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buckster(z8)January 7, 2006

Howdy all,

I'll be doing a market around April 1 and my trees bloom around mid march. My questions are these:

1. anyone ever put their branches in a cooler to keep them. If so how do you do it and how cold the cooler. I have a large refige would this work?

2. Also how much would you charge a stem or bunch. If a bunch how many in a bunch?

3. When you store them what is the best way? Do you put them in a cooler without water?

4. How do you get them to bloom at the right time.

Once again thanks a ton and God bless,


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I guess if it were me I'd cut the branches as the buds swelled and then put them in buckets of water.

Trees blossom as a function of temperature; the warmer it is, the quicker they bloom. You may want to find a cooler place to put your branches if the outside temperature looks to be warm. Nice cool basements work fine as they open up slower.

Experiment with a few bunches.

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