What is wrong with my Nagami kumquat?

theriguyAugust 17, 2013

important notes:
-grown in a container
-grown in Manitoba Canada
-use a general fertilizer 20-20-20 once monthly
-watered regularly once top few inches of soil feel dry
-using a peat based potting soil

Earlier this spring I bought a small kumquat tree from a nursery. when i got it its was showing signs of what i believed to be a iron deficiency (light green leaves with dark green veins) and was in a fairly small pot. I treated it with Iron chelate 7% and upgraded the pot.

Shortly after the tree exploded with new growth and its first ever blooms. everything was going great until a few weeks ago when the new growth stopped growing, all new leaves started curling inwards, about half of the tiny green kumquats dropped off and the older bottom leaves started turning orange/yellow and dropping.

I'm not sure what the problem could be or if there's even a problem at all. around the time this started (end of July) the weather took a turn for the worst and we didn't get much sun and temps where low 20*Cs during the day and dropping to 8*C-12*C at night. when the temp us going down below 10*C I was overnighting the tree in the house and putting it back out in the morning/mid day when temps were warmer

I read somewhere that curling inward leaves could be caused by under watering or dry patches in the root ball so I tried submerging the whole pot in water to get rid of any possible dry patches but this has appeared to have had not effect

I have attached pictures:

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probably too wet with the peat based soil.

temps are also getting cool, and up north, the days are getting shorter.

the trunk seems to be planted a little too deep.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

I would tend to agree. I would re-pot to a signficantly larger pot, as you've got quite the canopy going. Use a better draining potting mix. There are a couple of great recipes on our forum that our container citrus folks use with good success. Search for either Gritty Mix of 511 Mix. And, 20-20-20 is pretty potent for container citrus. Better to use that with in-ground citrus. I would be inclined to use what most of the container citrus folks use, which is Foliage Pro's Dyna Gro liquid fertilizer. Better and more appropriate NPK ratio, plus it provides all the micros as well. Some folks will also supplement with a time release granular fertilizer with similar NPK ratios and micos as well.

Patty S.

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thanks for the tips it was sad watching it suffer and now I can do something about it

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