Large Trichodiadema bulbosum Re-pot, exposing roots

hanzrobo(11)October 17, 2012

Hey y'all! So, I got this sweet Tricho last time I went to Desert Images. They had one on display that they had exposed and staged beautifully. Lucky for me, they also had a good number of large specimens for sale. I bought one just to try it for myself.

I was a little nervous because I haven't really done much trimming of tuberous roots but I pulled courage from seeing Keith chop away so bravely.

Here we go! Before pic...

There's what I want.

Dumped it out and washed away the soil,

trimmed floppy lower growth,

This was the scary part, trimming roots...ouch!

and finally after 2 days of healing, it finds a new home.

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TT, zone 5b MA

That looks awesome! Terrific trunk and roots, and nice job trimming...

You are obviously growing in a far different climate than I am - but mine never flowers. How do you treat yours? Water, sun, etc...

I have had mine for years and it kinda limps along...



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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

That is fabulous! Mine has a long way to go!

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When I said 'You got to raise the root up!' I see you took my advice splendidly. And thank you for the primer for all the budding (yuck yuck) fat plant enthusiasts - you, sir, will be responsible for creating a legion yourself.

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Thanks Tom! I haven't had mine for very long so can't comment on the watering much. The water seemed to be circumventing the soil a bit. I had just dunked the gallon pot it was in a few days before transplant. I've been keeping it in the greenhouse which is about 40% shade.
I have other Trichos that I've experimented with lighting, they seem to grow very plump and happy with just the right amount of shade but will quickly become etiolated with too much.
In the sun, they grow more compact and dull in color but that's when they flower. I'd like to see a pic of yours, maybe you could tell me how you've kept yours alive so long.

Larry, yours looks great! I think you might be able to beef up those roots if you plant it in a bigger pot for a year or two. Mine was in a gallon pot and obviously grown that way for quite a few years.

Jeffe, I got all P-funk and raised the roots on this motha! I'm happy to possibly inspire a few new people looking for more chunk in their trunks.
I just hope I can pull this off successfully. Time will tell.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thanks hanz, there is a caudex there, it does look like a mini tree already, but its been neglected and I just emergency repotted it.

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Hey everybody! I just wanted to do an update on this plant.

After the re-pot I put it in the greenhouse for a few days and didn't water it too heavily right away. After a few days I noticed the roots getting a bit soft and the leaves very compact and grey. The heat of the greenhouse was too much, too soon. I moved it out of the greenhouse, into the shade and watered it thoroughly. Right after that we received some intermittent heavy rains that kept everything wet for over 3 weeks.

I checked on the Tricho the other day and it was lush with growth, a bit etiolated from the shade and roots feeling a little too saturated. I put it back in the greenhouse sun to dry out and it seems very happy now.

I just wanted to report my progress and show that I didn't kill the plant!
Tom, I hope this helps you in some way.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very nicely done!


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TT, zone 5b MA

Yeah! I love that plant!

What would help me is if I had your climate and your greenhouse ;-)... My T. bulbosum just does not push that kind of lush growth under my conditions. How much water do you give yours at this time of year?



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Thanks, Josh.


Honestly, I haven't developed a seasonal watering regimen with this plant yet. I've only had it for about 6 months. I read somewhere that they go dormant in Winter but I haven't seen that yet. It's actually raining at the moment and I'm glad I moved it to the greenhouse. It already had 3 weeks of consecutive rainfall, 3 weeks of staying wet and survived! I'm glad it's not going for week 4, I'll say that.

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That is great looking plant, what a difference from before replanting/prunning.

What is the 'bulbous' looking plant to the left/behind it in the last photo?

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