donnas_gw(7)September 28, 2011

We've had alot of rain lately, and boy, do we have lots of toadstools!!! Some I haven't seen before. I'm thinking the last two photos are the same type. Does anyone know what the red and yellow ones are? Thanks.

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Here are a few POSSIBILITIES: Boletus bicolor (red one); Suillus americanus (yellow one); Marasmius oreades (tan one). Do some research and see what you think. Ron

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Thanks Ron...I did a search (images) on the Boletus bicolor, and it does look like what it is. Same for the Suillus Americanus. One website I visited said that if you have Eastern white pine trees (we have 10), you will have these mushrooms. Said they are frequent mushroom associates. I had no idea that they came from my trees.

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