Favorite Zinnias

oath5(z6b/7a MD)January 10, 2011

My father and I ADORE zinnias. We grow them every summer and they are possibly my favorite flower, ever. Nothing else provides such saturated, bright color. Every time I go to the garden I feel like I'm some sort of Mexcian cloister garden!

Renne's Granny's Bouquet and the large shaggy California cactus types are big favorites. 'Envy' is cool too, we've grown that one as well. Looking online I'm searching for suggestions of really distinct and interesting varieties to try this year for cut flower production. We're upping up our garden and we really want good producers.

I've currently found 'Isabellina', 'Whirligig' online. Any other suggestions that are really "wow"? We like larger flowers, the smaller ones can be nice but the small pom-poms often have weak necks, not what we're looking for.

What about darker/black zinnias? That's the one thing I've noticed, there are no dark zinnias! A dark zinnia would look beautiful among all the bright latin colors. I had the sunflower 'Chocoate-Cherry' looked great with them in that regard.

p.s. Is it me or is the Candy Cane zinnia seem different than what was out fifteen or so years ago? I'm 21 and I swear the candy cane zinnias are different now than they were when I was four, five and six.

Thoughts? What are your absolute favorite zinnias? Why are there so few varieties out there?

- Max

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Benary's Giants and Burpeeanna my top two favorites. State Fair also ranks right up there. California Giants, Giant Cactus are also highly valued.

I grow the tall, large-flowering varities for my bouquets to sell at my Farmer's Markets.

Any time you see something like "Renne's Granny's Bouquet" or "Cut-and-Come-Again" you are probably getting a mix of Zinnias rather than a particular variety. That's OK.

Zinnias are my top-of-the-line cut flower . . . easy to grow, productive and non-stop.

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oath5(z6b/7a MD)

Oh I know those are mixes, they're just NICE mixes, but I'm not sure why 'Envy' is in Granny's Bouquet though, is that even considered an heirloom type dahlia? I thought it was rather new introduction....either way, love to learn about the 'obscure' varieties out there.

Really are my favorite.

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oath5(z6b/7a MD)

Whoops meant zinnia, though I guess they could be considered dahlia-type zinnia.

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