore print was a distinct blue/royal blue/navy blue and when it got older brown. The bottom of the cap was clearly spongy (no gills). I forgot to check bruising. The cap had a little nick like an insect had a taste and perhaps stopped tasting:-)

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Pictures would be helpful. I am sure there are people on the forum more expert than myself, but it sounds like some kind of bolete. Generally speaking the ones that bruise blue are not edible. But maybe you knew all of this already.

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Sorry. Meant to put and had to get back to work. then passed my mind. Pictures attached.

And thanks for the reply.

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Looks like a bolete of some sort.

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Blue staining Bolete.

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