Red Rio

Lillybears(7)August 20, 2013


My mother and I have bought a Red Rio and replanted it into a large plastic pot and set it on the back porch. the leaves have now all dropped off of it. about a week since we repotted it. it has two grapefruits on it. they were there when we bought it and they have hung on. but all the leaves are off the tree. it gets the morning sun from the south. DFW TX area. any ideas as to what is happening? I have tried to look up the problem, but there are many diff answers ... some easy fixes some not so easy. any help is appreciated. its about 5ft tall

Thank you

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Sounds like a combination of transplant shock and either too much or too little water. Take off the fruits so the tree can put its energy into making new leaves and branches; give it a lot of TLC and light and it should recover.

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Ok I have done as you suggested and pulled the fruit off. Looking at it this morning it has bud leaves starting. Thank you.


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