More moss, less grass in brick patio

layneev(z6 CT)September 21, 2006

Hello. Those are wonderful FAQs, since I've been looking into moss I've gotten pretty fascinated with it, so thank you. My question is this: we have a very old (crumbling, but we like it) brick patio, pretty large, and I've been trying to encourage the moss that grows between the bricks, hoping some day to have all moss outlining all bricks.

But of course I have lots of weeds and grass growing up in the cracks, so all summer I patiently -- well, not so patiently toward the end of summer -- pulled out grass and tucked in moss. But I see now this is an endless job and will never look as good as I want it to. So should I just pull out all the grass once and for all, taking a lot of moss with it, and plant new moss, and if so, what kind. Or I guess I could gather moss from around our house and yard (we have lots) and try to plant that in the cracks. Or ...any ideas about how should I proceed? Is there anything that would kill (or preferably, discourage) the grass but not ruin the soil for the moss? I don't want to put any substance at all down because I don't want to kill any moss and also I don't use any chemicals anywhere on the property except some Roundup in the gravel driveway once or twice a summer (and really the weeds don't seem to mind that much:)) Any advice would be welcome. I'd love to plant different kinds of moss on the patio, especially around the edges where there are a few inches of soil from all the years an old euonymous vine hung over the wall. But I would love to hear from the moss experts. Please forgive someone brand new to cultivating moss, if this is not the right question. Thank you!

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deep_woods(z5 central IL)


Use Roundup to kill the weeds and then use preen or some other preemergent to prevent weed germination. Neither Roundup or similar glysophate will kill moss and Preen or other preemergent herbicides just prevent the weed seeds from sprouting.


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layneev(z6 CT)

Thank you so much, Rick! I've been out of town and just checked back and I am so glad to get this information. Just this morning I was outside and looking gloomily at my patio wondering what the heck I should do about it. And now you've told me!

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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delmobile(Gulf Coast)

All I can think of is a Miss Manners column I read years ago where some housesitters, who were also friends, had destroyed this vacationing couple's carefully tended mosses etc. in their rock patio by powerwashing away every trace of vegatation as a nice "surprise." Miss M. said something like "This is a dreadful, dreadful situation."

I am about to embark on trying to get moss to grow between the flagstones of a new path--this forum as always has been a tremendous help.

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