Advice for moving an Ostrich fern please...

JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)September 5, 2005

I am new to this forum, and I don't want to stick around long, for fear of another obsession. That is how I got hooked on hosta. I had a question about dividing one and got hooked. Now I want to move some of my Ostrich fern into my hosta garden and was wondering how and when to do this. I see some of you have mixed opinions on WHEN to do this. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate the advice:

I have six Ostrch fern that spread from the original plant, all a good size, although the fronds are turning brown now from lack of water ( drought here ) I'd like to move three of them to the other garden has sufficient moisture there. How deep do the roots go? how far out do I need to dig....etc?

Is spring or fall better? I'd like to have them looking their best for next year, since I've never moved one, I was wondering how moving them in one season or another affects their "leafing' out. Any advice would be welcome..thank you..JoAnn

(Please, no photos, I'll only get hooked on fern and have to spend time here, ask for sources, empty my bank account, take pictures post them here....ha ha ha...thanks again..JoAnn)

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

I would move them now. I just planted out half a dozen ferns that I bought in the spring and put in a holding bed until now. Plant them at the same depth they are now and give them an extra 2-3 inches on all sides.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Yes ferns can be addictive too but luckily you can't get them as easily as you can Hostas! If you are prone to indoor plants of course there is an extra danger.

I'd first ask whether you're sure you want Ostrich Ferns in any part of a garden, unconfined? They will all keep making babies at the same rate, with pretty arbitrary placement. Lots of other lovely ferns will stay in the places you plant them much better.

As to timing, if I were you I wouldn't take advice from anyone in a higher zone than yours, so won't even make a suggestion!

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