Xerophytic ferns

Athyriana(Germany, Zone6)September 12, 2005

I am a fern collector from germany and I am surching for spores or plants of xerophytic ferns. I love these ferns which are usualy adapted to dry climates. I hope in this forum to found an other fern lover who also loves such ferns to talk about this ferns, talk about soil or other informations or exchange fernspores and ferns.



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Well, I've got some cheilanthoids growing, and pictures on my website (linked below; the southwestern plant section & the cultivated fern section have a number of pictures). For spore, the best source seems to be the British Pteridological Society (which does accept international members). I'd also be happy to send spore of a few things, including a couple of species that seem to be fairly rare in cultivation (Pellaea gastonyi, for instance).

Patrick Alexander

Here is a link that might be useful: Patrick Alexander's Home Page

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Athyriana(Germany, Zone6)

It is not possible to reach your homepage.
The BPS don't have spores from Cheilanthes or Notholaena or other xerophytic ferns I don't have. You may have a look at my homepage. There are a list of ferns of my collection.

How hard is Pellaea gastonyi? I don't know this species.
best regards

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosi's ferngarden

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